Best Biometric Gun Safes – 2024

The best biolmetric gun safes have come a long way in recent times.

Now they’re reliable, and you and your loved ones can be sure that your thumbprint will work when you really need it to.

What was once a janky novelty is now a real option for your home, but you need to know how to separate the quality gear from the hot garbage.

So what the best biometric gun safes in 2024?

1. Vaultek Safe NMXi

  • Price: $595.99

Overall Winner

The large-capacity Vaultek NMXi doesn’t just let you and your loved ones get keyless access to your guns when you really need them.

It comes with an app that will send you an alert any time your safe opens. So you can monitor your gun safe from anywhere in the world.

BARSKA Pistol vault, a great biometric safe for fast access to a handgun.

2. BARSKA Biometric Pistol Vault

Price: $257.99

Rapid access to a gun under your desk is always a good idea. But it’s at that level where prying eyes are likely to spot it and it’s good to know your gun is properly secured.

When you need it, it’s just a thumbprint away. Nudge the sensor and the hinged door pops open, presenting your weapon.

Keep the safety off and you’ll be ready to rock in about the fastest time possible.

We should add this isn’t really a burglar proof safe. It’s kind of a sport breaking into them on Youtube. But it will keep your gun safe from kids and casual snoopers, while providing a rapid response when needed.

Of course you can find less complex versions, with keypad access.

Vaultek rifle safe with biometric lock. Fast access to a small arsenal of weapons in your bedroom, study or garage.

3. Vaultek RS500i

  • Price: $1,489.99

This rifle safe can fit into almost any recess in a bedroom, study, office, just about anywhere.

You can have an arsenal in your hand before you even get to your main gun safe. In fact this will be enough for most households and it can slot inside a big cupboard.


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