Where to Buy a Colt M4 Carbine Rifle – 2024

Colt M4 Carbine, the legendary Colt LE6920 semi auto rifle. Buy yours online here for $1,599 and get one of the last box fresh guns out there.

Colt CR6920 For Sale

  • Price: $981.99
  • Barrel Length: 16.1 inch Barrel
  • Action: Semi Automatic Rifle
  • Weight: 6.9lb

Colt has pulled out of the civilian AR-15 market, leaving a gaping hole. We are still getting hits from nostalgic folks, or just fans of good, basic engineering, who want a sort of original Colt M4 Carbine rifle.

Nowadays that means the LE6920 Law Enforcement M4 Carbine or its successor, the Colt CR6920, although there are variants out there that you might want to consider.

Try here to see the full range.

Where to Buy a Colt M4 Carbine?

This is going to be an increasingly tough question to answer. Eventually official dealers should run out of the world’s most popular AR-15 for about 50 years. But there’s no sign of it just yet.

So you’re looking at small independents, outlets that come across a box-fresh Colt Modern Sporting Rifle. That’s going to happen less and less. So the only way we can keep this post relevant is with live links to searches in the likely places.

Don’t say we don’t look after you…

Here are the online gun stores when you have a chance of finding these hugely popular guns in the foreseeable future, both new and used with certified new arrivals.

They include the CR6920 and LE6920, and various Law Enforcement special editions and enhanced Colt rifles with a different spec. You might even spot a Retro Carbine.

Genuine Colt AR-15 Prices on the Increase

Prices are largely going up as the original Colt M4 becomes a collectors’ gun, a vintage firearm, however you want to say it.

Remember this is really a $1000 AR-15. Check our best AR-15s under $1000 post here for some inspiration and see if it really is all that important to have Colt AR-15 rifles by your side. It occasionally creeps into our best AR15s for $2000 too.

Colt M4 Carbine OEM2. A naked rifle kit that you can build yourself. Just add furniture and hit the range.

Naked Rifle Kits Are Still a Thing

Gun enthusiasts often build out partial kits to create their own particular take on the classic Colt AR15 rifle. It’s almost a sport and that’s why we have the naked rifle, the Colt OEM2.

For a long time the Aero Precision naked rifle kit was the one to get, but that has fallen off and now we’ve got this official version that looks almost the same.

Most of us have MAGPUL MOE furniture lying around, or at least a simple matte black synthetic 6 position collapsible stock. Most of us have the basic black synthetic shiz for an AR15. If you don’t we can help you here with exclusive deals when you order online.

What Are the Best Colt M4 Clones?

Would a facsimile do? In which case, you could just buy an Aero Precision M4. Or a Brownells Retro Rifle with the full carry handle and bulbous handguard of the Vietnam War era weapons? Like the originals, they have now gone out of production, but there’s always new arrivals of varying quality.

The truth is there are other companies making better Colt AR-15s than Colt ever did themselves, for less money. It’s easy to buy a gun online these days and have a Colt AR15 in your hands within 48 hours.

If you want to see the competition, too, including the likes of Patriot Ordnance Factory and Springfield Armory, then check out our list of the best $1000 AR-15s for sale here. Do that before you buy guns.

Truthfully, this gun can be so expensive you should look at the best AR-15s under $2000 instead and then you’ll see some truly tempting alternatives.

SAS And Navy SEALs Use Colt M4 Rifle

The British SAS, Navy SEALs and most of the US military have used this reliable workhorse of a weapon from Colt Mfg since it replaced the iconic M16. Armed forces around the world, too.

That’s part of the appeal of an original Colt AR-15.

Now the armed forces mostly use a shorter barrel length, and that small full auto thing. And you can buy a Colt AR15 with a short chrome lined barrel, too, and a longer one if you want a Designated Marksman Rifle or Colt based sniper rifle.

Here are a few special editions that you can and should own.

Special Edition Carbine Colt Rifles

Colt Retro Carbine, a tribute to the classic special forces SBR, with a welded and pinned muzzle device that makes it a nice and legal rifle.

1. Colt Retro Carbine

  • Price: $3,556.00

The Colt Retro Carbine is a tribute to the original 1960s short barrel rifles that elite fighting forces took into action.

Now the price tag is insane, it’s difficult to really say otherwise. But the rifle is cool enough and limited enough to sell at more than 4K. The short barrel comes with an extended flash hider that is a modern homage to the old world moderator.

,It comes with roll marks and the original vinyl coated aluminum buttstock. Beneath the flashy visuals, though, it’s a fully functional Colt from the modern day. Anybody who dealt with one of the original rifles will confirm.

Now the Colt Retro Carbine is seriously expensive, but it is a piece of history. There won’t be any more and that means the Colt Retro Carbine sells for $3000-$4,500, depending on market conditions.

Check your local gun laws, though, obviously, before ordering a gun for delivery to your local FFL dealer.

Colt Match Competition HBAR rifle

2. Colt Match Carbine Competition HBAR

  • Price: $1000-1500 (Used)

The Colt Match Target is the sniper rifle and target shooter version of the colt M16.

It is still popular, a well maintained one will be a joy to shoot and you can get a well-loved rifle for less than $1,500. The Colt Match Target is a beast of a range toy, especially with the A2 buttstock.

Colt M4 Carbine Law Enforcement

Cost Effective And Reliable Rifle

Now let’s not get carried away with the military thing. That doesn’t automatically make this the best firearm in the world. Bulk buying like that means that cost is an important part of the equation. But the fact that so many fighting forces opted for the Colt M4, and the M16 before it, speaks volumes.

For the military, it has to be simple and get the basics right. So you can be pretty sure your Colt AR-15 will fire straight and true, every time, and it will take a real beating out in the field.

It’s a gun you can rely on for target shooting, run and gun, whatever you want to do with your AR15. From the upper receiver to the front site is one long Mil-Spec rail, so you can go for the tactical assault weapon add-ons or long-range scopes.

Simple Straightforward Colt AR-15

This is a good, honest gun with a 20+1 capacity with the supplied mag, but you can switch that out for a 30-round magazine.

If you’re a collector, then you need to have the military’s weapon of choice. If you just want one rifle you can rely on when there’s a noise downstairs, then you could do a lot worse than this matte black semi-auto rifle!

Colt M4 Carbine LE6920

  • Price: $1000+
  • Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO
  • Capacity: 20+1 rounds
  • Barrel: 16.1 inch
  • Action: Semi-automatic rifle
  • Overall length: 32-35 inches (6 position collapsible stock)
  • Weight: 6.44lb

Colt CR6920 rifles are still available. If you know where to look. Buy yours here.

Colt Still For Sale

The matte black Colt CR6920 was the latest design released in 2020 and sold almost nowhere for very long. Supply chain problems with Covid, then other things, meant we only really saw a trickle of these matte black rifles before Colt pulled the plug on the official supply.

This semi-auto rifle is still freely available now, though, which is ironic in its own way. You can pick a Law Enforcement M4 Carbine off the shelf, and the CR920. Colts are pretty easy to locate at the moment and you can choose a model with flip up Magpul MBUs, or not.

At some point that should change, logically speaking. But it has been a long time since the withdrawal from the market was announced. And it’s almost never been easier to find them.

Where to buy bulk ammunition cheap online

Where To Buy Cheap 5.56mm Ammunition

Colt AR-15 ammunition, any AR15 ammunition really, can get quite pricey, but then that’s just the way it is. At least 5.56x45mm NATO is mass produced to the extent that it is one of the cheaper rifle ammunition offerings and is combat proven.

You can get basic 5.56 NATO for about 50c a round, but you can easily pay more than $1 a round for high quality match grade ammo. That’s peak 5.56x45mm NATO engineering.

55gr Winchester is pricey, but you can get much cheaper deals below. If it’s primarily a home defense weapon then pay the extra and get the higher quality ammo. Train with the ammo you will  shoot. Your life might literally depend on it.

If you’re scouting round for ammo in the aftermath of Coronavirus, a Zombie apocalypse or some other extinction event, then try these links for exclusive deals on personal defense ammo. Order online now.

Where to Buy a Used Colt AR-15

You can buy a real combat proven ex Law enforcement carbine or military tactical carbine rifle, if you’re brave, and refurb it with new parts. Always buy certified used guns, obviously. Upgrade as you go and learn with a solid base.

Or you can buy somebody else’s semi-auto rifle, complete with custom parts or Magpul MBUs and other shooting accessories. Or sell your gun. It’s all pretty easy here.

Get ex law enforcement carbine rifles, and special editions of this tactical carbine rifle you just can’t buy new anymore.

What Else We Got For You?

Colt’s manufacturing company firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers and more are dotted all over this site. That’s because they’re part of American folklore, both military and civilian.

Colt pistols and rifles changed wars and the course of history. Prove me wrong.

Colt 1911 Competition for sale

Buy a Colt 1911

We still love the best 1911 pistols from Colt’s Manufacturing LLC and you can see just a few of them here. They include the Colt Mfg Series 80 and Series 70 pistols, with the 5 inch barrel Government model, the 4 inch barrel Commander and the 3 inch barrel Officer size.

You can get a Colt MFG 1911 in 45 ACP auto, 9mm Luger or 10mm. Or 380 ACP now we think about it. But 45 ACP and 9mm Luger are our favorites with the 5″ barrel.

Hunting Gear, Parts & Accessories Shop

If you want knives, tools, hunting gear and more, we can probably help. I mean we ‘re better with rifles accessories, AR parts, holsters, upper receiver, and that kind of stuff. But we’ll do our best with cleaning supplies too.

We generally point people to two parts & accessories shop options. They are:

For full privacy policy terms & conditions, contact us at the main email address, contact customer service, who will do their best. You want a returns policy, shipping terms and conditions? A site map? Really? I mean customer service is just us, trying our best.

We don’t do gift cards yet either, so I guess don’t ask about gift cards.


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