5 Cheap Hunting Rifles For Sale – 2018

CVA Scout 450 Bushmaster

Everybody loves a cheap hunting rifle that punches above its weight, and we’ve got some of the best hunting rifles in the world that we found at really low prices.

Hunting season is almost upon us and deer, hog, elk, White Tail and more are just round the corner.

So do you have the right gun for the occasion? If not it’s time to buy guns online and get yourself ready with a new cheap rifle.

You can get a great rifle for sale at a sensible price these days and we have decided to keep it down to $500 as a ceiling. But we want to show you even cheaper rifles, too, that might be perfect for a season or even trying out a new caliber.

So, before you start rooting round the bargain bin in your local gun store, or Googling for gun stores in the USA, order your firearm for next day delivery from our partners.

They all punch above their weight, they’re all bargains and these are the best cheap hunting rifles for sale right now.

Mossberg Patriot 7mm Rem Mag, the best cheap hunting rifle in the world?

1. Mossberg Patriot 7mm Remington

  • Price: $298.81
  • Caliber: 7mm Rem Mag
  • Barrel Length: 22”
  • Total Length: 42.75”
  • Weight: 7lb
  • Capacity: 4 Rounds

You can seriously take an Elk at 1400 yards with 7mm Remington in this simple bolt action rifle. The customer reviews tell their own story, too, and every online gun reviews say this is one of the best rifles in the world for the money.

We have been on a 6.5 Creedmoor mission of late and we do love that round for its precision, cost and high velocity. But then the bigger 7mm Remington shoots just as true and is one of the few rounds that can actually go further than the Creedmoor. Does that make it the best low budget hunting rifle in the world? We think so…

If this isn’t enough range for you, then you should look into .338 Lapua rifles and a whole new price range. But this round is consistent enough for long-range target shooting, as well as hunting.

The Mossberg Patriot rifle is available in a good few calibers. It’s a relatively simple black synthetic stock, a fluted bolt-action that really does look like it belongs on a more expensive rifle and a 4-shot magazine.

Get an awesome long distance scope for less than $1000 and you can take hog, Elk and White Tail at 1400 and even 1750 yards.

Chambered in 7mm Remington, this rifle gives you 2860fps and that gives you the edge on the 6.5 Creedmoor. This gun can really ring steel at more than 2200 yards, which is seriously impressive, but it’s really a hunting rifle at anything less than 1750 yards.

Recoil isn’t too bad and the recoil pad on the Mossberg Patriot 7mm Rem Mag makes all the difference. That aside, it’s a relatively straightforward, low budget hunting rifle that absolutely will get the job done.

If you’re looking for a cheap rifle for sale, this one is perfect and we can’t believe you can get that much barrel and that much power for this little money. Yes, it’s an old-school bolt action rifle, but if you want an AR-style semi-automatic then pay a little more and the world is your oyster.

The good ammo costs $1.30 a round,  but you can get cheaper, 140Gr, boat tail bullets for just 98c from Lucky Gunner. Buy ammunition in bulk online, and Lucky Gunner can save you money.

Full Range of Mossberg Patriot Budget Rifles

Get a complete range of Mossberg Patriot rifles here. Almost every caliber is available, so pick your poison and maybe build up a collection of low cost Mossberg rifles that cover all your major hunting needs. At this price point, they’re arguably the best hunting rifles in the world.

Remington 783 .243 Winchester

2. Remington 783 .243 Win

  • Price: $303.99
  • Caliber: .243 Win
  • Barrel Length: 20”
  • Total Length: 38.5”
  • Weight: 8.25lb
  • Capacity: 4+1 Rounds

The .243 Win is a versatile round that takes over where the .22 Long Rifle runs out of gas. This is a cheap hunting rifle that is also versatile.

It can take anything from Coyote to White Tail and that means it’s a properly useful range for a low-budget hunting rifle in America. Small game can still be a challenge with a 22 Rifle, but the .243 Win takes care of business.

You even get a relatively basic 3-9 magnification rifle scope on this entry-level bolt action rifle that evolved from the Remington 788 that has been with us since the 1960s.

The trigger pull is adjustable from 2.5-5lb. So you can train your dragon to fire exactly as you like. There’s a striker-fired pistol trigger safety, too, which is a neat touch. The barrel is free floating and the stock is pillar bedded. It’s a lot of rifle for the money and you might find yourself developing quite the love affair with this low budget firearm.

Savage Arms .308 Win

3. Savage Arms Axis .308 Win

  • Price: $303.99
  • Caliber: .308 Win
  • Barrel Length: 22”
  • Total Length: 43.9”
  • Weight: 6.5lb
  • Capacity: 4+1 Rounds

Now we recently said we’d rather have a modern 6.5 Creedmoor than a .308 and we stand by that. Even in this price range you can get a Mossberg Patriot Creedmoor rifle that doesn’t suffer the same drop-off as the .308 Win and gives you better long range performance.

But, for your own reasons, you might still want a .308. And that’s fine too. The Savage Axis is a lot of gun for not too much money and it’s popular from America through to the Middle East. Read the customer reviews, they love this thing.

This low-budget rifle gives you everything you need and not a great deal else. Savage Arms has produced affordable guns since 1894, so it knows a thing or two about putting together a basic bolt action hunting rifle. The Savage Axis is the end result.

The black synthetic stock keeps the gun light and 6.5lb really won’t be an issue to shoulder all day. It also comes with a 22″ barrel that is great for accuracy, but you need to keep a .308 Win in the sweet spot in terms of range. The Savage Axis helps you do that.

Ideally, for hunting, you don’t want to go further than 600 yards. You can punch paper and ring steel further than that, but it’s a mid-range hunting rifle.

That said it’s a good cheap rifle that will get you started, or simply give you an option out in the field if you feel like shooting with an old-fashioned round.

Just be aware, you don’t get the scope with this one, just the rifle.

Thompson Center Arms 6.5 Creedmoor

4. Thompson Center Arms Compass 65 Creedmoor

  • Price: $339.26
  • Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Barrel Length: 24”
  • Total Length: 41”
  • Weight: 7.25lb
  • Capacity: 5+1 Rounds

It’s another straightforward, cheap hunting rifle with a simple bolt action and synthetic stock. Thompson Center Arms are famous for their eccentric 50 Cal black powder rifles, but this is much simpler and more effective in the field.

The Compass comes in a variety of calibers, but we do think that Creedmoor is the best hunting round for sale right now. A Creedmoor and a .22 Rifle could cover you for pretty much every eventuality short of big bears.

If you want to spend a little more money, or a lot, then check out this list of top 11 Best Creedmoor hunting rifles. 

This composite stock and barrel all comes with a blued finish that should take a beating out in the field. Textured grip panels on the stock should help you keep a tight grip when you need to, even with gloves on.

Aluminum pillar bedding joins forces with a free-floating barrel for an accurate rifle that can theoretically take down an Elk at 1000 yards. Other Creedmoors can, so there’s no reason you can’t do with this narrow, lightweight, high velocity round.

You get 5R rifling and it’s drilled and tapped for the scope of your choice. Get a good long-distance scope for this rifle, which will probably cost more than the gun, and you are basically a modern day, long distance sniper. It’s great for long range target shooting, too.

I wouldn’t mind betting that a skilled marksman with this and a great scope would hand more expensive rifles their own ass. So get good with this rifle, then spend more. It doesn’t look much, but this cheap hunting rifle delivers like a demon. Read the customer reviews, and place your order with confidence.

CVA Scout 450 Bushmaster

5. CVA Scout .450 Bushmaster

  • Price: $384.99
  • Caliber: .450 Bushmaster
  • Barrel Length: 25”
  • Total Length: 41”
  • Weight: 8lb
  • Capacity: 1 Round

Really, you can have a high-powered hunting rifle for less than $400 and the customer reviews are stellar.

It’s a one-shot gun, but if you get it right then the .450 Bushmaster is designed to drop absolutely anything at 250 meters. That includes African big game, so North American game won’t offer any opposition if you get your shot right.

It’s a bargain of a big power gun, although you can build .450 Bushmaster and .50 Beowulf AR-15s for around $750 or buy a complete firearm from the likes of Radical Firearms.

Still, this is a cheap hunting rifle, with a massive and brutal round, that could be an interesting addition to your collection. If you use it to shoot targets now and again just to feel that ridiculous force then it doesn’t matter that it’s a one-shot gun.

As a hunting tool, it might get a bit boring having to reload constantly. But it’s a gateway into .450 Bushmaster and if you enjoy it then you can take the next step with an AR-15.

The barrel is made from 416 Steel and comes with the company’s own muzzle brake. A recoil pad is part of the deal, thankfully, and the company’s detachable scope mount that makes setting up that little bit easier.

It’s popular in Africa, the Middle East and on these shores, too. Even as a novelty, or an ornament, it’s a hell of a gun to have in your firearms collection.

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