5 Best Pistol Red Dot Sights in 2023

Venom Optics Red Dot Sight

A great red dot sight is one of the best handgun accessories you can buy, period.

When it comes to a home defense situation, or you just like hitting bullseyes at the range, then red dot sights are the simplest way to improve your aim.

A multi-purpose red dot can go on pistols, shotguns or even your AR-15 with the right mount.

Paint the target, pull the trigger, shoot like a pro and wonder why you ever shoot without this thing. Then think about when you’ll really need your pistol and how much of a tactical advantage a red dot sight is. That’s why they’re getting so popular.

Well, it’s one of the reasons.

Better Than Your Own Eyes

Older shooting enthusiasts find that the red dot means they can keep indulging in their favorite hobby long after the point that their eyes could no longer do the job. Others just love the laser like accuracy and the way a reflex sight turns any semi-automatic into an absolute weapon of war.

The only problem is that red dot sights are a minefield for the newbie. They range from $10 eBay specials through night vision specials with thermal imaging. That just might be a touch beyond your needs or skillset.

So, what are the best reflex sights for sale in 2023 and what are the options for your budget?

RMR Trijicon Type 2 LED Reflex Sight for sale.

1. Trijicon RMR Type 2

  • Price: $625.00
  • MOA: 3.25

You won’t talk about the best red dot sights for sale in 2023 for long without the Trijicon RMR coming up. It’s military hardware, which actually comes with its own compromises.

The point you have to consider is if the durability and precision are worth the loss of field of view and the clarity that go with the more consumer-oriented reflex sights for sale.

You could easily make a case for putting it at number one as the best reflex sight for sale. The price difference, the aesthetic appeal of the Leupold and the way the Trijicon condemns you to a permanent blue-green world swings it in favor of the Deltapoint Pro in my opinion. Lots of people disagree.

The Trijicon reflex sight is smaller and more compact with a tighter field of view. It’s also more rugged. It’s made from military-grade aluminum and the scoop at the top is designed to deflect any impact away from the glass.

So it’s designed to take an absolute beating. Predictably, you’ll get 2000 hours of battery life and it’s waterproof, too.

Consumer Grade Tough, Not Military Tough…

The Leupold is tough, but it’s consumer tough. The Trijicon is soldier tough, but it’s not as pretty and both of them are solid enough if you take care of your kit.

But that’s the essence of your choice. The Leupold is prettier and bigger. The Trijicon is smaller, more purpose-driven and has a stronger military flavor.

Automatic brightness settings can take care of the right levels of compensation, or you can choose between eight manual settings. You can adjust it with a coin and it’s designed to be simple, easy and unobtrusive.

Inevitably it’s parallax free and some people will tell you this is the best red dot for sale in 2023.

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro reflex sight for sale. A great reflex site that could just beat the Trijicon RMR.

2. Leupold Delta Point Pro

  • Price: $548.89
  • MOA: 2.5

This is the red dot scope you could grow old with. I could anyway…

Some people will tell you that the RMR Trijicon is the one to beat and they might be right on a purely technical level. But price does factor in and the Leupold is way more than a budget alternative.

It offers something totally different for a red dot sight: complete clarity. Leupold makes some of the best rifle scopes for sale and glass is its thing. So it’s no real surprise it has made one of the best reflex sights for sale as well.

If you’re used to bargain basement red dots then you really need to take a peek through a parallax free Leupold. I swear it will change your world. This reflex sight, the best reflex sight in the world in my eyes, remains maybe the best gun accessory I have ever owned.

This scope offers total eye relief, it’s just easier to focus through than the perma blue-green military haze that the RMR Trijicon lives in. You can shoot for hours because you’re basically looking at a red dot suspended in mid-air. The glass is unobtrusive and you can focus through it to the target.

You can fix windage and elevation with a coin and adjusting your reflex sights can become a bizarre sport in itself.

Better Than a Trijicon?

Even if you have the RMR, there will be times when you leave it at home and take the Leupold instead. If you didn’t have the RMR and had to rely on the Leupold for all your needs, I think you’d do just fine.

There’s a motion sensor onboard that lights this reticle up like a Christmas tree without any work on your part. That red dot shines bright and that’s about it really, you can just pick your shot.

There’s a lot of glass for your money, too, and the Leupold is bigger than the Trijicon. You either like that or you don’t. But then if you’re going with the RMR then the size and the profile of the gun really stop being the priority at that point.

The function of the reticle should surely be the priority. Here the Leupold offers a larger surface area, massive field of view, greater clarity and fantastic target acquisition. It’s a game-changer for your pistol, AR-15 and tactical shotgun and that surely makes it one of the very best reflex sights in the world. .

The 2.5 Minute of Angle is the best option for a self-defense AR-15 and AR pistol that is a short-range weapon in truth. It is tuned for accuracy, most of the construction is from Aluminum and there’s a steel shroud around the glass to protect it.

The glass itself is coated with scratch resistant DiamondCoat. An anti-glare layer that means you really don’t see the glass at all beyond the slight yellow tinge.

It’s really that good and in some conditions it’s simply the best reflex sight for sale in 2023.

Sig Sauer Romeo Reflex Sight for sale





3 Sig Sauer ROMEO1 Reflex

  • Price: $399.99
  • MOA: 3
  • Weight: 22gr

This is a new addition to the elite world of the best reflex sights. But you kind of know that it’s going to be a match for anything in its price range.

Sig Sauer does engineering excellence pretty well and you just knew they were going to get the ROMEO1 right.

In fact, at this price, this is our insider tip and it is number on the list due to the amazing sale price. At full RRP it’s a tough call between this and the Leupold Deltapoint Pro. At the lower prices, though, it’s one of the best red dot sights we have ever seen for the money.

If you’re lucky you can score a top drawer reflex sight for pretty much budget red dot sight money.

You might not know that Sig Sauer optics come with a lifetime guarantee and you don’t need a receipt, just the product. That is serious confidence and it speaks volumes for the work Sig Sauer puts into the production process on this dot sight.

Massive Field of View

The field of view is massive and the glass is crystal clear. It’s a fantastic optic that offers 2000 hours of battery life and will do its best to conserve it by going to sleep if you leave it idle.

The TruHold Lockless Zero system accounts for the recoil and does its best to keep the red dot centered and absorb the impact with a pair of springs. It was tested to withstand 10,000 rounds of 45 ACP fire. But yeah, the lifetime guarantee kind of supercedes that.

Some people think this is the best optic you can put on a pistol and there’s no doubt that the Sig Sauer punches above its weight. If $50 is really important to you, then the budget option is the Burris.

If you would rather spend slightly more on a real quality product, the Sig Sauer Romeo 1 Reflex sight is the one you want. It’s leagues ahead of the budget options and it’s nibbling at the heels of the Leuopold Deltapoint Pro.

What is the best reflex sight for sale in 2023? At this price, it’s the Sig Sauer ROMEO1.

Burris FastFire Red Dot Reflex Sight


4. Burris FastFire Red Dot Reflex Sight

  • Price: $209.00
  • MOA: 3

If you can do without the nth degree of engineering or final polish that go into Luopold and the Trijicon, and you’re the kind of person that buys decent stuff and replaces it regularly, rather than buying top end gear and keeping it for life, this is probably the price point you’re looking to buy a reflex sight for.

Burris is fast establishing a reputation for producing quality optics like this reflex sight and cutting the corners where they really don’t matter.

You can see the difference between this and the Leupold, you really can. But then this is slightly more than half the price. It’s our budget choice and if you just want the functionality, then this could be the best red dot sight for you.

There’s nothing automatic here, just an on-off switch and tool-less adjustability for windage and elevation to compensate for drop off. .

Venom Optics Red Dot Sight for sale. A budget alternative to the RMR Trijicon and Leupold DeltaPoint Pro.

5. Vortex Red Dot

  • Price: $249.99
  • MOA: 3

The Vortex might not be the most solid reflex sight on this list. But at this price, it absolutely does the job, and will last a decent amount of time.

Vortex also has a great reputation for getting the basics right and it features heavily in our list of best long-distance rifle scopes for $1000. This reflex sight is honestly a match for the Burris pistol red dot sights and it will serve you well. It’s a multi-coated lens that combats glare and helps you focus on the target.

Choose from 10 different brightness levels or you can even go for the auto setting, which is actually a premium feature for a low cost red dot like this.

It might not last as long as the Leupold, but then it might. This could really be a perception thing and the Venom is well screwed together. It’s also a functional reflex sight at an amazing price.

If you’re putting this on a Sig Rattler then think again. But if you’re on a budget and this sight is sitting atop mid-range weapons that maybe don’t have match grade barrels, then this will be all the pistol red dot sight you need.

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