The Guns of Mission Impossible: Fallout

The guns of Mission Impossible: Fallout

The Guns of Mission Impossible: Fallout

I will say that Ethan Hunt never quite captured the imagination like a Jason Bourne or a John Wick, but the Mission Impossible franchise does have some wicked bad guns. On a pure firearms front, Mission Impossible pretty much hands every other film on the market its ass.

Here are some of the best guns in Mission Impossible: Fallout

Sig P226 Legion

1. Sig Sauer P226

  • Price: $1,203.99

Ethan Hunt’s chosen sidearm is this next generation 1911 that comes with a 15+1 capacity. It’s hammer-fired, but it comes with Glock-style capacity.

It’s a seriously classy gun that has sat on the hip of military men for years. It’s essentially a development of the classic Browning locked breech, short recoil approach to pistol design. It’s also a design classic and arguably one of the finest guns on the open market.

This is pure elegance, although it does weigh in at 2.13lb and that is significant in an age of plastic fantastics. It’s a collector’s gun, though, as well as a battle proven service pistol, and it’s one that will probably stay with you for the rest of your life.

FN M249S - Heavy artillery at home

2. FN Minimi Para

  • Price: $7,999

The man of steel, or Henry Cavill if we don’t want to typecast the fella, takes the helm of a full-on military FN MINIMI, a belt-fed assault rifle that really does need to be mounted.

CIA Agent August Walker lets rip with the full military spec gun. You can’t buy those without some serious red tape.

The civilian version of this heavy military artillery is the FN M249S. It’s chambered for AR-15 5.56×45 NATO ammunition. The barrel is 20.5”, the gun weighs in at 17lb and it’s an absolute beast of a military weapon. If you’re the type that needs to lay down cover fire, then this is the gun you’d want.

Is it one of the best guns for sale? It’s certainly one of the most vicious and if SHTF, you would be happy to have it on your team.

HK SP5K - The ultimate civilian SMG?

3. Heckler & Koch MP5

  • Price: $2,599

The CIA Special Activities Division come armed with the best that Germany has to offer. For some reason these just aren’t out there for sale on the open market and you’ll either have to check or other private sales.

Why? I don’t know, but it has been this way for a while. Online sales of the civilian version of the classic MP5, the H&K SP5K, are hard to come by and you might just need to go ask at an official dealer. They may be able to hook you up.

If they can, then this is an awesome little 9mm SMG-style semi-automatic pistol. SWAT teams around the world. That’s no accident, this compact 9mm carbine has a fearsome reputation for reliability, accuracy and it comes with a modular design that means it can accommodate any number of layouts.

It is arguably one of the greatest military weapons of all time and if you can get one, you’ll love it.

Colt M4 Rifle for sale

4. Colt M4 AR-15
Price: $934.99

The CIA Special Activities Division uses the full Mil-spec Colt M4 with selective fire, which you’re not really allowed to have without a whole heap of paperwork. So, this is probably the version you want.

It’s the classic military rifle, with the traditional handguard and heatshield in polymer, with a collapsible MAGPUL buttstock. You get flip-up iron sights, but you can doll your gun up like a whore’s bedroom, as they did in the film, with tactical lights, an RMR or even a full scope.

You get AR-15 ammunition, a 30+1 capacity and a solid, direct impingement action. It’s a classic design that has evolved and percolated over decades and it’s basically the default option for fighting forces all round the world.

Law enforcement officers trust this gun with their lives in the field each and every day too. It’s that good.

IWI Jericho 941 For Sale

5. Jericho 941 Compact

  • Price: $563.99

This Israeli firearm comes from the same team that make the almighty Tavor TS-12 shotgun, the Uzi and the Galil Ace that has become a staple firearm for the Israeli and other military operations.

The IWI 941 is effectively a 1911 with a double stack magazine and a whole host of design cues taken from the modern breed of striker-fired pistols.

It’s still hammer-fired, it still has a proper safety and it’s still a 2.3lb hunk of steel. But if you go for 9mm then you can get 16+1 rounds and there’s no doubt this is a 1911 2.0.

Several agents use this sidearm in Mission Impossible – Fallout, including Hunt himself. It’s a great gun, essentially built around the same action as the CZ 75 B, with different packaging. It’s in the same price range, so it comes down to personal choice.

I would go with the CZ 75, but that’s just me.

HK USP Compact for sale

6. H&K USP Compact

  • Price: $949.99

Ethan Hunt plays for big stakes and doesn’t need to worry about value for money when it comes to his handguns. That’s good, because the H&K USP Compact 9mm is plain overpriced.

Tom Cruise with HK USP in Mission impossible Fallout

It’s a solid 9mm CCW, a shrunken version of the USP, but it isn’t a near $1000 handgun. Rarity must come into it, because the H&K VP9SK is way cheaper, and a way better handgun.

Why they went for this one? I don’t know, I’d have packed the compact VP9. It holds more bullets, it’s just better all round if I am honest. The production team might have dropped the ball on this one, and chosen the wrong gun.

Beretta PM12 Sub Machine Gun

7 Beretta PM12

  • Price: $7,000

This Italian sub machine gun turns out in the hands of the White Widow, her team and the French police. It’s often called the Italian Uzi and this 9mm has been with us in some form or another since 1953.

It’s an odd looking gun, there’s no getting round that fact. It’s ungainly, ugly even, but it spits out 9mm with pure venom. It has a telescoping bolt, much like the Uzis of the era. That’s what allowed designers to shorten sub machine guns so dramatically.

The Carabinieri, the Italian military police, still use this sub machine gun to this day. It hasn’t taken off round the world, but it did make it into the guns of Mission Impossible – Fallout.

There are about 20 guns I would recommend you buy before this one if you’re looking for a 9mm carbine, even taking price out of the equation. A Sig Sauer MCX or even a CZ Scorpion Evo 3 are much better bets.

AKS-74U For Sale

8. AKS-74SU
Price: $600-$650

The AKS is the fully automatic version of the modern day AK-47. This Russian beauty finds its way in to the hands of the White Widow operatives and it is still a work of art.

It’s an AR pistol that would leave an actual AR-15 crying and cowering in the shower. And the best part is that you can get a rough approximation of this gun really, really cheap.

How? Basically, buy an off-the-peg shoulder brace and this gun is our old favorite: the Draco Gun. Seriously, add the stock to this Century Arms special and maybe upgrade the furniture and I challenge you to tell them apart from a distance.

That is a genuine AKS above, and this is a modern day, off the shelf Draco Gun you can buy right here and now.

Buy a Draco Gun Online Here

You can’t buy the full bore Russian military gear without a lot of hassle and waiting. You can buy a Draco Gun online right now. Add any AK-47 brace to this and you’ve got a facsimile of an old-school service AK-47 SBR without any of the problems.

We have waxed lyrical about the Draco Gun before and you can read more about it at that link.

8. M136 AT4 Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher

  • Price: $5,000+

This is pretty much the classic anti-tank RPG that has been on the US military’s team since the 1980s. Again, you’ll struggle to buy a fully functional unit, although there are plenty of movie props and decommissioned weapons out there.

A real one is tricky, but they’re apparently out there.

This was a joint effort between Saab in Sweden and ATK in the USA. There’s basically no recoil, even though its a 40mm grenade launcher and it is accurate at distances of up to 500m.


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