$3 Million Custom 1911: Cabot Stellar Fusion

Cabot Stella Fusion Custom Handgun. The most expensive gun for sale at $3 million.

We love custom handguns at the USA Gun Shop and nothing quite gets the juices flowing like a good custom 1911. But even we have to admit that this Cabot Stellar Fusion is a touch on the decadent side.

If you want a Cabot 1911 that doesn’t cost the Earth, Euro Optic has a great selection of discount guns here. But when we say discount, they’re all still proper money…

Is this the most expensive gun for sale?

Is this the most expensive handgun for sale? Almost certainly. We’d be happy to hear about a more expensive pistol than this one. But it is literally made from an ancient meteorite. What beats that?

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Stone, Gold and Glass

We’re not joking. A lot of this gun is produced from high iron content stone, rare natural glass and gold. Because why not?

The stone parts are the crust of the meteor, which was super heated like nothing else when it breached the Earth’s atmosphere 4.5 billion years ago.

If it can take that, it can probably take anything we can throw at it. Probably…

That Price is Give or Take Hundreds of Thousands

The $3 Million is an estimate. It’s based on the sale price of the two-gun Cabot Big Bang Pistol Set that used a lot of the same tech.

This gun takes the concept to the next level, though. So it stands to reason that this one of a kind custom 1911 will go for around $3 million and become the most expensive handgun for sale.

Art Meets Engineering

Why? Well if you have to ask, you’re probably not the target market for the Cabot Stellar Fusion 1911 pistol. This is the point where engineering meets art and exclusivity.

You’re buying a back story of interstellar travel, ancient struggles to survive in a cruel world and the sheer ingenuity of man.

Material Science and Narrative of Excellence

It’s a different kind of material science that takes you back through time, and maybe a little into the future. If it all sounds crazy, you’re kind of right. But Swiss watches sell for millions of dollars all the time and this is simply applying the same principles to custom guns.

I am not sure whether the owners will actually fire this gun or mount it on an uplit plinth. Cabot concedes that the owner probably won’t use its guns for home defense in the launch press release.

Simply owning this one-off will be enough, I think. It’s a fine art piece that will be shown to friends rather than taken to the range to blast through a pack of cheap steel ammo. I hope so anyway…

Billion Year Old Materials

Rare materials include stone from a 4.5 billion year old meteorite that crash landed in Namibia and laid undiscovered until the modern day. You think it’s just the grips that are made from it don’t you? You’re wrong, large parts of the gun are made from high metal content stone.

Is that a good idea? I don’t know, in all honesty. Granite can be super strong, but brittle at the same time, and I can imagine the call to the insurance company if you had to tell them you fired a $3 million weapon and it crumbled to dust in your hands.

Iron Produced From Earth’s Entry

The meteor came with a high iron content and that means it’s perfectly suited for this kind of work, according to Cabot.

But Cabot assures us that the technology is already kind of proven. Its Big Bang Pistol Set of handguns that took the same approach: traditional 1911 craftsmanship with interstellar materials. They went even further, with full stone frames. So the Stellar Fusion 1911 is actually reigning in the crazy.

What is Damascus Steel?

This gun has much more metal and Cabot produced the frame, slide rails, hammer, guide rod and extractor from Damascus Steel. Back in the Game of Thrones era, Damascus Steel was effectively the Valyrian Steel of Ancient Egypt.

The Pharaohs all carried swords and weapons fashioned from this super strength steel.

Look Out for the Trademark Swirl

Damascus Steel is beautifully marbled and crazy strong, which has led many of the world’s best knife and gun manufacturers to use it to this day. Here the frame is made from zebra-striped billet Damascus Steel.

The gun porn story goes on and on. There is desert glass from another meteorite impact 30 million years ago. In that turbulent moment, the lush forests of Libya changed into an arid wasteland. The sheer violence and heat turned sand to glass.

Glass of the Pharaohs

Tutenkhamun was buried with a necklace featuring a scarab beetle produced from this distinctive yellow-green glass that is rich in mineral deposits and always that color.

Thousands of years later, Cabot went to work with diamond-tipped blades to cut, fashion and polish one of the hardest glasses that was used in ancient times to edge weapons that could hack off limbs with a single swipe.

The craftsman that honed this glass are a combination of stone cutter, diamond cutter and surgeon. It takes decades of experience to work with this variable strength and complex glass and the base material is just too expensive to get it wrong.

Buy the Story, and the Gun

Of course that’s all part of the bewitching story to make you spend a heart-stopping amount of money on a handgun. You could buy a mansion for that in the real world, but the people who buy Cabot guns don’t live in the real world…

Cabot makes other interesting guns and knives. While you won’t find a cheap Cabot 1911, you can still enjoy a little gunporn on their site.

You can also order something cheaper, right now, through these links. We’d struggle to justify that money on a gun, too. But some people can, and good luck to them. We can then go back to our $2,000 1911 that somehow suddenly feels unfinished and inadequate.

Enjoy it, think about shooting a 1911 fashioned from a meteorite and smile. Then go back to your normal life, just a touch happier that works of art like this are out there in the world.


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