Kentucky Sheriff Suspends Law Enforcement, Really…

A local Sheriff’s office in Kentucky has proved that you cannot rely on the police if you’re in danger by suspending all Law Enforcement. Seriously, this is happening

Martin County Sheriff John Kirk revealed he simply didn’t have the funds to effectively police the area and the local population is basically on its own. HIs words were kind of chilling though.

“Lock your doors, load your guns and get you a barking, biting dog,” he said, when announcing a new legal structure that sounds roughly like The Purge.

This is the Sheriff of a county telling the locals to stock up on firearms and vicious dogs. We can’t help you with the dogs, but we have a few choices for the firearms.

Martin County So Poor The Book Keeper is Gone

The books are so badly out of whack that the Sheriff has now fired the book keeper to save money, which is probably going to work out brilliantly….

Additional liabilities mean that the Martin County Sheriff’s Office is effectively flat broke, can’t afford to pay its staff, put fuel in its cars or bullets in its guns.

The Sheriff is down to himself, one deputy and the Sheriff’s wife working the office as well as a full-time job.

Right now, if you had a good night’s sleep, you have a fully stocked gun safe and gas in your car, you’re more effective than the Martin County Sheriff’s Office. Digest that for a moment.

Government Fights Itself in Court

County Officials have gone to court to plead with a Judge for more time to pay the 75K. So the government is wasting more time and money fighting with itself in court over money that should have been delivered automatically.

In a company this is just an internal charge, it gets done and dealt with in minutes. In big government, departments end up suing each other. With lawyers, when they’re pleading poverty.

That sounds like it can basically only end well…

Daddy Government Could Step In

This public protest is probably a political move as the Sheriff’s office simply hasn’t received allocated funding and a little White House pressure and the offer of the National Guard coming down to clean house will probably fix the problem right up.

But it’s also one of the best things that could happen for the Pro 2A camp. Now we don’t have to point to some distant fictional dystopia where law and order breaks down. It has, in real life, due to a simple lack of money.

America is heading towards a place where there will be much worse problems than red tape to deal with, and law enforcement just showed us, again, that they are not the all-seeing protective force that the gun control lobby so clearly wants them to be.

When the going gets tough, the cops might just get going. Then what? Beat the intruders to death with your Gun Free Zone sign?

Can the Cops Always Save You? No…

Martin County isn’t just a canary in the coalmine, a warning sign of how stretched the emergency services really are. It’s the cops telling the public to buy guns, because they just can’t promise them the round the clock protection that the Left thinks is a simple human right.

This is good for the firearms community and the anti gun control movement, and what just happened in Kentucky could actually have a ripple effect that helps us all in the end.


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