Tactical Solutions X-Ring 22LR Rifle For Sale

Tactical Solutions X Ring .22 Rifle

Tactical Solutions X-Ring .22 Rifle

  • Price: $979.99
  • Caliber: 22LR
  • Barrel: 16.5 inch

Yes, the Ruger 10/22 rifle is much cheaper, but just look at the Tactical Solutions X Ring. It’s like parking a Ford next to a Ferrari.

This .22LR rimfire rifle is a work of art. It’s gun porn.

And, right now, it isn’t crazy expensive. One of these was up for $940 not so long ago and that was still a steal, and it is ‘silencer ready’. That will cost you hundreds of dollars to get done on any other Ruger.

Now the price probably won’t last long.  So if you want this beauty as badly as I do, then buy your gun online right now.

Tactical solutions X Ring Review. Buy your Tactical Solutions 22 Long Rifle now.

Who Are Tactical Solutions?

Tactical Solutions made their name producing high quality barrels and receivers for Ruger rifles and now they have taken it a step further. Simply put, they want to be the best of the best and they’re making a compelling case with this entry into the rifle market.

There’s a lot of aluminum in this gun and that, together with a lightweight polymer stock, contributes to an overall weight of just 4.3lb.

You can shoulder this gun all day and fatigue just isn’t an issue when you’re taking aim. It’s balanced, too, and feels even lighter than it is.

The fluted 16.5 inch barrel is made from a 6061-T6 aluminum sleeve fitted over a chrom-moly steel barrel that boasts a 1 in 16 inch twist and an 11 degree crown. It’s built to dissipate heat more efficiently, which meant that TacSol could machine away more material and focus on the lightweight construction.

Modern Colors Suit This Gun

You can order your gun in a variety of colors, including wood camo. But there’s just something so utterly right about this modern matte black and brushed steel finish bevelled barrel that we love.

As you’d expect it’s supremely accurate and reviewers have grouped shots at less than half an inch at 50 yards. So  if you miss, it’s down to  you. This is one of those guns that could take a squirrel’s eye out.

But it’s the small details that mark this gun apart. The sumptuous extended charging handle, the 2013 TacSol trigger set and the extended mag release that flows underneath trigger guard. It’s all gorgeous.

The scope isn’t part of the deal, but you can get a relatively cheap one, or go mad and spend a fortune. It’s your life.

Is This Ruger-Style .22 Worth It?

Is it worth this kind of money? Honestly we think it is. This is a re-engineered, overengineered Ruger 10/22 and it’s one of those weapons that just makes us fall in love with guns all over again when we look at it.

So if you can part with the money, do it now while the price is still there. We don’t think this deal will be around for long.

What About a 22 Pistol Legend?

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