Good Guy With a Gun Stops Florida Mass Shooting

A good guy with a CCW stopped a mass shooting in Florida

Good Guy With A Gun in Florida

An armed man has prevented a mass shooting in Titusville’s ‘Peace in the City’ event to promote unity between the local Florida children.

Yep, let all that sink in for a moment.

At an event to celebrate peace and unity, an anti-violence back to school event, a shooter opened fire on the crowd. But a man with a CCW weapon returned fire and the only one with life-threatening injuries was the shooter themselves.

We have long said it. The genie is out the bottle in terms of gun control in America and the only solution now is to have the right kind of people, the good guys, carrying guns so that they can get the bad guys if the cops aren’t on the scene.

In Titusville, things could have gone so much worse. There were 150 kids in attendance and the gunman fired indiscriminately into the crowd. Miraculously, despite approximately a dozen shots being fired in total, the would-be mass shooter failed to hit a single person.

The CCW permit holder obviously kept his cool and did what had to be done, because he didn’t miss. The shooter was taken to the local hospital and will now have to explain his actions to local Law Enforcement Officers.

So, if you’re on the fence and your state allows it, then maybe it’s time to get a CCW handgun. It could save your life, and someone else’s.

You might need to check your state’s gun laws, which are an absolute minefield these days. But if you can carry a CCW, then you should really look into getting your concealed carry permit.

If the rules tighten up then it’s a lot easier to maintain a license and keep your gun than apply for a new one and then buy a weapon. We’re heading towards tougher gun control laws, but at the same time the world is turning into a more violent place.

So, if you don’t have a CCW, then it’s time to get one.

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