20 Best Full Size 9mm Handguns For Sale in 2019

Sig Sauer P320 X-Five For Sale, Ported barrel and night sight


Best Full Size 9mm Handguns For Sale

Your full-sized handgun is quite often the jewel of your collection. It’s the no-compromise option, simply the best pistol for sending bullets downrange, or somewhere more serious.

Now capacity is a personal thing, but we think projectile technology has closed the gap to such an extent that the 9mm is the one to go for.

Why? It’s true that most self-defense encounters result in just two shots being fired. But having the option to lay down covering fire, or to simply have more shots in the clip when your heart is racing and you need all the help you can get, can only be a good thing.

Large Handguns Are All Welcome to Our Best Pistol Shootout

We don’t have many rules for this full-sized 9mm handgun competition, we just decided that the barrel had to be close to 5 inches and that was it.

In many ways, the longest barrel is the purest form for a handgun. Freed from the constraints of Concealed Carry, you can actually have the big proportions and the big capacity – if your State allows it.

Some of these semi auto guns have 20+1 rounds, and you can get third party clips with 30 or more rounds.

If you are not sure how to buy guns online then we have got all the answers here.

You can get the best deals from all the major gun manufacturers, always on the USA Gun Shop.

Here are the best full-size 9mm handguns for sale in 2019.

CZ SHadow 2 for sale. Is it the best full-size 9mm handgun on sale in 2019? We think so, at this price. Buy your gun online right now.

1. CZ Shadow 2

  • Price: $1,159
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel Length: 4.89 inch
  • Total Length: 8.53 inch
  • Weight: 2.9lb
  • Capacity: 17+1 Rounds.

UPDATE: The CZ Shadow 2 is occasionally out of stock, but this is the best supplier if they have them. If you run into that, check these alternative sources.

The first CZ Shadow SP-01 was a sales sensation. The second generation has just smashed it out the park.

This semi auto pistol is a competition shooter at its core, but, well, it’s yours. So if you just want to make sure you’ve got the best 9mm handgun for sale then a gun that rules the range really isn’t a bad place to start.

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It’s a proper metal pistol that just feels big and heavy in a good way. Sure it’s not a concealed carry, but that’s not what we’re going for. We’re going for a badass home defense gun that can print all day long. Or just sit in a gun safe until you really want it.

It’s bigger than the CZ Accu-Shadow, it’s almost three pounds of semi auto pistol and that is heavier than a lot of 1911s. But then you start to look at the spec sheet and a little extra weight becomes worth it.

17+1 rounds as standard should be enough to see off pretty much any threat. And Hickock himself says this is a gun that almost won’t let you miss.

Next Gen Full Size 9mm Pistol

The CZ offers a double action/single action, or you can keep it cocked and locked in your gun safe. That flexibility gives the CZ a real competitive edge over a single action 1911, before you get into the additional capacity of the 9mm Luger rounds.

The CZ Shadow 2 has become a sport shooting legend, but all the things that competitive shooters love mean it’s a great gun to have at home too.

Wilson Combat EDC X9L For sale - a great new addition to the full-size handgun field.

2. Wilson Combat EDC X9L

  • Price: $3,182
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel Length: 5 inch
  • Total Length: 8.6 inch
  • Weight: 2.4lb
  • Capacity: 15+1

This is just a perfect, cohesive, well designed and match-grade handgun. Is it the best 9mm 1911 out there right now? We think this is the most complete of the new additions to the custom 1911 world. So yes.

There is a wait time when ou order, but we think it’s worth it. Place your order, sit on our thumbs for 5-8 weeks and then the best gun you own will be in our hands.

The Wilson Combat starburst grip pattern seems to lead effortlessly into another feature. The others look like they’re trying, the Wilson Combat EDC X9L was just made for this.

Of course the long-barrel version does conflict just ever so slightly with the EDC concept generally, because, well, you can’t really use this as an EDC. You can, but don’t kid yourself that this is a CCW specialist anymore. For that you need the shorter barrel handgun that can’t feature here.

This longer handgun obviously comes with a longer sight radius, which is something we guess. It also slots into the same holster as most other 5 inch barrel 1911 handguns on sale in 2019. Then there is the spec sheet, which is just insane…

The Wilson Combat EDC X9L is built around an aluminum frame and rails. The G10 Aggressive Starburst grips join forces with Wilson Combat’s X-TAC checker treatment for the front and back straps. You get a proper hammer that is contoured, along with the grip heel, to provide a snag free draw that is a nice nod to the smaller concealed carry pistol and a weird USP.

The 5 inch Tri Top Slide is another ergonomic touch designed to save fractions on the quickdraw. Again, that’s more of an aesthetic and a nice touch, rather than a real reason to buy it. The external extractor, though, is proper technology and one of the many hundreds of tiny reasons why the Wilson Combat is a complete 9mm double stack 1911.

Sig Sauer X-FIVE just $729.99 - A tuned Sig Sauer P320 Full Size 9mm pistol from the in house experts at Sig.

3. Sig Sauer P320 X-FIVE Legion

  • Price: $899.99
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Total Length: 8 inch
  • Weight: 1.84lb
  • Capacity: 17+1 rounds.

We love the striker-fired Sig Sauer P320 Compact and recommend it as an EDC. But the Sig Sauer P320 X-FIVE is something else entirely. It’s like a custom Sig P320, produced in-house with the manufacturer’s own R&D team behind it.

Then there’s this, the even more expensive and exclusive Sig X-FIVE Legion, which comes with the signature grey Cerakote finish, even fancier night sights and a host of other minor adjustments.

This should be the ultimate custom striker-fired handgun. And it kind of is. The metal work on the CZ won the battle, but if you want a polymer pistol taken to the limit then maybe look here instead of an Agency Arms Glock.

The P320 Compact 9mm pistol is basically the best daily carry semi auto pistol in the world right now, we think anyway. But the full-size gun is just as good in its own way.

And this is an apex predator.

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This is the competition version of the P320, although really it looks like a company like Agency Arms or ZEV Tech went to work on the simple plastic pistol. If it came from a third party, you wouldn’t be surprised by a $1500-$2000 price tag would you?

This is a big striker fired gun, but it’s been perfectly balanced by the in-house tuning aces at Sig Sauer.

This is a Skunkworks project by the best German firearms engineers in the business. And it costs about a third of a full Agency Arms Glock for arguably a better semi auto pistol. Food for thought…

The five inch match-grade bull barrel is stainless steel and cold hammer forged. It also comes with a totally reworked and ported slide that really does look like a technical improvement.

A Dawson Precision Fiber Optic Night Sight is about as good as they get and the pronounced beavertail, undercut and squared off trigger guard for an added grip and that mag extension with a counterweight for the perfect weight in the hand.

The counterweight includes a Tungsten infused grip that actually adds weight to the gun. Sig is selling the weight of metal and the flex of polymer as a performance benefit. And it’s hard to argue against them when you look at the claimed results.

50% less muzzle flip and a 30% lighter trigger, complete with flat face trigger, full length stainless steel guide rod and a 14lb 1911 style recoil spring to soak up the force of sending 9mm ammunition downrange.

The slide gives you options. Want to push-check your gun? You can with the Sig Sauer P320 X-FIVE for sale and it’s nobody’s business but yours.

You get 21+1 rounds if you go for the extended mag, which goes some way to balancing that long barrel as well. That makes this a real lifesaver.

Hang a light or laser on the accessory rail if you must, but this gun is quite strong enough in terms of visual impact. Train with it, learn it and then load it with savage ammunition.

Switching Mags Takes Critical Time

We’re big advocates of firearms training and you absolutely should be able to switch out magazines in the dark in fractions of a second. But it’s an added layer of complication, and it’s best to avoid it.

The grip angle is great, it feels natural in the hand and the polymer frame pistol has a nice natural balance. Then there is the crisp, predictable trigger pull, with a flat trigger for repeatability, and perfect reset that gives you ultimate confidence in your shooting.

The grip is also perfect, like Agency Arms wish they could have stippled like this. I keep coming back to the fact that this looks like a full tuner custom gun, for a fraction of the money.

Sig Sauer Is Official Military Hardware

In itself that doesn’t mean that much, because Sig Sauer won that contract with a lowball bid with its semi auto pistol. We simply cannot find a weak point in the P320, though. It is, plain and simple, the best 9mm handgun for sale right now. The competition version was always going to be amazing.

Now the Navy and Air Force are in line for the military-grade version of the P320. So yeah, it’s that good in its own right.

Very serious gun enthusiasts have been asking the same question as me. Is the P320 better than a Glock? Obviously, I think the answer is yes…

And while the Sig P320 is that good, the Sig Sauer P320 X-FIVE might just be the best full size handgun for sale in 2019.

Where to buy Sig Sauer Handguns cheap

Sig is on a roll right now. The Sig P365 is the best concealed carry handgun in the world, the larger polymer pistols are smashing it out the park and Sig does a mean 1911 and its own Mil-spec metal handguns.

Here are some of our favorite gunbroker sites for Sig firearms at unbeatable prices.

Colt Gold Cup 9mm - One of the best full sized pistols for sale in 2019. 9mm never looked quit this good.

4. Colt Gold Cup Trophy 1911

  • Price: $1,699
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel length: 5 inch
  • Total Length: 8.5 inch
  • Weight: 2.3lb
  • Capacity: 9+1

You might hear that Colts aren’t quite what they used to be, and there may be some truth in that. But this is still one of the best off-the-peg competition shooting 9mm handguns in the world today, and it is a cheap 1911 too.

You could take it into the white heat of battle tomorrow and it’s yours for less than $1,700. The Colt is a serious value proposition, then, for keen enthusiasts looking to cross over to competition.

The Colt 1911 Competition 9mm is half the price, but the Gold Cup is twice the weapon. It is a Series 80, a direct descendant of the original 1911. You get a National Match grade barrel, drilled trigger, enhanced beavertail and other features that you have come to expect from Colt.

Now don’t think this is quite up to the standard of the Colt Combat Government 1911. It can’t be really. But it’s a great mid-range Colt handgun that could turn you into a target shooter, a 1911 fanboy, and a Colt man. Or woman, you do you…

Walther PPQ Q5 Match, a great 9mm handgun with custom work in house that makes this Walther one of the best 9mm full size handguns in the world

5. Walther PPQ Q5 Match

  • Price: $764.50
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel Length: 5″
  • Total Length: 8.1″
  • Weight: 1.63lb
  • Capacity: 15+1

Walther has its own devoted following that will swear this gun should be above the Sig, and it’s certainly that kind of gun. This is an in-house, custom gun created by the very best engineers at a large and established firearms company.

Sometimes that is much better than a third party tuner throwing half the gun away and charging handsomely for the privilege.

It’s a pretty thing, we’ll give it that. Performance wise, it is up there with the best 9mm handguns in the world as well. The Walther PPQ Q5 Match is capable of taking your home defense duties and if you own one, you will learn to love it just like HK fanatics and Glock fanboys love their chosen semi-auto pistol. That’s tribalism, and it’s life.

If you are into custom Glocks, and we are, then the Walther PPQ Q5 Match should make sense to you. That slide is about as light as it could get and the barrel is Walther’s best match-grade unit. You also get a lot of bullets.

We’re talking tiny degrees of separation in real terms, and a certain amount of personal taste that separates out guns of this level. So, if you like to buy a Walther handgun, chances are you will love the second generation Walther PPQ Q5 Match.

At the end of the day, its a striker-fired polymer frame pistol. So, a lot of it is down to how they feel to us personally, because the similarities are really more pronounced than the differences.

The Walther is a big chunky gun, with a slide that is serrated front and back for easy manipulation. It does everything right, and only the cost counts against it. Still, some people think the Walter OEM trigger kit is better than a ZEV Technologies drop in trigger in a Glock. The Walther has fiber optic night sights up top too, and a wealth of neat touches that even come down to this just subtle enough two-tone color-scheme.

In a way, this semi-auto pistol offers better value for money than the biggest names and the other leading 9mm guns in its class. It is absolute quality and it is telling that when people cross over to Walther, they tend to stick around and buy more guns.

If you’re shopping for guns online, then, and you want something different, look out for offers on the Walthers. They’re definitely right up there with the best 9mm pistols for sale in 2018.

The relatively basic Becky version of the Q5 Match is the semi-auto pistol that Cable uses in Deadpool 2 as well. If it looks familiar…

If they made Deadpool 2 right now, Cable would carry the Walther PPQ Q5 Match SF pro into battle. This is a serious gun, which costs North of $1,500, and comes with a metal frame. If you can find one, buy it, it is set to be a collector’s item and a movie gun in somebody’s hands.

We found one here, so get yours now.

Walther PPQ Q5 Match SF Pro for sale. It's one of the best 9mm handguns for sale at any price. But it's rare. Where can you buy a gun right now?
Walther PPQ Q5 Match SF Pro for sale. It’s one of the best 9mm handguns for sale at any price. But it’s rare. Where can you buy a gun right now?

Glock 34 Gen 5 - A great home defense handgun. Buy guns online now at the best price at the best USA Gun Store online.

6. Glock 34

  • Price: $721.99
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Total Length: 8.74 inch
  • Weight: 1.62lb
  • Capacity: 17+1

We’re not big Glock fanboys here, but we do have to accept that the G34 is an exceptional handgun that is an absolute tack driver of a 9mm.

It follows the Glock design language. So, it’s a blocky, snag-free and simple striker fired pistol. The snag-free element shouldn’t be so important with a full-size 9mm handgun for sale, though, because this semi-automatic pistol will probably live in a safe or gun vault.

The Glock 17 is famously accurate and the grouping at 50 yards is stunning. If you can shoot, you can handle a G17 and that is really the natural rival for the Sig Sauer P320 in terms of price.

But the G34 is another level of precision. If cost is a big issue, look to the Glock 17 and possibly some aftemarket parts. If you can buy the best, start with the G34. It’s that bit better everywhere and you’ll feel the benefit of each and every mod. It’s a gap that never really closes and this is a great semi-automatic handgun.

It was designed for competitive target shooters and that 5.31″ match-grade barrel means it’s simply the best of the bunch. You get 17+1 rounds, more if you opt for a John Wick style mag extension, and the Glock is just about the most complete home defense handgun you’re likely to find.

Capacity really isn’t a deal-breaker with this gun, because there are so many third-party mags that you can have 30+1 no problem if that’s what you really want.

Of course, you can keep it flush and just about consider concealed carry with the Glock 34, although you will have to find a spot, rather than simply slapping on a concealed carry holster.

Get an RMR on it and you shouldn’t need that many, because you really will struggle to miss with the G34. The MOS optics system means it’s pretty much open for a wide selection of red dots and scopes that can turn the G34 from a self-defense legend into a small-game hunter.

It won’t set your pulse racing in the way that the CZ Shadow 2 might, or the Sig, but Glock reliability is legendary and this gun should need minimal work to keep at 100%. If you’re thinking purely of home defense, a big Glock 17 with a Red Dot is pretty hard to beat.

You might find yourself buying an aftermarket trigger for your Glock, because the basic one is a little mushy when it comes to the trigger pull. The trigger safety works well, but there’s too much creep in any standard Glock.

It is much reduced in the G34, though, and this might be the only one you don’t have to break out the tools for a while. You still might end up wrapping the grip or doing your own stippling.

A Glock isn’t a finished gun, it’s a blank slate. It’s the start of a DIY Glock project. It’s just the way it is…

You don’t have to do it for the other 9mm pistols, is all we’re saying. They are basically pre-tuned, and better value.

Great Deals on Glocks

Glock handguns can be found for reasonable money and you can even get money off a custom Glock from the likes of Agency Arms and ZEV Technologies. You don’t need the G34 Dragonfly custom Glock, though, you could just buy a Glock 19, or a Glock 17, online right now.

FN FNS 9 Longslide For Sale. Buy guns online, get the best deals at the best gunbroker online.

7. FN FNS-9L Long Slide

  • Price: $569.99
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel Length: 5 inch
  • Total Length:
  • Weight: 1.66lb

The FN FNS Long Slide 9mm is a niche gun that remains one of the best selling guns of all time for the USA Gun Shop. It’s just a weird, close relationship. that was one of our best sellers for months on end.

Fabrique Nationale Herstal is undergoing a changing of the guard right now. The FN 509 is making its mark and it’s a real Glock rival now. But you can still get the long slide FNS and it really does hand the Glock 34 its ass pretty much everywhere, for much less money.

All the technical issue, and there were a few, were dealt with by the time this weapon rolled off the line and it is a pretty damned sweet gun.

The stainless steel slide is serrated in all the right places and it comes with night sights and an accessory rail down low. The grip owes a lot to a 1911, especially with the pronounced beavertail that lets you get high up on the gun and close to the bore axis.

The grip does look a little slim at first glance, but you can change out the backstrap for a beefier gun. I like the slimline look and the FN has pretty much everything you would want in a standard full-size 9mm handgun.

This gun was a lot more expensive. It was a real premium handgun. So it comes with an external extractor, a loaded chamber indicator and a fully ambidextrous mag release and slide stop. Look inside and you’ll find polished metal rather than plastic, which is a hallmark of a premium handgun.

Those that know about the FNS Long Slide have all given us an appreciative nod over our constant support for this lesser known full size 9mm handgun. If you haven’t scratched the FN handgun itch, this is a cost effective way to get going and one of the best handguns for sale in 2019.

That could turn into an expensive addiction, because this is a hell of a handgun. The sights are dovetail rear sights and simple dot sights rather than fiber optic night sights. But you can upgrade the FN relatively easily and parts & accessories are easy to come by.

John Wick Combat Master 2011 from STI and TTI. This is an absolute beast of a handgun with a beast of a price tag. You want this gunporn, though, don't you?

8. STI 2011 John Wick Combat Master Package

  • Price: $4,081.99
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel Length: 5.4 inch
  • Total Length: 8.75 inch
  • Weight: 3lb
  • Capacity: 22+1

Expect to see a lot more of the STI 2011 John Wick Combat Master Package after its minor starring role in John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum.

John Wick’s 1911 from John Wick Chapter 3 is an eye-wateringly expensive handgun that starts off as an STI double-stack 2011, as they call it. Taran Tactical Innovations then went to work on a solid base firearm to turn it into a competition shooter.

Wick’s TTI Glock 34 in John Wick 2 was match-grade all the way and the world’s leading assassin does favor competition upgrades on his Glocks, the HK P30L that started it all and now this extravagant STI 9mm double stack 1911.

That slide looks functional and fantastic, as does every sumptuous detail on this gun. Admit it, you want one, but more than $4,000 is an awful lot of money for one handgun.

So what do you get for a 4K John Wick gun?

Inevitably it’s a bull-cut DLC coated match-grade barrel that should stand the test of time. You get an adjustable rear sight, fiber optic front sight and a full 22+1 rounds of 9mm. That’s pretty sweet.

Tolerances are what you’d expect on a gun of this grade and price range: basically zero. It also has the kind of balance you’d expect from an absolute professional sport shooting specialist.

Is it worth the money? That’s down to you, but we will say this gun is almighty cool and we do want one, even at this outlandish price.

Springfield Armory Range Officer 1911 For Sale - A great full size 9mm 1911 and possibly the best budget pick here.

9. Springfield Armory Range Officer

  • Price: $875.99
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel Length: 5 inch
  • Total Length: 8.6 inch
  • Weight: 2.56lb
  • Capacity: 9+1 Rounds

A single stack 1911 is at a technical disadvantage here. But 9+1 is still an awful lot of bullets in a semi-auto handgun. Some people quite rightly argue that if you need more than that, you are in a war.

The Springfield Armory Range Officer is the company’s signature dish, along with the TRP Operator, and it is a work of art. This is the 1911, engineered to match-grade perfection.

You can spend more and get a polished version of this gun, but this one works for me. The Parkerized finish contrasts with the polished barrel that pokes through the ejector port and the criss-cross pattern wood grips.

Nighthawk 9mm Tactical pistol for sale. A double stack 1911 with a serious price tag.

11. Nighthawk Custom Advanced Armament Double Stack 1911

  • Price: $4,495
  • Barrel Length: 5 inch
  • Total Length: 8.58 inch
  • Weight: 2.48lb
  • Capacity: 17+1

Nighthawk Custom pistols for sale are basically pure gunporn. It’s the semi-auto handgun, taken to the limit. So drink it in, a minimalist tactical 9mm pistol from the absolute master gunsmiths in Arkansas.

Unsurprisingly, Nighthawk features pretty heavily on our recent list of crazy expensive handguns you want to own.

The Nighthawk Custom Advanced Armament was built in conjunction with AAC, so it’s tailor-made for a silencer.

Even without that, it’s a double stack 1911 that has been machined from billet aluminum. The barrel is match-grade, the front sight is a fiber optic night sight. The flat face trigger is competition spec and the gun is basically perfect everywhere you look.

This is total gunporn, it really is. The 17+1 capacity mean this double stack 1911 can hang with any modern striker-fired pistol. And it’s a Nighthawk Custom handgun, so it’s just better.

The price is batshit insane. But this is gun that will just be a pleasure to own. And sometimes nice things cost money…

SIg Sauer P226 Tacops for sale. A great full size 9mm pistol that will give you options when it comes to home defense.

12. Sig Sauer P226 Tacops

  • Price: $1,149
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel Length: 5 inch
  • Total Length: 8.8 inch
  • Weight: 2.12lb
  • Capacity: 20+1

The Sig Sauer P226 is one of the all-time legends and our favorite is almost certainly the Sig P226 Legion SAO. The gun needed a 5 inch barrel to make it into this list of the best full sized 9mm pistols, though, so we found a way.

This gun doesn’t need favors to get on the list anyway. It comes with a 20+1 capacity and a DA/SA operation that might actually suit you better.

It’s a beautiful looking gun and the more we look at Sig Sauer’s special editions, the more we see an in-house tuner doing outstanding work that we prefer to the custom Glocks of this world.

The Sig comes with a stainless steel slide that has evolved into the perfect companion. Practised hands can manipulate the slide and even strip this weapon in their sleep.

This is a fully-loaded version as well. It comes with a SIGLITE rear night sight and a full-on Tritium loaded TRUGLO fiber optic front night sight. It gets a Short Reset Trigger, too, which saves 60% of the travel.

This is a seriously good handgun, perfectly balanced and suppressor ready. That thread gave it the length to get into this particular list of the best full size 9mm handguns in the world too. It deserves to be here.

Springfield Armory XDMOD for sale, This full size 9mm handgun is a match for much more expensive hardware, Buy your gun online right now.

13. Springfield Armory XD MOD 2

  • Price: $539.99
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel Length: 5 inch
  • Total Length: 8.3 inch
  • Weight: 1.82lb
  • Capacity: 16+1 Rounds

Springfield Armory makes one of our favorite CCW pistols in the world and the 5” barrel version of the XD MOD.2 is technically the near-perfect firearm.

This striker fired 9mm pistol is accurate, seriously accurate. You get 16+1 rounds if you take the extended mag, and you should, it’s lightweight and it’s pared down and clean. It isn’t quite as monolithic as the Glock, but it is definitely understated and every piece of the form has followed the function.

It’s thin, just over an inch wide at the controls, and the widest part of the gun is the double stack magazine and it tapers in to the black finish stainless steel slide. It’s a modern marvel when it comes to packaging and for me it could easily be the best full size pistol in the world.

It’s slim enough to conceal, those fiber optic night sights up top give a hint at the serious engineering underneath and this might just be the best compromise gun here. It’s definitely a service pistol and it’s really Glock 17 size, but then it has everything you want and it’s seriously accurate.

Let’s just say, that if you don’t own a full-size Springfield Armory 9mm pistol then you’re missing out on life. If you do, you don’t need me to tell you how good it is.

It’s the accuracy that we love about this gun. It will make you a better shot.

The grip safety is a great concept that we would like to see more widely adopted. Trigger safeties are pretty good, especially when you keep your gun in a Kydex holster. But a grip safety adds another layer of protection to the trigger safety and reduces the chances of an accidental discharge to almost zero.

It’s just about a carry handgun, too, if you need to carry concealed. Ideally, you’ll get the sub-compact and this one. They’re a perfect tag team.

ZEV Tech OZ9 for sale. The metal framed Glock we all said we wanted. Buy your gun online now.

14. ZEV Technologies OZ9 Threaded

  • Price: $1,734.99
  • Barrel Length: 4.5 inch
  • Total Length: 7.32 inch
  • Weight: 1.75lb
  • Capacity: 17+1

The same fuzzy logic that got the Sig P226 Tacops into this fight also lets the threaded ZEV Technologies signature gun into this particular fight.

Essentially this is the culmination of all ZEV Tech’s hard work tuning custom Glocks that include the iconic G34 Dragonfly. It’s built around a forged aluminum frame. Yes, this is the all metal Glock we have been waiting for.

The gun shoots like a custom Glock, but better. So yes, of course it’s good. ZEV Technologies have consistently impressed us with their high quality parts. Now they have blown us away with the first custom gun, the ZEV Tech OZ9.

Beretta 92 INOX - a Great full size handgun that is also a style statement. Buy your gun online right now.


15. Beretta 92FS INOX

  • Price: $698
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel  Length: 4.9″
  • Total Length: 8.5″
  • Weight: 2.2lb

Beretta is a hot mess at the moment. The APX has failed to make an impact on the world, the 1911s are a niche choice at best and there are even complaints about build quality in the legendary shotguns.

Beretta has been seriously left behind, but there are always diamonds in the rough. The Beretta 92FS is a classic steel service pistol, with 15+1 rounds, and it’s a great gun.

The US Military even rocked this Italian gun for a while, where it was known as the M9. Bruce Willis had one in Die Hard. It also got a starring role in Lethal Weapon, Terminator and many more iconic films.

In fact, along with the Glock, this sidearm that was standard issue for military and law enforcement around the country has been on the silver screen more than most of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

That means it has been torture tested to death, in the field, by our own military. They are slightly more professional than the average Joe and they have also had to carry concealed enough times for us to know that it can be done.

This really is a legit conceal carry if you need to, although you wouldn’t want to make a habit of it.

It’s still on the approved equipment list for the military, although they are moving over to the Mil-spec version of the Sig Sauer P320.

The Beretta 92FS, though, has set the standard for more than two decades and despite its high price tag, it’s a favored sidearm of law enforcement to this day.

It has a recoil delayed locking block system, which is all part of an elaborate and yet simple design to ensure fast cycling. An open slide design keeps things simple and virtually eradicates stove piping.

You do need to maintain these guns, use the right mags and replace springs etc. It’s not a 1911, but it’s in that ballpark and that means you have to keep it clean and running smooth. Do that and the Beretta 92FS is a great self-defense gun with a solid capacity. You can get 20+1 rounds extended mags for this semi-auto pistol too.

It’s a double stack magazine that narrows to a single stack at the top. It’s a slick system that turns this simple design into one of the best 9mm pistols in the world.

Upgrade the grips with almost any gunbroker. Start shopping for Beretta 92 parts & accessories and you will find a few upgrades that will take the Beretta 92 FS right up there with the best guns here.

S&W M&P 2.0 Full Size for sale. This Flat Dark Earth polymer pistol is a legend for a reason. Buy your Smith and Wesson online now.

16. S&W M&P 2.0 9mm

  • Price: $519.99
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel Length: 5″
  • Total length: 8.3″
  • Weight: 1.68lb
  • Capacity: 17+1 Rounds

This one is on sale, normally the Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 is around $550, but anybody that owns one says they are worth the money.

The Smith & Wesson is easily a match for the Springfield Armory, or even the Sig, if the M&P fits your particular hand like a glove. It’s a little plasticy to look at and we wish the finish was a little more advanced. But this is one of the best guns for concealed carry on this list thanks to a lightweight polymer frame and low profile dot sights.

On a functional level, the Smith & Wesson is as good as the best 9mm pistols in the world. Guns are an aesthetic and emotional thing, too, though, and this semi-auto pistol does lose out with a B-grade finish.

The Smith & Wesson is supremely accurate, it’s reliable and the second generation has a trigger set that makes the first one look just weak. It’s like an aftermarket trigger on a Glock now. Really, the Smith & Wesson is that good.

The stippling is perfect, there’s an accessory rail down below and this gun feels great in your hand if you can ignore the look. At this price, it makes a seriously good case for itself. Even at $550, it’s a contender you should not ignore.

Agency Arms NOC for sale - a custom handgun with a compensator from the custom Glock specialists

17. Agency Arms NOC Pistol

  • Price: $3,000
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel Length: 5 inch inc Compensator
  • Total length: 7.3 inch
  • Weight: 1.7lb
  • Capacity: 15+1

Agency Arms have basically taken the Glock 17 and 19 and refined the hell out of them to create a completely new handgun they can charge $3,000 for.

Technically it’s a 4 inch barrel and the Glock 34 with the John Wick Combat Master Package might actually make more sense.

But the compensator does take the slide length to 5 inches and this is a high-tech, high-cost alternative to the other semi-auto handguns here. We like it, although we’re not sure we like it at $3000.

This is a Lone Wolf Distributors frame and they will sell you Glock tuning parts direct for much less money. It’s a cost-effective way to finish a DIY Glock build now we think about it, although you could end up with a full-on Gucci Glock if you’re not careful.

You can also buy Agency Arms parts direct and do the hard work yourself, but your gun will never quite be an Agency Arms NOC.

There’s a hell of a lot of R&D and this is basically the Glock taken to the absolute limit.

That means it’s almost certainly one of the best shooting guns in the world. Is it worth the money? We think that custom Sig X-FIVE looks like better value to be honest.


The FIME Group ReX Alpha for sale. A great 9mm handgun with precision engineering.

18. FIME Group ReX Alpha

  • Price: $999.99
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel Length: 5 inch
  • Total Length: 8.9 inch
  • Weight: 2.43lb
  • Capacity: 17+1 Rounds

It might look like a sci-fi movie gun, but the ReX Alpha is absolutely real and it’s slowly coming here.

Things have clearly stalled. All the ReX handguns are on sale at Brownells. That means you can pick up a bargain, but it also probably means there are issues behind the scenes. We hope they work the out, because these are good handguns.

The Slovenian company made waves with the ReX Zero 1S, but this semi-auto is the next step. The old gun was like a next level Beretta 92, or an all-metal Glock Plus. Now we’ve got what looks like the ultimate handgun, for a certain type of buyer.

At first glance, it looks expensive. But the level of engineering that goes into these Slovenian handguns is mind-blowing. It’s a custom gun, plain and simple.

If this craftsmanship was happening on these shores, you’d expect to pay more. This is a designer handgun at an affordable price.

Both the frame and slide are machined from steel barstock and then given Nitrocarburized. It’s a variation of the Nitride coating you normally see on high-end AR-15s and the elite 1911s. At this price, it’s impressive.

The ReX Alpha offers the Single Action Only or DA/SA approach. So you can carry cocked and locked, or use the longer trigger pull of the double action to set yourself up for the single action follow-ups.

It’s a service pistol, rather than a beauty queen, but the ReX Alpha is an awesome looking thing because it’s so utterly function over form.

This Slovenian 9mm is fully-loaded in more ways than one. This is so utterly above and beyond almost any other gun out there in terms of the materials and the construction that it’s hard to tell you how much of a bargain it really is.

It’s really a custom gun that could have come with a Nighthawk style price tag. The details are that good. All the little jobs you would want to do to your new pistol are kind of done and the parts are largely ISO certified and machined from billet.

There’s a fiber-optic night sight on the front and a rear sight that’s adjustable for windage and elevation, which is a bit fancy. You get a full length slide and a locking block insert to make sure it feels tight every time you pull the trigger.

This is really a metal custom Glock, with all the parts and then some. It’s kind of a Swiss watch version of an Agency Arms, made in metal and made in Slovenia…

Colt Combat Unit Rail 1911 in 9mm for sale. Buy your gun online today at our unbeatable price.



19. Colt Combat Unit Rail 1911 9mm

  • Price: $1,520.00
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel Length: 5″
  • Total Length: 8.5″
  • Weight: 2.42lb
  • Capacity: 9+1

The Colt Combat Unit Rail 9mm will not be the cheapest gun you own. It won’t be the most practical and yet you will still love it.

There’s just something about a full-size Colt pistol, even with a ‘smaller’ caliber like 9mm. It feels right in the hand, the action feels like real, old world engineering like your dad told you about and it feels like it will run fault-free for 100 years. It also comes with a manual safety and the single action means you have to carry it cocked and locked.

That’s why some people refuse to make the switch to a modern, plastic, semi-auto pistol, and even those that have hold a special place in their heart for the steel 1911 beauties of days gone by.

The Colt 1911 is a great pistol that will serve you well. It’s just not quite as flexible as the modern alternatives.

Ruger SR1911 Target - 5 inch barrel

20. Ruger SR1911 Target

  • Price: $893.99
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel Length: 5 inch
  • Total length: 8.67 inch
  • Weight: 2.61lb
  • Capacity: 9+1 Rounds

Not everybody wants a plastic fantastic. 1911s do take more work, hold less rounds and they really are technically inferior to modern guns. But some people don’t care about that. For them, nothing else feels like a 1911 and that’s enough to put up with its shortcomings.

9mm is a compact round, especially as most 1911s were conceived with 45 ACP in mind. So, even in a classic 1911, the Ruger can manage 9+1 rounds and extended mags are an option. It’s a single stack magazine, there’s no witchcraft here, but the magazine capacity goes up thanks to the relatively slimline 9mm bullets.

So the magazine capacity isn’t that far behind and if you’re the kind of person who wants a 1911, then the Ruger is a great example and owners tend to love theirs. Check the online gun reviews and you’ll find a lot of love for this gun just about everywhere. It has become an institution, in almost every caliber.

The 10mm version and 45 ACP of this single action 1911 undoubtedly come with a bigger kick, but the 9mm is a manageable gun that squashes the recoil. Capacity is still limited compared to the best handguns here, but that goes with the territory.

This can never really be the best 9mm pistol again, because it has been overtaken by modern technology. But some people simply won’t carry anything else. If it makes you happy, more power to you.

Canik TP9 SFX, an awesome 9mm handgun

21. Canik TP-9 SFX

  • Price: $494.90
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel Length: 5.2″
  • Total Length: 8.27″
  • Weight: 1.83lb
  • Capacity: 20 + 1 Rounds

We could show you the stock Canik TP-9, but all that really brings to the table is a low-budget price tag.

So, if you just want a discount 9mm handgun, then take a look here at a list of Canik and CZ firearms that you might not have considered.

The Canik TP-9 SFX, though, is a different animal. It’s a competitive target shooters 9mm and that means it’s perfectly equipped for home defense and it’s a service pistol plus. This is the best of Canik and CZ, which are technically both over here but CZ is the much more famous brand.

Canik is pretty much a tuninghouse, a CZ skunkwor, like AMG at Mercedes and the Motorsport Division at BMW. Canik’s top end guns pack a Hell of a lot of value into a competitive package and this semi-auto handgun is absolutely no different.

So far, Canik has relied on the cut price TP-9 to fly the flag for the Turkish manufacturer that is tied in with Century Arms. But the Canik TP9-SFX is a step in the right direction, a step upmarket. This is a semi-auto that sells on quality, not price. Although it is still a bargain…

There are comparisons with the car industry. The likes of Hyundai and Kia started out making pure budget crap for the masses, but they slowly got pretty good. Canik is making some of the same signs and we hope they produce more semi-auto firearms like this one.

In some ways it looks like a budget Agency Arms Glock, done for you and color coded in advance. The slide is ported, the stippling is stunning and the whole gun has an air of quality about it. Check out the fiber optic night sights and tell me they look like cheap handgun shit.

Have a look at these $2000 custom Glocks and see if you can see the similarity. I can, and I can also see a great gun with pretty much all the performance parts on it for less than the price of a bog-standard Glock 17.

The trigger is perfect, the felt recoil is reduced, this gun is an absolute tack driver at the range and it comes ready for an optic.

Put an RMR up there and you really do have the ultimate competition handgun. Ergonomically, the Canik TP-9 SFX is beyond excellent, it’s reliable and this is a gun that you have to really shoot to appreciate.

It shoots flat, with minimal recoil, you get a vast amount of rounds and this is a handgun that competition shooters can rely on. That means it’s a great home defense gun as well.

CZ 75 B - A great double stack 1911 evolution that you can buy right now. Get the Eastern European master, cheap.

21. CZ 75 B

  • Price: $589.00
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel Length: 4.6″
  • Total Length: 8.1″
  • Weight: 2.2lb
  • Capacity: 16+1

We know we already did the CZ Shadow, but that’s expensive. This is a cheap semi-auto 9mm Luger.

The CZ 75 B is a break from the polymer frame, striker-fired routine. This really is a grown up metal handgun with a proper hammer fired action and everything.

It isn’t a 1911, officially, for the gun historians among you. I know that. It’s a fresh design, but it clearly takes a lot from the classic 1911 and then takes it towards the design ethos of the modern striker-fired 9mm pistols.

This isn’t just one of the best 9mm pistols right now, it’s one of the best handguns on the market.

It’s a steel-frame semi-auto with a double-stack magazine, which means it can mix it with the best plastic pistols here in terms of magazine capacity. You get a 16+1 round set-up that weighs in at 2.2lb. Yes, its heavy, but it’s a metal gun, and that’s a big deal for some people.

You can see the tell-tale hammer, ambidextrous thumb safety and single blade trigger, the CZ 75 B has the high beavertail from the 1911. Apart from that, though, it looks like CZ took a lot of design cues from Glock. That is to say this is a very understated gun and that means it’s relatively snag-free. It wouldn’t be the easiest concealed carry, but it would be possible.

This was a fresh design, a totally new 9mm pistol that built on the success off the 1911 and yet offered the magazine capacity of a modern-day polymer pistol. It turned into one of the most popular 9mm pistols and one of the best guns of all time.

The double action trigger pull is a little long, although it is soft as butter, but you can cock the hammer and the single action is the stuff of legend. So, to get the most out of this military 9mm gun, you need to shift your shooting style a little.

Getting the most out of this gun is an artforrm and it will put  smile on your face for that reason alone.

Get The Basic Finish And Use Your CZ 75 B

The black finish suits it best and this gun is a worker, rather than a safe queen. If you open carry then this could be ideal and it’s a highly sought after gun by those that know what they’e looking for.

You can get far more ornate special editions and custom CZ 75 B handguns. It is a classic design that is still in active service with military and law enforcement units all over the world.

It is apparently the most copied pistol of all time, as the patent protection only applied in its homeland. Now Italian and Turkish and 18 other countries have their own version of one of the world’s best 9mm pistols of all time.

Imitation is the best form of flattery, but it’s telling that the other manufacturers still can’t quite match the authentic 75 B. it has evolved over a quarter of a century, and somehow it has always kept ahead of the clone pack.

The basic gun is awesome, but if you want to spend a little more then you can always get the CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical, which is a serious monster of a weapon.

CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical Pistol Review

The gun has been with us since 1975, but it has constantly evolved along the way. It’s still a rough and ready gun with a baked on polymer coat, it’s heavy in the hand and yet this hammer fired special is one of the softest 9mm you’ll ever shoot. It has a famously smooth trigger action.

It’s something about the weight, and the recoil system, which means this is a great 9mm for novice shooters. The only reason it’s not number one in this challenge is that it will take more maintenance than a Glock or Sig Sauer. Feature wise, though, this gun is arguably the best handgun in the world. No joke, it’s right up there.

The double-stack mag is a common feature on the best CCW handguns in the world that need to maximise space. It’s a rarity in a steel handgun, though. The slides also ride inside the rails, which is better for accuracy and tolerances. It has a manual thumb safety and you can opt for expensive 26-round magazines if you want to go nuts.

The CZ might be Eastern European, but we’re over that now. The company produces some of our favorite guns and the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 is a thing of beauty. This, though, is a simple 1911 in Rock Island Armory territory price wise that could well become one of your most loyal sidekicks. It’s a real shooting pistol.

It’s 1911 2.0 and a fantastic full-sized pistol that should never let you down. Reliability, accuracy and performance are out of this world with the CZ 75 B. If you don’t own one, you should.

What About HK?

We thought we’d include a Heckler & Koch semi auto pistol, too, but that has proved difficult. The HK VP9 is a compact handgun and even the tactical version has a barrel less than 4.5 inches. The HK VP9 isn’t quite in this weight class and will have to wait for another day.

We could have included a HK P30L with a compensator, but you have to be John Wick to carry that look off…

When it comes to the price of the HK VP9, I struggle with it anyway. It’s a great handgun, but it doesn’t do anything that a Sig Sauer P320 doesn’t do for much less money.

We love some Heckler & Koch firearms, of course we do.

The HK SP5K is one of the greatest firearms of all time and the company has produced some stellar rifles over the years. We loved some of the handguns, too, but this last generation has just left us cold. Maybe the competition has closed the gap. Maybe a basic polymer frame handgun really isn’t that hard. Whatever the case, HK struggles to justify its price premium in this class.

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