Glock 26: Best Prices in 2023

The Glock 26 is a great option for concealed carry.

Glock 26

  • Price: $549.99
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel Length: 3.42 inch
  • Total Length: 6.42 inch
  • Weight: 1.35lb
  • Magazine Capacity: 10+1

The Glock 26 is a compact, reliable, and versatile pistol that is possibly the best 9mm Glock for deep concealment.

This popular handgun is a favorite among gun enthusiasts and law enforcement officers alike as a back-up gun, and even John Wick carried one in the second movie.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll take a closer look at the Glock 26 and what makes it such a popular choice.

First, though, if you’re just looking to buy a Glock 26 at the cheapest price, try our favorite dealers here and do a quick price check.

Before you get carried away with a bargain, though, make sure you’re not looking at a Glock 26 Gen 4 or even Gen 3. The Glock 26 Gen 5 is the new gun and it’s much, much better than the old guard.


The Glock 26 is a micro compact pistol that was first introduced in 1995. It was designed as a smaller version of the popular Glock 17 and was intended for concealed carry.

The Glock 26 is a 9mm pistol that features a 10+1 capacity, making it a great option for self-defense and personal protection. Plenty of Glocks do that, though, and the main strength of the G26 is how easy it is to conceal.

Minimal Size and Weight

One of the most notable features of the Glock 26 is its size and weight. It measures just 6.41 inches long, 4.17 inches tall, and 1.26 inches wide. It weighs in at just 21.71 ounces when loaded, making it easy to carry for extended periods.

It also sits happily in a sock holster or in any other backup gun position you want really. John Wick carried his round the back, but it’s a great choice for a pocket pistol in the right holster.

Law Enforcement Officers love them as a backup gun and they’re versatile little personal defense guns that the gun reviews love this semi-auto pistol.

Polymer Frame and Fewer Parts

The sub-compact pistol comes with a polymer frame, a stainless steel slide and a Glock marksman barrel that is DLC finished and a match for any drop in barrel on the market.

It could be smaller, but Glock has kept a little extra barrel length to ensure accuracy and contain muzzle flip. Some of the smaller micro compact 9mm pistols are famously snappy, while the Glock is composed thanks in no small part to the longer barrel.

Key Changes For Glock 26 Gen 5

The Glock 26 Gen 5 semi auto pistol was unveiled in 2017 and launched all the way back in 2018. It feels newer than that, but really this latest gen Glock has been with us for 5 years now.

Glock listened to the customers after a lukewarm response to the Gen 4 Glock 26 that was basically so bad that it made people pine for the Gen 3 pistols. The Gen 5 was a massive step forward and came with a number of key changes.

They include:

  • No Finger Grooves – Finger groove deletion was a popular mod on the Gen 4. No more, they’re gone.
  • Ambidextrous slide stop – You can operate the slide stop with either hand and that’s a big deal for left handed shooters.
  • Glock Marksman Barrel – Polygonal rifling has made all the Glock models more accurate and reliable.
  • Front Serrations – Precision milled front serrations are now standard, rather than a rarity on special editions, and that makes it easier to maipulate the slide.
  • Replaceable backstraps – Mold the grip to your hand with interchangeable backstraps,
  • nDLC Finish – The nDLC coating is a durable and corrosion resistant finish for the slide and barrel.

Other Glock Models to Consider

Glock has a mind-boggling number of models out there these days and the niches inevitably overlap. That means there is a Glock pistol that fits your needs, but identifying it can be a bit of an issue.

The single stack Glock 43 and double stack Glock 43x semi automatic pistols are the most obvious in-house competition for the G26.

So the Glock 43 is slimmer and arguably easier to conceal, although it has a longer grip, but it holds just 6 rounds in the single stack magazine.

The Glock 43x and G26 have a similar double stack magazine with 10-round capacity, but the G43x has a fatter slide and longer grip. It’s not so easy to conceal, but it does offer a little more purchase and is more suitable for larger hands when it comes to actually shooting.

So the Glock 26 is often seen as the gun to go for if you are more concerned with concealment, but you want the extra rounds of ammunition too. You could argue it is the best of both worlds, one of Glock’s best packaging jobs and a great gun for deep concealment.

Glock Safe Action

There is no manual safety on a Glock semi-auto pistol, which is the number one reason folks return them and also a selling point for those that know that fact going in.

Now the Glock Safe Action includes the trigger safety, the additional blade you have to press before the trigger witll engage, a firing pin safety that stays in place until the trigger pull is complete and a drop safety.

The Glock Safe Action is a unique thing and it pretty much works. For total peace of mind you really need to keep the gun in a holster to make sure it’s totally secure, because pulling the trigger absolutely fires the gun.

So your finger really is the safety on your concealed carry weapon. But plenty of people will make the case that a thumb safety is just an unwanted distraction with a defensive pistol and you really don’t need that additional process in a high pressure situation.

A custom Glock 26 could rock your world and become your everyday carry.

Accessories & Customization

There is a massive aftermarket industry for the Glock 26, Glock 19, just about any Glock pistol honestly. Most the major parts suppliers have hundreds of barrels, custom slides, entire grip modules that we will get to shortly, and trigger kits.

Custom Glocks have become a sub-culture in their own right.

You can see some of the most spectacular custom Glock pistols on the market here.


Overall, the Glock 26 semi auto pistol is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a compact, reliable, and versatile pistol. Its small size and lightweight construction make it easy to carry, while its durability and accuracy make it a great choice for self-defense and personal protection.

With its wide range of customization options, the Glock 26 9mm Luger is also a great choice for gun enthusiasts who enjoy tinkering with theirsemi automatic pistols thanks to the wealth of parts & accessories that are out there for Glock pistols.

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