Sig Sauer SIG516 G2 Patrol Rifle

SIg Sauer AR15 G2 Patrol


Sig Sauer SIG516 G2 Patrol Rifle AR15

Price: $1,529

You can build an AR15 for less than $1000, a good one, but this is a good deal on a complete Sig Sauer SIG516 G2 Patrol Rifle and we’d take this over a Frankenstein’s monster any day.

This rifle started from $2024 with the Cerakote finish, but prices have since dropped to make this a competitive rifle.

If you’re looking for rivals then check this post of the best AR-15 rifles under $2000 that we keep constantly updated. Have a look at the $1000 AR-15s too if you want the same punch for less money.

Built For The Military

The Sig Sauer was built with the military in mind and is built to just work in harsh environments. It comes with an advanced short-stroke pushrod that helps reduce carbon fouling, excessive heat and unburned powder.

That’s a big thing for the reliability and this is a gun with a standard 5.56mm NATO Nitride chamber and bore it’s one of those weapons that just works when you need it to. It’s a military grade floating barrel and the rest of the gun is just tight.

Aircraft Grade Forged Aluminum, Natch

The upper and lower receivers are aircraft-grade aluminum and it’s all engineered to fit each other perfectly from the get-go. That makes a difference and it’s a gun that has been built and tuned to work together.

The Cerakote finish guarantees durability and this could be an AR15 that outlives you. You can get the unfinished black gun for $1579.99 at Rainier and the offer is on the front page right now.

It uses standard 30-round mags, but then this is an AR-15 standard receiver. So it will take more or less any mags you have and cheap ammo too.

Sig Sauer G2 Patrol AR15, simple,clean engineering


Weight of Sig Sauer AR-15  is reassuring

It’s a sturdy gun at 7.3lb, but the Sig Sauer feels like proper engineering and there’s a comfort to that weight.

Sig Sauer offers a SIG716 version that takes the more powerful 7.62mm cartridge.  But this is more than enough for a general purpose AR15 and it will also save you money.  Basically the 7.62mm version is a $500 upgrade.

Ammunition Could Balance a Bigger Investment

Strangely, the more powerful ammo is significantly cheaper, 21c a round vs about 35c a round on LuckyGunner. So, depending on how many rounds you shoot, you might want to think about investing more in the gun and getting your money back in ammunition savings over time.

Cerakote Adds Value

At this price, though, we think the desert brown Cerakote-finished version of the 5.56 NATO is worth a look.

It’s got Picatinny rails up top and down low, so you can add your own laser sights, tactical torches or even a traditional optic. You get an adjustable gas regulator, so you can control the piston that ejects and loads the next round. So you can tune the weapon to your needs.

A Gun In Active Service

London’s counter terrorism special police force carries this weapon, albeit the somber black version. It’s also on active service with Hong Kong’s counter terrorism unit, the Mexican navy and Giorgia’s Special Forces.

To get the nod from so many official teams, this gun must have something special. At this price, we think it’s a steal.


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