AR-15 Sales UP After Florida Shooting

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Sales of AR-15s have gone through the roof in the aftermath of the Florida shooting It’s a trend that has happened more and more in recent years.

Every time there’s a massacre, gun sales go up in almost direct proportion to the public outcry for gun control. Experts reckon it’s because they fear an impending ban and the people stock up on firearms while they still can.

Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz chose the AR-15 for his moment of infamy and the shop that sold him the gun has now come under repeated and sustained attack by the local community.

Shares Have Gone Up, Sales Have Come In

But the truth is, AR-15 sales have soared and the gun companies have seen stock market jumps in the wake of the massacre. Smith and Wesson’s parent company Sturm Ruger jumped 2.4% in the day of the shooting. Short-term investors literally bet on higher gun sales by buying the stocks.

“It’s a dark instinct,” Eric Schiffer, CEO of New York-based investment firm Patriarch, told the Daily News. “Investors expect that gun buyers are freaking out that there might actually be a crackdown on owning weapons and may sprint to gun shops to empty them out.”

There’s a growing campaign to ban the humble AR-15, which has become a symbol of hate for the gun control crowd. In truth it’s not military-grade at all in most cases and it certainly isn’t an automatic assault weapon, as the most hysterical members of the media claim.

An AR-15 Is A Great All-Round Rifle

It’s a semi-automatic rifle that serves as great hunting rifle and for home defense. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of rifles and its success has turned it into a target in this instance.

So, faced with the possibility of a ban on new sales, although nothing resembling that has come from the White House, the public has rushed out to buy new weapons.

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Don’t Build Your First AR-15

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