Individual States Block 3D Printed Gun

A series of individual States have launched legal action against the 3D printed gun after a Federal court cleared Defense Distributed’s plan to distribute 3D printing plans for a series of guns.

Washington State, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, District of Colombia and Oregon have joined forces to sue the Trump administration for allowing this to happen. Part of the legal action is a temporary injunction, which has been granted.

So despite winning a landmark decision in the Federal courts, Defense Distributed must now go to war with the individual States. I have to be honest, this feels like the beginning of the end for this one.

Is This A Legal Dead End?

Defense Distributed won the Federal case on Freedom of Speech grounds, and we applauded them. We were surprised, but pleased. If the individual states can turn this into a war of attrition, though, and can simply create more paperwork every time they lose, then it’s hard to see how the little guy can win this one in the end.

“Our Congress has carefully crafted laws to protect us and, in one moment, without any consultation with experts, the administration undoes it,” Washington state’s Ferguson said.

The Federal Court’s decision to reach a settlement with Texas-based Defense Distributed and allow the distribution of the plans inevitably violates Federal law, according to the individual States that have launched the action.

Does Federal Govt Need To Regulate Arms?

The Federal government’s right to regulate arms ownership is inherently compromised by this new technology and simply cannot be allowed, is the argument.

It’s going to head back to court, and then maybe back to court again, and we wonder if Defense Distributed will ever be allowed out of this loop. With any luck, Defense Distributed has some backers with exceptionally deep pockets and smart lawyers, or this might be as far as the story goes.


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