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Buy a Draco Gun Online Here. Great guns for sale, from the AK-47 to the AR-15 and even a 50 BMG. Get a pistol, caliber: 7.62x39mm, today.

Last Updated July 5th 2024

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Century Arms Draco Pistol

  • Price: $769.99+
  • Caliber Pistol: 7.62x39mm
  • Action: Semi-Auto Pistol

Update: The sale price has gone from very high back to reasonable lately. So we recommend checking all these links. It’s a quick price check for peace of mind and the knowledge you got the best deal on your Draco for sale.

Draco Gun, buy yours today fgor the best price.

Where to Buy a Cheap Draco For Sale

A box fresh AK-47 pistol is a wonderful thing.

And the biggest name on the Eastern Bloc is easily the Century Arms Draco AK-47 pistol.

It’s the legend incarnate, built to pretty much the same spec as the old school machine gun, in semi automatic form of course.

The AK-47 is issued to the proper military and child soldiers in the Congo alike. You can buy them in markets in the Middle East, or from gangs almost anywhere across the USA, Russia, China and Vietnam.

The AK-47 rifle and pistols are a part of firearms culture and it is the most popular assault weapon in the world.

There Are 3 Lengths

You can get the Draco AK47 pistol 7.62x39mm in three different sizes with huge magazine capacity.

The full-size option comes with a 12.25″ barrel length, then you get smaller and more compact with the 7.75″ barrel Draco and then the super short 6.25″ barrel. All of them come with a chrome lined barrel, by the way, so they’ll go all day.

This Caliber is Unique

This is the AK-47 pistol 7.62×39 that we all know and love It’s so small that you might lose a little accuracy, but it is an absolutely unique little weapon and a real cheap way to get a piece that hits harder than a budget AR-15.

Just watch Hickok peering ominously through the adjustable sights of a fully automatic Short Barrel Rifle SBR here before going back to your single trigger pull, single shot pistol. As gun reviews go, this is hot.

Buy a Micro Draco Gun Online here. Guns on sale at discount prices.

You can watch this little fella in action here and the express purpose of this video is to find how much accuracy you lose compares to the full-size alternative.

In this video, after a few sighting shots, the smaller Micro pistol, freehand with no tactical brace and just relying on the basic adjustable sights, repeatedly rang the bell at 70 yards.

On sticks, it’s super consistent. With an optic instead of that front trunnion iron sights, and a brace, you could probably trust this AK pistol to around 100 yards. That’s not bad.

Accessories are Big Business

The best-selling Draco comes with nasty furniture if we’re honest. That wood handguard is kind of unpleasant, and the polymer grip, but then there’s a roaring aftermarket in custom parts & accessories.

The good news is that pretty much anything that fits an AK-47 will fit this AK-47 pistol too, which includes a stock if you want to go the full SBR route. And plenty of options for that wood handguard.

You don’t have to do that, as SB Tactical has solid pistol braces for this little monster. That matte black finish works well as a centerpiece in a Short Barreled Rifle SBR too. Although we prefer the AK-47 pistol to stay small and wieldy.

Add in some modern furniture, throw the wood handguard in the bin and you can have an interesting looking gun.

Lightweight, Cheap, Excellent DIY SBR Build

The Mini Draco pistol weighs in at 4.85lb, while the  full-fat version is 5.6lb. You’ll find them advertised as a Century Arms Mini Draco for sale, too, and Micro Draco 7.62x39mm and that’s fine. Check the length of the cold hammer forged barrel and you’re good to go.

American rappers have a love affair with the Mini Draco 7.62x39mm for no real apparent reason.

This semi-automatic pistol caliber looks gangster, it’s the right size and the magazine capacity is a big plus.

Century Draco is Reliable and Straight

A decent example of this Draco AK-47 pistol 7.62×39 mm is reliable and will eat crap ammunition all day long. It’s great fun at the range, and owners tend to love theirs.

Of course, it’s loud, it’s intimidating, gives you a sexy muzzle flash and it’s just different. An AR pistol or a 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbine, is way more refined.

This is agricultural as Hell, and that’s part of the appeal.

7.62x39mm AK47 Accessories & Upgrades

Fit a sling, SBA3 brace, a red dot, enhanced trigger group, extended charging handle, take an AK-74 muzzle brake, turn the whole thing into a matte black menace. Do what you like really.

This is really a starting point and there are all kinds of custom parts pistol wonders floating round the web that can turn that rather odd looking duckling into something like this. A new trigger group, a new muzzle device on the threaded barrel that doesn’t look like an antique. All those things…

Custom Draco Gun parts & accessories are big business. The Draco is an awesome DIY SBR foundation too.

Custom Guns Get Weird, Fast

When you really start to modify your modern day 7.62x39mm AK47 with related products, then you can join the growing cult of DIY SBR builds and get lost in a very strange world indeed.

The Origins Story

This is a Romanian 7.62x39mm AK47 for civilian use. Really, it’s an almost exact copy of the Romanian PM md.90 without full auto machine guns shenanigans and a folding stock that both feature on the law enforcement and military model.

Designed in the late 1980s, with production starting in 1990, the MD90 reflects an evolution of the AK-47 platform, adapted to meet the specific needs of the Romanian military.

Distinguished by its laminated wood furniture and side-folding metal stock, the PM md.90 is designed for improved maneuverability and ease of use in tight spaces, making it particularly suited for urban warfare.

Century Arms Micro Draco AK47 Pistol for sale. A great modern AK-47 at the right price. A cheap gun, with heritage. Sort of.

What are the origins of the modern AK?

This modern day pistol owes its existence to the Pistol Mitralieră model 1963/1965. That looks like a low-budget AK-47 pistol, because that’s pretty much what it was.

It was one of the early Romanian AK-style pistols and rifles, produced under license in Romania.

The model 1965 variant, or md. 65, included a side-folding metal stock, enhancing its versatility and making it more suitable for airborne and armored troops who require a more compact weapon for confined spaces. These rifles have been a staple of Romanian military and police forces and have seen export and use in various conflicts around the globe, testament to their durability and reliability.

The Romanian AK47 rifles were big, clunky and ugly. But then the company slowly refined the concept and these SBRs and rifles still serve to this day.

By the 1990s, they finally had it worked out to create a best-selling assault weapon. And a semi auto version it could sell to the world.

Do You Need a 7.62x39mm AK47 Pistol? Yes…

Just look at this thing. It’s a perfect home defense weapon if you have ear protectors on at all times. And maybe sunglasses.

This short barrel AK-47 would be a lot of fun at the range and if you’ve got an outdoor space to go and let rip then this would be about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.

The short barrel length is a personal defense favorite. We know there are better options and we list them here in our list of the best AK-47 semi auto rifles post. But these are fun.

Order your Century Arms Micro Draco AK-47 pistol 7.62×39 now and don’t forget a stack of 30rd mags, or even bigger drums.

Draco Alternatives

There are lots of alternatives to the Draco, and here are some of the best.

Kalashnikov USA can now sell you an authentic Kalashnikov pistol or rifle.

1. Kalashnikov USA KP104

  • Price: $1,331.99

For decades, the OG Avtomat Kalashnikova could not sell on US soil thanks to a pretty strict import ban.

But now with the magic of a US company, Kalashnikov is selling thousands of these pistols and rifles on our shores. Now you can buy a gun online and have one of the greatest names in firearms history and one of the most popular military small arms of all time.

The Palmetto State Armory AK47 pistol, an affordable and high quality pistol. 7.62x39mm ammunition.

2. Palmetto State Armory

  • Price: $899.99

Palmetto State Armory made its name with cheap AR-15s, so it makes sense they turned their attention to the Russian megastar too.

The PSA AK47 pistol is one of the best selling AKs in North America. It can sell you a cheap and cheerful home defense wepon, or something more advanced for shooting sports.

When you a buy a gun online, check out these best sellers from PSA.

The Arsenal SAM7K is a great AK-47, but can you afford it?

3. Arsenal SAM7K

  • Price: $2,120

If you can spare the money, then the Arsenal SAM7K is a great pistol.

This Bulgarian firearm comes with a forged and milled receiver, as well as a 30rd mag, and is ready for aftermarket accessories like a suppressor and collapsible stock.

Riley Defense RAK-47 is a low budget AK pistol that you will love.

4. Riley Defense RAK-47

  • Price: $799.99

The Riley Defense RAK-47 pistol is a great choice if you want to save money and you like a slightly more modern look.

The Pioneer Arms Hellpup

5. Pioneer Arms Hellpup

  • Price: $719.99

The Pioneer Arms Hellpup is a classic AK pistol for relative bargain basement money in the modern age.

When you buy a gun online, have a look at the Hellpup.

What About Some Ammo?

You want shotgun ammo, rifle ammo, 9mm ammo, rimfire ammo or handgun ammo for your concealed carry pistol? Yeah we got all of em for your full size 9mm pistols, long range bolt action rifles ammo and lots more besides for your gun safes.

These are our favorite suppliers right now.

Is the Draco AK47 Pistol California Legal?

Well, is anything California legal these days? Don’t say street shitting… Maybe single shot rifles chambered in 22 will be the only California legal firearm soon… I don’t know anymore.

But if AR15 rifles are basically hobbled at every turn, what hope for this Russian instrument of war?

Century Arms Draco Nak9 pistol for sale. Get a 9mm AK pistol

What About a 9mm AK-47 Pistol?

The Century Arms Draco Nak9 9mm pistol is a great option if you really like the AK style, but you also like your eyes and ears to function after a home defense ‘moment’.

And you can almost concealed carry this thing. Mikhail Kalashnikov would approve.

This Nak9 is fun, like a Wish.com HK SP5 semi-automatic pistol. But it faces serious opposition in the 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbine sector. It has also been followed by a raft of near clones, including the Charles Daly Pak-9.

That offers the same nostalgic lever action safety lever and is a more convenient polymer package, although still you really have to want the AK life to choose the Charles Daly Pak-9.

Unless you live in New Jersey, or NY City, or LA….

Other Cheap Firearms to Consider

We can fix you up with a great hunting rifle or cheap AR-15 rifles that costs less. Handguns, pistols, Guns, handguns, rifles & shotguns, we got all the guns for sale.

9mm ARs are a great option, too, now. That’s a real sign of the times and semi-auto 9mm SMG style pistol caliber carbine products have taken over a little this year.

Semi-auto shotguns, pump action shotguns, rifles, bolt action rifles are also low budget options with big impact.

Lever action rifles are kind of comical too.

Air Guns, Air Gun Ammo and Black Powder

If you really want something cheap, or just weird, the humble air gun has come a long way. Air guns, air gun ammo, all of it. You can shoot arrows and 50 cal projectiles that cost a fraction of real target shooting these days.

Also, you can buy an AK style BB gun, a 1911 pistol or a revolver.

Break action black powder guns are also cheap and good fun. Black powder is a world away from the precision rifles & pistols we like to sell, but they are a way in to North America Big Game hunting. And in some countries, that’s all you’re allowed.

Get a black powder gun here. Cheap break action rifles and single shot rifles with a kick. Just cheap guns for sale, which is what we all want and need really.


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