Hunter Biden’s Gun Trial to Go Ahead

Hunter Biden is going to court on felony drug charges.

Hunter Biden is going to court to face gun charges for buying a firearm while under the influence of Crack Cocaine. I mean, at least this isn’t the President’s son right? Ohhhhhhh…

Joe Biden has taken a hardline stand against guns and done everything in his power to restrict law abiding citizens’ rights under the Second Amendment. Gun stores have been closed left and right, new rules have crept in like his recent attempt to end private gun sales and he is very keen on banning the AR-15 and high capcity magazines. The Supreme Court is clogged with challenges to new rules brought in at a State and Federal level under Biden’s watch.

So it doesn’t sit right when his son doesn’t follow the rules and then tries to get the whole case thrown out for being unconstitutional. Which is exactly what this national embarrassment just tried to do.

A federal judge in Delaware rejected Hunter Biden’s attempt to dismiss his felony gun charges, dismissing his claim that the federal ban on gun ownership by illegal drug users is unconstitutional under the Second Amendment.

Biden Seriously Tried to Use the Second Amendment

Earlier in the day, a panel from the federal appeals court also ruled against Biden in a separate effort to have the charges dropped. These rulings pave the way for his trial to proceed on June 3, although his defense team may still seek further appeals.

Last year, Biden was indicted on charges of purchasing a gun while using illegal drugs and falsely stating on a government form that he was not using drugs at the time of the purchase — both are distinct criminal charges. Special counsel David Weiss claims that Biden purchased a firearm in October 2018 during a period when he was frequently using crack cocaine, an issue Biden has publicly acknowledged as part of his struggle with addiction.

Federal regulations prohibit individuals who use illegal drugs from purchasing firearms. However, Biden’s defense argued that this restriction breaches the Second Amendment, citing a recent Supreme Court decision, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, which limited governmental regulation of gun ownership.

Judge Maryellen Noreika, appointed by former President Donald Trump, was unconvinced by these arguments. She noted that although the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals declared the drug-user ban unconstitutional in a specific case concerning a habitual marijuana user, this decision was explicitly narrow. Noreika highlighted that the majority of district courts that have reviewed this regulation since the Bruen decision have maintained its constitutionality.

Noreika also stated that Biden could challenge the constitutionality of the law as applied to his situation after his trial concludes.

How is This Trump’s Fault?

In another ruling on Thursday, Noreika denied a motion by Biden for documents from the Justice Department related to communications between former President Donald Trump, former Attorney General William Barr, and other officials from the Trump administration concerning his case.

Additionally, on the same day, a three-judge panel from the Third Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed Biden’s arguments to have the charges against him dropped on various other grounds, including claims of selective and vindictive prosecution and the existence of a pretrial diversion agreement he signed last summer, which he argued precluded the government from prosecuting him.

Following these decisions, Abbe Lowell, Biden’s lead defense attorney, announced that they plan to appeal the panel’s ruling.

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