The Baby Desert Eagle Is An Epic CCW

Desert Eagle 1911 CCW

Price: $889.99

The Desert Eagle is an icon, but it just isn’t practical for, well, anything. It’s not really a hunter’s handgun and it turns into a novelty at the range that requires a strip and a clean way too often. But this, this is a different kind of Desert Eagle for sale.


Magnum Research has taken some of the design cues of the iconic gun that has settled more gunfights in the movies than real life, and put them in a package you can use. It’s a 45 ACP CCW with a 3-inch barrel. The pronounced beavertail and grip safety sit neatly in your hand and will put Glock slide bite firmly in the past.


It’s a 1911 that has been shrunk just enough to make it a stylish EDC. It’s 6.85 inches long, so sort of Glock 19 length, but you can forgive the size because it sits so nicely in the hand. It also looks a million bucks and if you like to carry a designer gun to match the watch on your wrist, this will do the job perfectly,


You only get six rounds, which is a limitation, but that’s normally enough for most self-defense situations and this mini 1911 trades capacity for the pure stopping power of the larger 45 ACP round.


It’s up to you how you feel about this. Personally I prefer the higher capacity of the Springfield Armory XDMOD2 and the Sig Sauer P365 Nitron. But if you don’t mind the lower capacity and you’re not prepared to trust your life to 9mm bullets, then this is a solid option.


It’s expensive, it has to be said. But then you can see the craftsmanship in this gun at every turn and it’s one of those that you’ll end up showing to a lot of people. It’s an ornate, good looking gun and I think I could justify it on those grounds alone.


There’s another option too.


The Baby Desert Eagle that’s on 1800GunsandAmmo right now is dream of a gun to look at. In fact, we’re going to be honest, it’s better than the little 1911. That’s because you get more Desert Eagle styling, albeit in a polymer gun. You also get 10 rounds, and it’s a 40S&W, which is a fair amount of stopping power.


This is yet another kind and it might be the best Desert Eagle for sale.


Have a look for yourself….


Baby Desert Eagle 40S&W

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