HK VP9: A Real Glock Rival

HK VP9 handgun 9mm


Price: $619.99

If you don’t want to own a Glock 19, for whatever reason, or you just appreciate other great 9mm handguns for sale in the same class, then take a look at the Heckler and Koch VP9.

HK has a great reputation among true enthusiasts and that’s not easy to do. It also has almost become a cult brand. The HK SP5 and several long rifles helped its cause too.

HK: Like Apple For Gun Owners

There are HK fans who haven’t got  the time of day for the more obvious Glock. If Glock is Apple, then HK is a very slick Windows competitor. Check our other Glock rivals here:

It’s an elegant handgun, with a 4.1-inch barrel means you can wear this as a concealed carry without too many problems. It’s really an oversized conceal carry, or a slightly undersized home defense hand cannon but it’s just the right size to do everything well.

Slide Moldings Provide Grip

I like the moldings in the slide, too, that give the HK a distinctive look and provide a grip to charge the weapon. Glock owners often have to go for ZEV, Agency Arms or Salient Arms slide with cutouts and grooves, but HK offers a solution on the standard weapon.

You get a proper stippled grip, but it does come with finger grooves. HK argues this is the most balanced way to hold this gun. It does limit your mods with an undercut finger guard etc., but if you’ve got no intention of modifying it, then the HK might be a better out the box package than the G19.

It gets a tight, low effort trigger set that rivals anything, anywhere. It’s a polymer trigger, which means you might want a drop-in metal upgrade at some point. But you don’t have to do it. It’ set a 5.4lb and a travel of just 0.24  inches

HK VP9. This Heckler & Koch polymer pistol is a real Glock 19 rival, although it is more expensive. It is also more complete.

Low Weight, Packs a Punch

The cold hammer forged barrel is as durable as they come, and the gun weighs in at just 1.66lb. It’s a double action only and you get HK’s patented recoil spring helps reduce recoil and muzzle lift.

You can have up to 15 rounds with one in the chamber, and that’s what you get when you order your gun through Brownells.

The safety comes easily to hand, it’s a well thought out gun and some people simply prefer the HK to the Glock 19.

Price is Comparable to Glock

It’s a great everyday handgun and it’s on the list of handguns we have to own. So, if you’re a collector and a dedicated range shooter, you might want to buy a Heckler and Koch VP9 at the knockdown price of $619.99

9mm ammunition is as cheap as it gets, you’ll honestly have all the stopping power you need and it’s a good all-round gun. You can buy  9mm ammo in bulk from less than 16c a round from my partner Lucky Gunner.

Bulk Ammo for Sale at Lucky Gunner

So, before you follow the crowd and order the new Glock, take a look at this innovative, interesting HK. We think this is at least as good as the Glock in a lot of places and perhaps  better in others. But it will  be a personal choice for you.

Does a HK ‘fit you’? Try it and find out!

HK VP9 for sale. This is one of the best striker fired handguns for sale in 2019. But it does come with a high price.

HK VP9 Need to Know

  • Caliber:  9mm
  • Capacity: 15 + 1 rounds
  • Weight: 1.66lb
  • Length: 7.34 inches
  • Barrel: 4.1 inches

You can buy your guns online, get them shipped to your local FFL dealer and they’ll do the transfer for $30 or sometimes less. Learn how to buy guns online here.


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