These 5 States Have the BEST Gun Laws…Is Yours One?

USA Flag, do you have good state gun laws?


Gun laws are changing all the time, but we all know that a few States stand supreme when it comes to chilled gun control regulations.

So if you’re a libertarian, or plain old Conservative, and you like to own as many guns as you can horde, then you need to live here…

1. Arizona

You really don’t get many rules in Arizona and you don’t need a local permit to buy a handgun or a rifle and concealed carry. Arizona has Shall Sign Laws, that mean law enforcement officers have to sign NFA applications within a set time period.

Arizona is a great place for gun laws and Phoenix is turning into a major tech hub to rival Silicon Valley. So there are jobs there, too. Jobs, great weather and guns, what more do you need?

2. Alaska

The regulations are almost non-existent, but also it’s Alaska. If you go out into the wilds and shoot off a cannon, you’re probably going to get away with it.

Any firearm without a federal restriction is available without a wait period and you can walk into any gun store and buy something capable of taking down a bear. You’ll meet those, so that is the downside of living up North.

3. Vermont

This one is something of a surprise, because Vermont really isn’t a red state. You have to be 16 to buy a gun, you don’t need a permit to carry and you can buy a silencer if that floats your boat.

4. Kansas

You don’t need a concealed carry permit and public workers can even carry them, apart from school employees.

College students can even apply for a permit to take them on campus, while the wider state allows open carry and has a Shall Sign law.

5. Mississippi

Open and concealed carry are just fine and dandy in Mississippi. The only places you can’t carry include bars, schools, police stations and private businesses that expressly forbid it. Gun dealers don’t need a full FFL license and the local councils have firm instructions to stay out of State-level gun control laws.

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But it’s easier if you’re buying guns free from restrictions, we’re not going to lie.

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