AR-15 Rifles: 5 Best Rifles For Sale – Feb 2018

The actual military-grade M4 Carbine, different to the AR-15 you can buy
(U.S. Air Force Photo By: Staff Sgt. Suzanne M. Day)(Released)

Last updated February 15th 2024

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Update: This is an old piece, so if you want some of the best AR-15s for sale online then check these constantly updated posts out:

The AR-15 has become a modern-day icon and there are so many on the market that it’s easy to get confused.

A lot of the time, it comes down to the specific deal on offer. So if you don’t want to build an AR-15 just yet, and we don’t recommend inexperienced shooters go that way, then you really have to keep an eye out for the bargains.

We have decided to do that for you and come up with at least five great guns a month that we think represent the best AR-15 on the market at the right price.

Don’t expect a rocket-launcher slung underneath, or the infamous chainsaw attachment (we know…)

But we will show you a variety of different AR-15 rifles for every budget and hopefully help you make an informed choice.



Sig MCX Patrol Rifle. Get your 5.56 NATO rifles here.


1. Sig Sauer MCX Vertus Patrol

Price: $1,849

Sig Sauer promised to shake up the world with its MCX platform and with the 16-inch barrel, this lightweight AR-15 is a beast of a gun.

It’s much smaller than a traditional AR-15 and it’s almost like the pistol line. It comes with an extendable, lightweight stock and 16-inch barrel. An internal recoil system suppresses the sound and it weighs in at 7.9lb.

Sig Sauer MCX Patrol rifle. The big brother of the 9mm pistols and rifles and a great AR-15 in the making.

You get a 30-round magazine and a versatile gun that you can scope up for hunting or use for home defense.

This is a radical approach to the genre, but we like it. It’s also expensive, but not crazy money for such a compact gun with the Sig Sauer seal of approval.

Treat her right, and she’ll serve you well for years.

It isn’t a gun for a novice, but is one for the gun connoisseur.

Smith and Wesson M&P Sport 2, a perfect AR-15 at the right price

2. Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport II

Price: $569.99

It’s a 6.5lb classic AR-15 that you can shoot straight out of the box.

You get the guarantee that goes with the Smith & Wesson name and that alone is worth the slight premium for most of us. It’s a lifetime service guarantee, so the company is pretty sure it’s given you a gun that won’t let you down.

Smith and Wesson MP-15 Sport 2 is a great all-round hunting rifle., AR-15, defense

The barrel is lined with Nitride, pretty much everything is finished to perfection and you get a great example of a simple AR-15, rather than an overblown and poorly finished alternative.

Daniel Defense DDM4 V7

3. Daniel Defense DDM4V7

Price: $1,849

This is a whole new ballpark price wise, but if you want the best AR-15 and you really use it then the Daniel Defense M4 A1 Lightweight could be the gun you’ve been looking for.

This actually is a military-spec weapon and has been used by SOCOM since 2005. So when the Liberals cry about military-grade guns, this is the real deal. That means it comes with a 14.5 inch barrel, which could complicate things for you. That’s why most folks go for the 16 inch barrel that is much easier, for now…

It’s a mid-length gas system, which is best for lower recoil, and the plastic furniture is lightweight. The whole gun is Cerakote-finished and it will last forever.

In some ways it’s the ultimate modern-day AR-15 and an an evolution of the other guns here. At this price, it really needs to be.

Colt Law Enforcement Carbine, a great AR-15 for home defense and tactical warfare

4. Colt Law Enforcement Carbine

Price: $1,000-$1,800

Colt was right there at the start of this whole movement. It was the brains behind the iconic M16 machine gun that the US military, John Rambo and a good few others took into battle.

In 1964, Colt released the first semi-automatic version of this military hero to the public and it has just got better since then. The basic design isn’t that different,so Colt has had more than 50 years to work on the details.

It’s a great tactical gun with folding sights and a full-length rail that means you can dress it up as you want.

Colt is an American legend and it’s easy to see why officers and law enforcement agencies around the country rely on them when times get tough. If you’re going to have one home defense rifle, this would be the one I’d get.

DPMS Oracle AR-15. Is this the best low budget AR-15 for sale right now? It's certainly close. Buy your AR-15 online now.

2. DPMS Oracle A3

Price: $499.99

This gun is an absolute steal at around $450, and it’s actually got a 4.8 out of 5 stars on Brownell’s review section. That’s not easy to do.

It weighs just 6.4lb, it’s a classic AR-15 with a rail on the top so you can fit an optic for hunting or a laser sight and a lap for closer quarters. It’s made from forged aluminum and the furniture is pretty basic plastic.

DPMS Oracle AR-15, a low budget rifle that is a great starter AR-15 and a kit rifle you can base a DIY AR-15 build on.

That’s why it’s a great starter gun, though, as you can add your own stock and buffer guard when you know what you want.

It’s an extremely accurate,well-screwed together and honest AR-15 that you can spend money on over time.

How To Buy Guns Online

When you buy guns online, you just need to provide your local dealer’s details. You can then take advantage of he best deals and do the transfer paperwork at your local gun dealer as normal.

That should cost less than $30, so you’re not just limited to your local dealer’s stock and buying guns online really is that easy now.

For more information, check here.


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