19 Cheaper, Better Glock Alternatives

FIMA Rex Delta, a Glock alternative you should consider. Buy guns online now at the USA Gun

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Now, back our original program…

Springfield Armory Hellcat with a micro red dot sight up top. Better than a Glock 43? Yes. And so are lots of other guns. FInd out more.

What Pistols Are Better Than Glocks? Lots of Them…

We really do have to give Glock credit for one of the slickest marketing jobs in American history. It’s the market leader, but there are some better Glock alternatives out there.

These functional, plastic pistols were talked about in hushed tones back in the 90s. Will Smith branded a pair in Bad Boys 2, Johnny Utah rocked a Glock and pretty much every hero, cop, special agent and arch enemy would pull out the familiar, blocky Austrian pistol in the 90s and the new Millennium.

Glock Became the Hollywood Default

As far as Hollywood was concerned, there was only one gun. And that whole mystique was built around the frankly ludicrous idea that Glocks were ceramic and could glide straight through metal detectors.

Remember that little doozy? It started from somewhere and I’m giving Glock all the credit for a concerted whisper campaign, product placement assault and even sponsorship, long before they became the norm in Hollywood.

The narrative was Glock was special, and that has become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Glock 19 5th generation, so what's different?

This blocky, straightforward, striker fired Polymer pistol has become the default firearm. It is a dominant force and almost every gun toting household has one.

The Glock 17, 19 and 34 are great guns, but they’re certainly not the benchmark for this generation of striker-fired plastic fantastics.

Glocks: The Toyota Camry of the Gun World

I have seen Glocks described as the Toyota Camry of the firearms world and I think it’s a fair call. It’s massively reliable, but it won’t set your pulse racing.

The famous Glock grip angle means you have to adapt to the gun, too, and a Glock is rarely a gun that just feels like an extension of your hand.

The grip angle is actually a major dealbreaker for me, and led me to one of many Glock alternatives. I guess I’m just not a Glock fanboy.

It also used needs a new trigger, stippling and slide work, but that’s all changed. To give Glock its dues it went back to the drawing board and fixed a lot of these issues with the Gen 5. So much so that the Glock 43x is now our EDC.

If you want a perfect handgun. Agency Arms and ZEV technologies have turned custom Glocks into an art form. But you could, you know, just buy something else.

So what are the Glock alternatives for sale in 2020?

Sig P365 XL for $579.99. Buy your gun now from the USA's favorite gunbroker.

1 Sig Sauer P365 XL

  • Price: $639.99
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel: 3.7 inch
  • Total Length: 6.6 inch
  • Weight: 1.29lb
  • Capacity: 12+1

When Sig launched the 365 XL, we thought it was a merciless cash-in on the runaway success of the iconic 365. We have changed our minds.

The Sig P365 XL is a great handgun in its own right. In many ways, it’s better than the micro-compact that has redefined concealed carry. Especially now you can buy a Sig P365 XL with a manual safety.

Reduced Recoil on the Bigger Sig P365

The extra 0.7 inches on the barrel helps reduce the recoil on the snappy little 365 and the extra real estate does make it easier to get a good grip on this gun. It’s not that the 365 is too small, but it’s certainly close. If you have bigger hands, this is the gun you want.

Now we could have gone for the much more obvious P320 Compact or X-Carry. But the Sig P365 XL is an exceptional gun, it comes with a number of benefits and it is new and sexy. That counts for something, don’t say it doesn’t.

The 365 XL has emerged as one of the best carry guns of 2020and it’s absolutely a Glock 19 alternative you should think about. So if you are considering the Glock 19 vs Sig P365 XL, then you’re in very good company.

HK VP9 - One of the world's greatest handguns and you can buy your discounted HK VP9 Now

2. HK VP9

  • Price: $799.99
  • Capacity: 15+1
  • Barrel Length(Inches) : 4.09
  • Total Length (Inches): 7.34
  • Weight: 1.45lb
  • Caliber: 9mm

OK, the HK is actually more expensive than the Glock, but pretty much everyone that has one, loves it. It’s $100 more than the Glock for a complete pistol, with a slide that works, and a match grade barrel, and a great trigger.

This is the gun the Glock goes to bed at night and dreams of becoming. It has proper serrations on the slide, perfect balance and it just feels right in the hand.

It also looks great, so if you open carry your striker fired handgun then you might want to think about your personal branding. HK is like Porsche, or Nike, it shows you’re getting on in the world…

The gun costs more, replacement parts cost more. But plenty of people will tell you that if you have a HK in your hand and you’re still thinking of buying a Glock, there’s no saving you.

Security and military personnel around the world often go for the HK over a Glock and we kind of agree with them. So, if you’re in the market for a great polymer pistol and you just want the best handgun in the world, this right here might be it.

It is 1.68lb, it holds 15+1 rounds and it sits on the hip of men in far worse places than you and me for a reason. It’s just a badass gun and it’s better than the Glock. It just isn’t cheaper…

If money is no object, this is your Huckleberry.

You can occasionally find a discount on the HK VP9, and a lot of other very serious firearms from one of the best gun manufacturers in the world. Sign up on the site for all the deals, but also check here from time to time.

Springfield Armory XD Mod 2 4" Barrel. A Glock 19 alternative, a Glock 19 rival and maybe a Glock 19 killer.

3. Springfield Armory XD MOD 2

  • Price: $349.87
  • Barrel Length (Inches): 4
  • Total Length (Inches): 7.3
  • Capacity: 16+1 Rounds
  • Weight: 1.7lb
  • Caliber: 9mm

If you like the clean lines of the Glock, but just want a little more detail and finishing touches, then the Springfield Armory XD MOD 2 has got you covered.

It’s like a G19 with some aftermarket parts. They include a properly serrated slide and a sweet, perfect trigger that makes everything apart from the Gen 5 Glock feel like mush.

The grip safety is also a nice touch that’s missing on the G19. If you like that added layer of security then the Springfield Armory is really a gun you should look at.

As for the ‘Grip Zone’, well if you need telling where to hold a gun then you probably should not own one…

1911 Style Grip Safety Adds Security

You can get a smaller version of the XD MOD 2, as well, which is one of our favorite sub-compact CCWs in the world. Both of them come with that extra safety and some owners swear it’s a lifesaver.

If you open carry, or concealed carry, then that additional grip safety means you don’t have to worry about that trigger safety getting pressed in.

That paranoia is enough to keep some people away from striker-fired pistols entirely. Others carry with the chamber empty.

If that’s you, then this is the gun you should carry. If you’re still thinking of buying a Glock, don’t, it will give you nightmares.

The fiber optic night sights come as standard and they are awesome. So that’s another one in the plus column when it comes to the Glock 19 vs Springfield Armory XD Mod 2.

Glock vs Springfield Armory is a War

Glock may be the big name, but the Glock vs Springfield Armory battle is much more intense between serious firearms enthusiasts. There are devoted SA gun owners that simply won’t touch a Glock when, in their eyes, this is a much better gun with a much sweeter trigger pull.

You can order a Springfield in a similar size to the Glock 17, Glock 19 and Glock 43 too. Everything from a carry pistol to a full sized sidearm…

Where to buy cheap Springfield Armory guns online.

Springfield Armory has a massive selection of handguns on sale, from 9mm subcompacts right through to 45 ACP weapons, and it’s got some of the sweetest 1911s on the open market, including the CCW options. It has every caliber and every size when it comes to plastic pistols, too. So keep an eye out here.

Smith& Wesson M&P9 2.0 Compact with a 4 inch barrel for sale. Get the best guns online at the right prices.

6. S&W M&P 2.0 Compact 9mm

  • Price: $549.99
  • Capacity: 15+1 Rounds
  • Barrel Length (Inches): 4
  • Total Length (inches): 7.3
  • Weight: 750g
  • Caliber: 9mm

Owner reviews generally put this Smith & Wesson well clear of the Glock 19, and it’s a cheaper weapon.

Those reviews include police officers, who now use the S&W M&P 2.0 as their duty pistol. It’s super reliable and the trigger is a quantum leap forward from the spongey Glock for a start. The ergonomics, too, are just better and the M&P 2.0 feels right in the hand compared to the awkward G19.

Slimline Glock With Better Ergonomics

You get 15+1 rounds in the 9mm and a four-inch barrel on this striker-fired handgun. It is pretty much Glock 19-sized, but the M&P has a much better slide and the ergonomics just work.

The stippling is aggressive, too, and this is like a finished Glock 19 alternative without you lifting a finger.

It’s a better gun, in other words…

Where to get cheap Smith & Wesson handguns.

You can get Smith & Wesson semi-automatic handguns in 9mm, 40S&W, 45 ACP and 380. So keep an eye out for the cheapest gun sales online here.

Discount Smith & Wesson Guns at Brownells.

FIMA Rex Delta, a Glock alternative you should consider. Buy firearms at the best prices here.

7. ReX Delta

  • Price: $549
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel length: 4 inch
  • Total Length: 7 inch
  • Weight: 1.2lb
  • Capacity: 17+1

The Rex Delta is an Eastern European entry from a company that supplies the Slovenian military, among many others, with hardware fit for battle.

The company’s all-metal handguns are superbly engineered modern interpretations of the CZ 75 B with some killer touches and aggressive design. We like their recent track record a lot.

We like this first entry into the world of matte black plastic too.

This looks like a custom Glock 19 with an aftermarket slide and a custom stipple. But it’s lighter, easy to shoot and just about all the controls are perfectly thought out.

We could use this gun as an EDC without a moment’s hesitation and we’re sure that it’s going to get a foothold and maybe move up this list before long.

FN 509, a real Glock 19 rival. This service pistol was designed as a sidearm for the US Army contract bid. Now you can buy an FN 509.

8. FN 509

  • Price: $699.99
  • Capacity: 17+1 Rounds
  • Length (Inches): 7.4
  • Weight: 1.67lb
  • Caliber: 9mm

The FN is absolutely Glock money, you won’t save anything here. But it’s an FN…

The Secret Service carry FN hardware into battle and I have a lifelong DEA man friend that still gets glassy eyed when he talks about FN rifles. They have been in business for more than 125 years and they have the heritage.

We do have to say that the company’s pistols have never commanded the same respect as its rifles and the company is basically coming back from a loss.

The FNS should just have worked, but you don’t need to search too hard to find a laundry list of issues on the web, including the ominous ‘dead trigger’ problem. By the end of the production run it was one of our favorite polymer pistols. But it took its damned time.

Reliability is everything when it comes to your EDC and it doesn’t matter how good the FN is as a handgun, it has to prove itself all over again as a solid and reliable handgun manufacturer.

It knows this, that’s why it claimed to have fired more than 1 million bullets downrange from the development FN 509.

FN Should Have Learned From the FNS

It’s effectively a total redesign of the FNS with a specific purpose in mind.

It was developed to challenge for the military contract that went to Sig Sauer in the end. So hopefully this one has been torture-tested to death and any issues have been dealt with.

When it missed out on the deal, though, FN was left with a cost-effective, military-grade or thereabouts striker-fired pistol that’s all dressed up with nowhere to go. The compact option is a viable concealed carry and if it doesn’t crap during extensive range testing, I might put this higher up the list. We’ll see….

It’s a more elegant gun than a Glock, the stippling is strong, the slide is infinitely better and this looks like a designer might even have been involved somewhere along the line.

You can rack the slide from either end, you can switch out the backstraps until it sits perfectly in your hand and then you should get the most of this supremely accurate handgun that pretty much leaves the Glock in its wake.

FN has its own narrative to challenge Glock, too. The FNS was a disappointment, but that still doesn’t stop FN being the Secret Service and Special Ops sidearm. Even though that really is basking in the glory of the armor piercing FN 5.7.

FN Five Seven is a Tactical Legend

Their FN Five Seven Tactical polymer pistol is in active service with more than 40 national military and law enforcement agencies. Right now, FN firearms are guarding the President, they’re deep undercover and they’re doing more demanding work than any reasonable homeowner will ask of them.

That still doesn’t mean it has Glock reliability. But it does mean it can carve out its own niche in the EDC sector.

The 509 is a great handgun and this money buys a you a 4 inch barrel and a 17+1 capacity, thanks to the 5-inch plus height that does make it a slightly larger gun than the Glock 19.

FN will get this gun right and this looks like it will turn out to be FN’s most cost-effective handgun to date. This is a designer label, brought to the masses, and it will be interesting to chart its progress.

Where to get cheap FN handguns online

FN can sell you a seriously expensive Polymer handgun, a tactical 9mm and the legendary FN Five Seven.

Don’t buy the FNS, or any variation thereof. If you’re buying an FN, go with the 509 and pray they got it right this time. If they did, you’ll have an absolute peach of a gun and a great Glock alternative from one of America’s best gunbrokers.

Cheap prices on FN guns at Brownells

Walther PPQ M2 Compact with a 4 inch barrel. It's a great option for the Glock 19, and it does have a great trigger. Buy Walther pistols online now.

9. Walther PPQ M2

  • Price: $639.99
  • Capacity: 15+1
  • Barrel Length (Inches): 4 
  • Total Length (Inches): 7.1
  • Weight: 1.44lb
  • Caliber: 9mm

Some people love Walther the same way I love HK and will put up a passionate case for the PPQ.

I understand it, this is a great firearm in its own right, but everything here is amazing in its own right.

You can get a range of compact handguns from Walther, but this is the 4 inch compact striker-fire pistol.

Ergonomically it’s one of the best, but it is expensive and you really have to choose between this and the HK. Still, it’s better than a Glock and has arguably the sweetest out the box trigger pull on the market.

The Walther P99 is another enduring favorite as a carry pistol. When it comes to the Walther P99 vs Glock 43x, though, the Glock wins that race at a canter these days.

EAA Witness Compact Polymer for sale, a great 9mm concealed carry handgun and a real Glock rival. Buy yours now.

10. EAA Tanfoglio Witness Polymer Carry

  • Price: $529.99
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel: 3.6 inch
  • Total: 7.5 inch
  • Weight: 1.79lb
  • Capacity: 17 + 1

We thought about sticking to striker fired handguns, but we’ve described the EAA Tanfoglio Witness Polymer Compact as a better Glock with a hammer before.

So it’s here, and we all have to deal with it.

This is the hammer fired wildcard and might just be our favorite of Tanfoglio’s impressive line of pistols.

We love the fancy full-size 9mm target pistols that have swept the board in shooting competitions around the country, but this CCW might be the cleverest of them all.

This is just good design. The beveled slide gives a quick and snag free draw, as well as producing a lightweight pistol. Let’s get real it’s still pretty much 1.8lb, but this is a proper handgun with a hammer, manual safety and other goodies.

The Tanfoglio Witness Polymer Compact is so utterly suited to the job at hand, and manages to pack massive magazine capacity into that contoured grip.

That also does an excellent job of forcing your hand into position and we dig the animal print stippling too. This ain’t no Glock grip angle either.

Honestly this could be the overall winner and the even better news is that there is a cheaper version. Rock Island Armory has licensed the design for the RIA MAPP Series pistols and you can get those for just about $400.

So now you have an even bigger battle. This is Glock 19 vs EAA Tanfoglio Witness Polymer Carry vs Rock Island Armory MAPP Series. That’s a Royal Rumble of a plastic handgun battle.

Buy a Rock Island Armory version of the EAA Tanfoglio Polymer handgun here.

hudson MFG H9 9mm, a great and new striker fired pistol for sale. Get your high tech handguns at the right price.

11. Hudson H9

  • Price: $1079.00
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity: 15+1
  • Barrel Length: 4.28”
  • Total Length: 7.6”
  • Weight: 2lb

The Hudson H9 costs about two Glocks, so don’t think you’re getting a bargain. But you are getting an all-metal striker-fired gun loaded with novel anti-recoil technology that marks it apart as something special.

Hudson MFG H9: A great EDC Gun and a real modern take on a 1911 and a Glock 19.

This gun reduces the bore axis and combines a 1911-style grip and straight trigger with a striker-fired mechanism. It’s as close as we can find to a lovechild between a 1911 and a Glock.

This is a stepchange of a pistol and there were a few issues in the early days. But if you collect guns, or you just love gadgets, the Hudson H9 can work. We like it.

CZ P-10 A Great Glock 19 Alternative and if you're looking for a Glock rival then this should be on your list.

12. CZ P-10 Compact

  • Price: $579.99
  • Barrel Length (Inches): 4.02
  • Total Length (Inches): 7.3 
  • Weight: 1.62lb
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity:10+1

This Eastern European special is getting a lot of love on the forums. The general feeling is that it’s a better gun than a Glock 19 Gen 4, for a chunk of change less money.

The Glock Gen 5 has turned the tables quality wise in the latest reviews, but this is still a great gun.

It’s the same old points. The slide is serrated properly, the trigger is sharp as a razor and the CZ P-10 is ready to hit the range straight out the box and start sending. It’s also smooth enough and snag free to be a concealed carry and all-round EDC.

There’s no pretense, it has everything you need for an EDC and absolutely nothing more. The grip is cleverly thought out so it sits better in your hand, the slide works well and CZ basically assumed you’ll be using the gun without any wild accessories. It’s a simple, honest gun, then , that does the basics right.

Stick to Your Glock Guns? Or Try The CZ?

Sound familiar, Glock fans? So, yeah, basically it comes down your styling preference.

The CZ P-10 could fit in the Glock’s shadow, indeed it can share the same holsters.

A lot of cops and military are ditching their Glocks for this solid beast from the Czech Republic. It’s that good.

This is a weapon you should consider if you’re in the market for a Glock and in fact the owners say it blows the G19 away.

CZ is another military supplier in Europe, so you’d be surprised at the range of tactical firearms it has to offer. Check out the best prices for CZ handguns here.

Stoeger STR-9C for sale. A great, budget 9mm pistol for sale.

13. Stoeger STR-9C

  • Price: $299.75
  • Total Length: 7 inch
  • Barrel: 3.8 inch
  • Weight: 1.5lb
  • Capacity: 10+1

Stoeger has carved out an admirable niche producing high quality, no frills firearms for a sensational price.

Having done great things in the shotgun sector, especially with semi-automatic shotguns and 3 Gunners, Stoeger has now turned its attention to the striker fired pistol world.

The early signs are encouraging. The STR-9C boasts the traditional qualities of solid engineering and a decent features list for about two-thirds the money of a Glock.

Realistically, Stoeger is taking aim at Taurus. Only time will tell how that battle turns out. But people do like this gun.

Kimber SP Evo CDP - An all metal Glock alternative you might not have considered

14. Kimber SP Evo Custom Defense Package

  • Price: $790.00
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel Length: 3.16 inch
  • Total Length: 6.1 inch
  • Weight: 1.19lb
  • Capacity: 7+1

PSA is a legend in the world of cheap AR-15s and now it has tried to weave the same magic with its first 9mm striker fired pistol.

The Palmetto State Armory Dagger is basically a budget Glock with some ambitious touches. They include a Diamond Like Carbon finish on the barrel, front serrations on the slide and what looks like the kind of stippling you find on factory custom guns. From a distance.

Now the shooting experience and the spec sheet are two different things, but the PSA Dagger is still a perfectly acceptable budget gun. You can almost get two of them for the price of a Glock 19, too. So there’s that.

Sig P320 Compact for sale for $499.99. Now, this is the best price we can see for the best compact 9mm striker fired handgun for sale.

16. Sig Sauer P320 Compact

  • Price: $519.99
  • Capacity: 17+1
  • Barrel Length (Inches): 4
  • Length (Inches): 7.2
  • Weight: 1.6lb
  • Caliber: 9mm/45 ACP

The Sig Sauer P320 Compact is basically one gun that could take care of everything. It could be your EDC, home protection and the replacement for your Glock 19.

It fits the same profile, it’s a better gun in just about every respect, the grip angle feels more natural and it’s just a wonderful looking thing. So, this could be the Glock 19 alternative you’ve been looking for.

1 Gun For CCW, Home Defense and the Range?

You can use it for concealed carry, it’s accurate enough that it’s a perfectly viable home defense gun and it can go with you everywhere.

It’s a service pistol designed for the military and then given to the people. You can also order one with a manual safety these days and we like that.

You get 15+1 rounds in a compact chassis and the gun measures 7.2 inches in total. It’s a modular design, too, so you can easily switch calibers and go for something heavier for personal defence. But the Caliber X-Change Kit really doesn’t make much sense for the consumer.

It’s a neat military touch, but if you really want two different calibers, get a second gun for basically the same money. There’s always a deal on somewhere.

The P320 comes with a rail for a laser or a light, you get serrations right up the slide and it’s an elegant firearm. It’s the right size to just about use it as an EDC and it’s really all the gun you will ever need.

Military Version of the Sig P320

The company won the contact to supply the army with P320 sidearms, well M17 and M18 to give them their military designation. Now the Navy and Air Force want them too, they’re that good. The street Compact version is just about the most complete handgun on the open market.

If you haven’t tried it, you’ll be amazed at the trigger set that comes as standard and that this is a gun you just take to the range and start shooting. It’s better than the Glock, then, and at this price point its easily one of the best 9mm handguns for sale in 2020.

It really is one gun that can do it all, and one of the best Glock 19 alternatives we can offer you right now.

Sig has some other great options, including the Sig P226 in our next gen 1911s feature. But the P320, in its various forms, is the volume seller.

Where to buy Cheap Sig Sauer handguns

There’s a serious list of options when it comes to Sig Sauers, including the epic 1911s and the company also makes some of the best concealed carry guns, so it’s down to you what you’re looking for and we’ll just try and save you money by finding the cheapest deals for guns online.

I have made it easy for you, these links take you through to the latest deals on two of my best sources for cheap guns online.

You will beat Glock prices all day long and find the handgun that might just be the best in the world right now.

Canik TP9SFX, a custom gun for bog standard Glock 19 money, less actually. Could this target shooter be the secret weapon you're looking for.

17. Canik TP9SFX

  • Price: $599.99
  • Capacity: 18+1
  • Barrel Length (Inches): 5.2
  • Total Length (Inches): 7.5
  • Weight: 1.8lb
  • Caliber: 9mm

The Canik TP9SA is a great handgun in its own right, but that price is just insane.

Get one of these Turkish guns, yeah I know, but bear with me. See if you actually want to pick up your Glock again. In terms of bang for buck, the Canik simply destroys the Glock 17 or 34. Maybe not in terms of accuracy.

It’s more than that, this is actually a better all-round pistol than a base Glock at least. It’s on its way to becoming a custom gun, not just a new gun for long distance pistol shooters.

High Capacity 9mm Handgun

It feels better in the hand, you get 18+1 rounds with the 9mm and the slide is easy to grab from just about everywhere. The 4.49 inch barrel is a nice compromise between accuracy and concealability. So, yes, the TP9SA is a great CCW, truck gun, nightstand pistol and more.

The trigger pull is as good as any on the market. Indeed, devoted owners reckon that it’s a match for aftermarket Glock triggers. It’s accurate, lightweight and was designed for law enforcement officers.

Serious gun owners and enthusiasts seriously rave about this thing. Surprisingly great pistol, is pretty much the default for the gun reviews and target shooting specialists.

Cut Price Pistol With Match Grade Parts

Do you just want a pistol that does the job for the right price? Then this is the one, hands down. It’s not just a great gun at this price, it’s a great gun period.

It looks like a custom Glock in its own special way. You know it does.



Ruger American Compact 9mm for sale. A great concealed carry and a real Glock 19 rival. Are you looking for a stylish Glock alternative?

18. Ruger American Compact

  • Price: $469.99
  • Capacity: 17+1
  • Barrel Length (Inches): 4
  • Total Length (inches): 7.24
  • Weight: 1.48lb
  • Caliber: 9mm

The Ruger Security 9 is the gun that everybody knows. That’s cheap and solid, but the Ruger American is just better, everywhere. It’s a real Glock option and it comes with a solid all-American name that basically nobody can hate on.

You get 17+1 rounds, a 4-inch barrel and elegant stippling that has a lot in common with the new Mossberg and Taurus. It does everything right.

With Ruger, you either instinctively think of the bargain bucket Ruger Security 9 or the altogether more impressive Ruger SR9. But overlook the Ruger American at your peril.

Better Than a Glock

This is an 18-round weapon that leaves the Glock behind in almost every conceivable way. It looks like a Glock 19 with ALL the parts & accessories.

It isn’t the cleanest design and that can come with a price in terms of ease of concealment and actual operation. Ruger claims the ridges and edges all serve a purpose, and we do believe it.

The Ruger SR9 is also a serious weapon that can look a Glock 19 square in the eye. In fact, if you’re on a budget, make sure you check out the Ruger SR9 for sale. it’s a good option and an underappreciated gun that’s a great Glock alternative.

So make sure you check out the Ruger handguns on sale at any given time, because you might turn up a surprise carry gun or four…

The grip is unique. It might not actually be the best solution, but those overlapping geometric palmswells offer a greater level of customization and also look the nuts.

Ruger Handguns on Sale Right Now, Buy Cheap Handguns at Brownells

The Taurus G3 is now on sale. This cut price 9mm compact handgun is an absolute star and a real alternative to a Glock 19. Buy yours now.

19. Taurus G3

  • Price: $239.99
  • Barrel: 4 inch
  • Total: 7.28 inch
  • Weight: 1.55lb
  • Capacity: 15+1

The best budget handgun of 2020 s growing up and the compact Taurus G3 looks like it could be just as big a hit as the Taurus G2C.

Price is the big USP with the Taurus G3 and you can get two of these handguns for the price of one spanking new Glock 19. You can still grab dinner as well.

And the Taurus G2C smashed it out the park when it came to the user reviews. People loved the sub-compact and we’re seeing the same trend with this cut-price handgun.

Yes you’ll have to look past cheap-looking polymer. Do that and you’ll get an absolutely stunning compact 9mm pistol that is accurate, reliable and packs in 15 bullets into the double stack magazine.

If you’ve been thinking of buying a Glock for months, and don’t have the cash, well this is the budget Glock option you have been waiting for.



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