Where to Buy Cheap Ammo Online – July 2024

Buy ammunition in bulk, here
So where can you buy cheap ammo in bulk?

The ammo crisis of 2024 is basically here, but it’s getting worse. Stocks are low, prices are sky high and it’s more important than ever to know where to score deals.

The Coronavirus crisis and subsequent shortages of, well, everything, made even the most Leftist American go and bulk buy ammunition. And toilet tissue…

We saw how quickly a drastic crisis can wreck stock levels in your local gunstore. And just because Corona is over, doesn’t mean the shortages won’t continue. Levels are low in a lot of online gun stores that stock ammunition, and even we’re surprised how big names simply have bare shelves.

Some people even claim the 2024 ammo shortages are set to make 2020 look like nothing at all. For a quick taste, go looking for 44 Magnum ammo and let us know how you get on without our helpful hints..

We’ve got a long rant coming about that, and other things, but if you just want me to shut up and give you the best ammo dealers, here are our favorites for consistent supply at the moment:

Shelves are Often Bare

This week we went looking for large caliber S&W ammo for our 50 Cal pistols piece, and it was an ordeal. And we have a number of partners that literally exist to provide cheap ammo deals.

Bulk deals are getting expensive, too, thanks to the ever rising prices of copper, and inflation generally. But the simple fact is that as prices spiral out of control, having a good supply of ammunition at home is even more important. For so many reasons….

If you have barrels of handgun ammo, shotgun ammo, the lot, you can buy, sell or trade it for food when the apocalypse comes. And then when people try to steal your food, well you know what comes next.

Ammo is Better Than Gold in a Crisis

Like what is the point in buying gold? Of course it might retain its value, but also people armed with guns can just take it. Gold is awful in a gunfight. Like no good at all.

The guys at Demolition Ranch proved it. Look how badly this gold bar gets its ass handed to it.

Bullets are More Versatile Than Gold Too

If you have stacks of bought in bulk 45 ACP ammo, 9mm Luger ammo cans, bulk 223 ammo etc, you can form a trading station. Or you can just take people’s stuff and then defend it. It’s a much better system really.

You have already seen our favorites for bulk ammunition deals. But if they haven’t got your favorites, or you just want a few more oprtions for when times get really bad, here is a list of options.

Stock Up on Ammo, All the Time

If you get to the stocks in time this time, consider yourself very lucky. Consider Coronavirus a dress rehearsal for the real disaster that’s simply a matter of time and on its way.

And start stockpiling whenever you see cheap ammo for sale at the right price. Look for free shipping, too, it will make a difference with these massive packages.

You can have all the guns in the world, and you should. But it won’t matter if you can only point them and make pew pew noises.

What Ammo Should You Buy Bulk?

The general consensus is that you should focus on 9mm, 5.56 NATO for the trusty and best AR-15 you can buy, and possibly the .308 Winchester ammo your for rifle.

That ammo, Winchester ammo, is a great comprise of hunting and self defense. The military, American hunters and homeowners have relied on 308 Win Mag rifles since, well, forever.

So you can take it out hunting mutant deer with your bolt action rifle, then load up your semi-automatic 308 rifle when less competent hunters smell your cooking. Marinate on that for a second. These are the things we will have to consider when the time comes…

For self defense you’ve got to be looking at some 45 ACP ammo to go with your stack of 9mm bulk ammunition for sale. Because a 1911 with serious stopping power is just a nice thing to have available. Of course the best Glocks will survive the apocalypse and you won’t have to stick them back together with homemade tools.

Special Ammo Has Value in Tough Times

But when stocks are plentiful and you find 6.5mm Creedmoor ammo, 10mm ammo for your 10mm pistol you should just buy it, or other things like 50 BMG rifle ammunition. Specialist ammo like that will either disappear overnight or be the last thing on sale in a crisis.

Nobody really knows. But we do remember seeing 40 S&W ammo on the ‘shelves’ of the best online ammo stores when popular calibers were all sold out during the great Corona crisis. Odd calibers rifle ammo for target shooting, and the likes of 10mm and weird long rifle ammo were a thing for a while, solely for that reason.

Time to Buy Some Off Caliber Guns?

So maybe make sure you have firearms for 40 S&W ammo, 223 ammo, 38 Special ammo, 6.5mm Creedmoor ammo, 357 Magnum ammo, 45 Long Colt ammo, 300 Blackout ammo, carbine ammo, 10mm and other goodies. Go mad with some ununusual calibers for long rifle ammo, 7.6sx54r Tarkov and the like.

Then when you buy ammo online, you should have a choice of rifle calibers and full metal jacket goodness already in storage. So you can look for cheap ammunition for sale and ammo specials, not what you need right now.

But if you prepare for the worst and hope for the best. That’s probably safest, so buy ammo, 40 S&W ammo, 30-06 ammo, 44 magnum and more.

22 Ammo is the Prepper Tip

Preppers could argue a case for 22LR ammo. Rimfire ammo is for when we’re living in the woods and shooting small game, like squirrels, for dinner, rather than self defense. I mean it sounds like a depressing existence, but probably better than the alternative.

So yes, get bricks of ammo, 22LR ammo and 22 Win ammo rimfire calibers.

For self defense and basic hunting, on two legs and four, those are the rounds to work with, because they’re popular and freely available.

A Crisis Shows the Value of the Second Amendment

Citizens in Italy, France, Spain and Germany were placed under some form of martial law during Covid 19. So were we, let’s never forget that.

Tension is rising, the emergency services were stretched beyond capacity and mainland Europe is still a tinderbox. Just look at the little situation in the Ukraine right now. Guns and cheap ammo for sale in a local gun store would look pretty sweet right now out there.

Civil unrest could be the real violent killer, not a virus itself, and most of Europe was disarmed long ago. Those people are genuinely scared and would love to have buckets of 230 grain FMJ bullets lying round, and the guns to send them.

You Can Protect Yourself. So Do It.

Count your blessings for the right to bear arms and make sure you can actually do that when you need to.

Also, there’s an old phrase that possession is nine tenths of the law. If you have the handgun ammo, rifle ammo, shotgun ammo, 12 gauge slugs, all the ammo brands, and then somebody wants to stop you buying it.

Well, you have already have your bulk ammo for sale nice and secure…

Get bricks of 38 special ammo, 45 ACP ammo, AAC Blackout, 45 Long Colt ammo cans, just all of it. See bulk ammunition for sale? You know what to do.

Learn to reload. Buy the 22LR ammo brands by the thousand too.

Get what you can. Buy ammo online when you have funds and it’s there. Look out for ammo bulk deals and get ready to stand your ground and take care of yours and what’s yours. Sadly, it could really come to that soon.

Specific Ammo Recommendations

Now you know it depends on whether you need to save money or you want the best performance. Those two concepts don’t always go together.

You can get cheap deals for CCI Blazer ammo, Wolf Ammo, Tula Ammo and more if you search for ammo deals, bulk ammo deals and then buy ammunition online. And you should, for when the shelves are bare.

This basic ammunition will get the job done and give you some 130 gr fmj for your online ammo, 9mm ammo when you need it most. Sig ammo, on the other hand, is super expensive and can cost more than $1.40 a round for the Sig Sauer Elite V Crown 45 ACP 230 gr FMJ bullets.

So use our links and price shop to save a substantial amount. You could also find multiple grades of ammo, bulk bought, for when it matters and not so much. You don’t really need advanced hollow point tech when you’re target shooting at the range, for instance.

Where to Buy Ammo, 9mm Luger Ammo, 223 Ammo etc

We have given you the general links and these will largely be the same, but we’ve done the searches for you so you can just price shop the best ammo deals and make sure you have a decent price.

It’s complicated right now, ammo deals are everywhere and nowhere. So you might just want to look at all these and see if somebody has a better one for you.

Where to Buy 45 ACP Ammo

You might have a cheap 1911, you might have a $2000 1911 or you might have gone for a 45 ACP subcompact concealed carry. These are your choices in life. What isn’t really a choice is that you need bullets to put in it.

And here is interesting, because stocks are running lower than you think. Some dealers have lots, others are showing signs of strain. So get it now.

Where to Buy 5.56×45 Ammo?

Your AR-15 is going to be great in a crisis. If you have enough 5.56×45 ammo to keep it spitting. So look here.

Where to Buy 308 Win Mag Ammo

308 is still the daddy of rifle ammunition for sale. So buy ammo online here.

Where to Buy Shotgun Ammo

You want shotgun ammo, 12 gauge slugs or buckshot cartridges? Of course we can help with those and other calibers, sotgun ammo includes 410 gauge ammo and 20 gauge ammo remember…

Where to Buy Rimfire Ammo

.22 ready to ship by the bucket. Or brick. It really depends what you prefer. And there are more calibers, rimfire ammo includes .17 WMR ammo too.

We’ll get round to WMR ammo soon. Promise. And we’re going to add 7.62x39mm, 8mm Mauser, long ammo, short ammo, all those things.

You Want a Gun With That?

If you need a gun to go with that, then check out these posts and find the firearm of your dreams.

What Else Do You Need to Do?

We have some other suggestions for things you need to survive the Coronavirus pandemic here. Including this emergency kit. Of course you could go full feral and live in an Underground Shelter.

But stocking up on ammo deals, bulk ammo for sale, cheap ammo, any ammo you can find in 2024, is probably the number one tip.

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