B&T KH9: Swiss Minimalist Perfection


Price: $1799 (On Sale!)

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This is a lesson in minimalism from the established masters in Switzerland and Brownells has chopped hundreds of pounds off the asking price, so now is the time to buy!


This gun was more than $2250 when it launched. So now, it’s a proper bargain.


It’s a tiny, elegant and deadly 9mm semi-automatic and is essentially the civilian version of the favored weapon of the Swiss Army and Italian special forces.


A Civilian Version Of Swiss Army Sub-Machine Gun


That’s the SITES Spectre M4, the fully automatic weapon that could, theoretically, go to war.


You get the Apple of the handheld pistols as a payoff. It’s really that pretty a gun.


It weighs just over 5lb, you get two 30-round magazines with it and, well just take a moment to look at it. It’s 13  inches long, in total, and the barrel is 6.2  inches.


It’s rare to see a gun that looks fragile. It isn’t, but the B&T KH9 is such a slender weapon that it makes the rest of the them look fat and dumpy.


Over Engineered Like A Swiss Watch


The Swiss are famous for their watches and you get the same obsessional over-engineering at every stage in this gun too. It’s just a Swiss hallmark.


It is smaller than you can actually imagine at first sight and nestles into your shoulder with a folding stock. Without it, you really could fire this gun with one hand.


Aside from that every detail is perfect, every surface flush and every screw should stand the test of time.


It’s also a seriously limited edition and yours would be one of 400 imported into the States.


Some people like the bragging rights. Others will know they own a precision and handbuilt weapon that is better than almost anything on the market right now.


Cheaper Than HK, Pricier Than Sig Sauer


It comes with a premium price tag, but it compares more than favorably with the HK SP5K. Sig Sauer’s MPX is cheaper, but then this is a premium gun from the moment it comes out the wrapper.


You get a ‘recoil-reduced closed bolt blowback’ action and a three-lug muzzle adapter so you can fit a suppressor easily and securely.


Fitted with a suppressor you can ping quietly away all day at the range and you can also dress the gun up with a tactical lamp and a red dot sight.


It’s such a lightweight, well designed gun that we can see it finding its way into top flight private security work. It’s just perfect  for  the job.


It could also  be the perfect weapon for home defence and a piece of modern art, all at  the same time.


So if you think you want  one, buy one while you still can at  Brownells below.  It’s not cheap, but it is on sale, we think this is a future collector’s item and you’ll  love every moment on the range with it until then.





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