DCA custom Nomad 9 – Ultimate DIY Glock Frame?

Danger Close Armament has stippled and tweaked the Nomad Defense Nomad9 DIY Glock 19 Gen 4 frame for custom pistol builders.

Danger Close Armament Nomad 9

  • Price: $559.99

This custom Nomad Defense Nomad 9 frame is an intriguing glimpse into the future.

Danger Close Armament has applied its signature touches to a third party pistol frame that essentially plays nice with Gen 4 Glock 19 parts. 

All the basics you’d do to a Glock 19 are present and correct. The magwell is flared, the trigger guard is undercut. So you don’t need aftermarket add-ons that can snag. 

Signature Stippling Recessed in Frame

Danger Close Armament applied its signature Brain Texture stippling to this custom Nomad 9. We love the burnt bronze finish and this could really be the foundation of an epic DIY Glock build. You can get a more chilled Tungsten finish too, by the way.

Danger Close Armament Nomad9 DIY Glock builders dream frame. Recessed stippling, clean lines and subtle tweaks give the perfect base.

Custom Glocks Are Big Business

Custom Glocks are hardly new and we have got some of the best for you here:

But this is something you don’t see too often. It’s a third party DIY Glock frame, pre-treated by one of the most stylish custom Glock modders of 2019.

Danger Close Armament on the Move

Danger Close Armament was also the first to get a thoroughly decent cosmetic job done for the Sig P365. Now it makes custom parts for a number of weapons, from the S&W M&P Shield through the CZ P-10. But the Glock line is at the core of its work.

This ‘Not A Glock’ is a novel approach and we like everything but the expensive price tag. At $550 for the frame alone, it’s more expensive than a Glock 19

Let’s not pretend that isn’t an issue. But this is an almighty base for an elite custom Glock build. 

This Frame Deserves a Custom Glock Slide

Mate this frame, which comes with a full serial number and must be registered as a handgun by the way, with the slide of your dreams.

Rainier Arms has an awesome selection of custom Glock slides to choose from. Brownells has quite a few options. 

The Cheaper Alternatives

Danger Close Armament’s Nomad9 is a great frame, but it costs a lot of money. So is there a cheaper way? Of course…

Where to buy a Polymer80 PCF9 frame, with a full serial, for your next DIY Glock build. Get a great foundation for a custom Glock.

1. Polymer80 PCF9

  • Price: $135

The new Polymer80 PCF9 is a smash hit already. At this price, it’s a complete gift.

Custom stippling is strong and stylish, recessed into the frame. The Magwell is flared and there are other custom gun touches. The undercut trigger is dramatic, but it does look the part in its own way.

All the important stuff is there and in many ways this a better frame than the Danger Close Armament offering. It’s also about a quarter of the price. So there’s that.

Nomad Defense Nomad 9 pistol frame for your DIY Glock build.

2. Nomad Defense Nomad 9

  • Price: $200

You don’t have to have Danger Close Armament’s mods. You could just buy a Nomad Defense Nomad 9 for less than half the money and build a pistol that way.

This black polymer pistol frame is a little more restrained, but that is no bad thing. It’s a great base for a DIY Glock build.

Three backstraps join forces with thumb ledges, a flared magwell and more. The trigger guard is larger, so you can wear gloves, and the aggressive rock texture stippling does the job.

So the basic Nomad Defense Nomad 9 is pretty much as good as the Danger Close Armament, without the refined finishing touches. So buy this one if money is even a thing in your life. You’ll barely feel the difference.


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