Where To Buy A Mosin Nagant in 2023

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Mosin-Nagant for sale

Update: A lot of you do just want a cheap recent rifle and you’re happy with Century Arms and other options. If you’re looking for a used Mosin for sale and you’re not that fussy about its heritage, then we have a gunbroker with a pretty wide selection.

Head to Guns.com to buy Mosin Nagants online right now. Get your 3 Line Rifle. 

Why would you want a Russian rifle designed more than 100 years ago? Well because these bolt action rifles are cool, they’re cheap and they’re actually a pretty accurate hunting rifle.

Russia is still sending troops into the Ukraine armed with these things. Of course it’s partially a financial decision, but I mean, it’s still pretty amazing.

Find a good Mosin-Nagant for sale, and you’ll have bagged an absolute bargain of a hunting rifle and maybe even some weird old world home defense rifle.

Where to buy a Mosin Nagant Rifle?

There are more than 37 million guns out there in the world and that means you shouldn’t have to look too hard to find a Mosin Nagant for sale. Gunbroker has a steady supply of them, but we have found that Guns International has a better selection and you seem to find more quality, rather than Norinco junk, on there.

So, that’s our inside tip. When you are looking for a Mosin Nagant for sale in 2023? Start with Guns.com for your bolt action rifles.

What is the Mosin Nagant bolt action rifle?

This is one of the world’s most popular rifles. It’s a five-shot, magazine fed bolt-action rifle designed in the 1890s. It’s also known as the three-line Model 1891 Infantryman Rifle in its purest, original spec.

Since the original M1891, the classic Mosin Nagant rifle has come in for a vast number of refreshes and redesigns, but the basics remain the same. The most famous version is the Model 1891/30, which featured heavily in the Second World War as a sniper rifle.

The Russians used the infamous Mosin-Nagant rifle together with a PEM scope, which was an early Russian knock-off of a Zeiss optic. It worked famously well and the Russian snipers instilled fear in the German troops.

The Mosin Nagant M44 has emerged as a favorite bolt action rifle, but that comes with a premium price tag and you don’t need to get that involved with the Russian winter war rifle to get something perfectly serviceable.

Check the prices for the Mosin-Nagant M44 and other rifles on Guns.com.

In 1959, a shorter carbine design took over for the Mosin-Nagant rifle. It was made in Bulgaria, the range isn’t as good with the shorter barrel length and you’re basically buying a compromised rifle at that point. The Chinese started making them in later years and they were a big thing in the Vietnam War, but stay away from those too. Stay true to purpose and get one pre-1959 if you’re looking for a Mosin Nagant rifles for sale online.

Mosin Nagant 1891/59 Carbine
Millions of These Just Lying in Sheds

The Russians made more than 37 million of them, which means you can buy unfired, clean, basically new vintage guns in the USA right now. There is also a vast range of weapons out there, in terms of originality, spec and capability.

It’s up to you why you want to buy a Mosin Nagant M91 or otherwise. It could just be a cool ornament, or a gun you’re actually going to use. It’s one of those rare vintage guns for sale that still has a purpose.

It takes 7.62x54MR ammunition, which is freely available, and this is really a gun that can ring the bell up to 1000 yards. There’s something weirdly gratifying about doing that with a vintage gun you bought for a few hundred bucks.

Get great ammunition and this is a seriously effective hunting rifle at anything up to 400 meters. It’s a vintage firearm that only feels compromised by its weight.

The extra power of the AK-sized round means it should outperform a typical AR-15 and you can get real high quality ammo that will turn a $300 beater gun into an absolute weapon in the field. Even with the iron sights.

Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle

If you want to step it up a notch, get the fully converted sniper rifle, with the optic. Then it’s a $1000 weapon and some are selling for $1500+, but it’s devastatingly effective and the scope mount really is quite clever in its own way.

We have to be realistic. You can get a brand new Ruger Enhanced Precision for just slightly more than $1000 and that is an absolute beast. In fact there are a lot of modern 308 rifle options you should look at if you’re even slightly leaning towards a modern gun.

So, you have to go one of two ways with the Mosin Nagant. Either get the cheapest, simplest, $300 gun with iron sights that you use and abuse, or get a more expensive gun that could end up taking pride of place in your collection. It will be technically inferior to its modern-day alternative, but not by much and it does have its own unique character.

Vintage firearms enthusiasts and modern-day snipers alike love the Mosin Nagant. Some have even fitted the barrel and firing mechanism to modern, lightweight stocks. Others have fitted rails and modern optics to a weapon that really doesn’t need any more help. Out in the field, this is a great gun for shooting anything this side of an Elk or Bear.

How Big A Deal Is The Mosin Nagant?

It’s a rifle that changed history, as in the 1870s, the Russians and their single-shot rifles took heavy losses in the Russo-Ottoman war of 1877-78. The Mosin-Nagant was the response, together with two other rifles that the Russian military evaluated and eventually discarded.

It doesn’t have the legendary profile of the AK47, but the Mosin Nagant has certainly had a similar impact on history. It is still in active service in military conflicts in the Middle East, Africa and just about any other war in a Third World nation.

Any time you pick up this gun, you’re following in the footsteps of soldiers, farmers and revolutionaries. It’s a gun for everyman.

Is The Mosin Nagant A Good Investment?

When the Iron Curtain came down, the market flooded with used and new Mosin Nagants for sale, but they have become a cult collector’s firearm and a good one could even prove an investment. They were $50-60 guns at one point and they certainly aren’t anymore. The Mosin-Nagant is basically capable of taking any North American game, which means it’s a great rifle, with no caveats required. That means the prices are creeping up as supply dries up and demand continues to grow.

They range in price from $250 for a well-used gun through to $1000 for a great one. There are certain guns with historical significance that will cost a lot more. But if you want to simply shoot a Mosin Nagant then you can expect to depend about $400-$600 for a clean gun.

If you are a collector, a hunter or you just like shooting,then you need a Mosin-Nagant rifle in your life. Happy hunting!

Which Wars Did the Nagant Star In?

The Nagant has seen active service all round the world. It was a major player in the Russo Japanese war at the turn of the Century and went on to be the Soviet Union army’s main long rifle. A revised version saw active service in World War 2 with the Model 1891/30 sniper rifles becoming global stars.

330,000 of those sniper rifles were produced in just two years from 1941-1943. The rifles remained in service until 1963, they were that highly regarded by the Soviet Union snipers.

The Russian Rifle Made in Massachusetts

In 1915, Csar Nicholas II decided to outsource production of 1.8 million Mosin Nagants to America. The New England Westinghouse Company was founded to fulfill the contract and took over J Stevens Arms & Tool Company in Chicopee Falls.

The New England Westinghouse Company made almost 800,000 of the contracted number before the Csar was deposed and the new Russian government did business with Remington. It went on to make Browning assault rifles, before eventually selling out to Savage Arms in 1920.

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