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Buy a Draco Gun Online Here. Great guns for sale, from the AK-47 to the AR-15 and even a 50 BMG. Get a pistol, caliber: 7.62x39mm, today.

Century Arms Draco Gun

  • Price: $650+
  • Caliber: Pistol 7.62x39mm

A box fresh AK-47 pistol is a wonderful thing. And the biggest name on the block is easily manufacturer Century Arms and the Draco pistol.

The prices are up and down at the moment. New arrivals are landing all the time, but stocks are hit and miss right now and prices can vary wildly.

So you really have to price check this one, because you can save $100 with a few clicks and about two minutes of your time.

We have even done the searches for you with live links. Just click these, check the price and save money instantly. How’s that for customer service?

Gun Stores That Stock Dracos:

Where to Buy a Century Arms Micro Draco Gun?

Do you want the infamous AK-47 pistol 7.62x39mm? Well there’s a cheap reproduction of this military classic.

These are standard items, issued to the proper military and child soldiers in the Congo alike. There’s a dealer in almost every nation and this reproduction firearm has turned into an institution.

It comes fresh in the box. It’s oiled, and hasn’t been lying in a Russian attic, or a Romanian swamp, for the last 40 years. That’s generally a good thing, when it comes to firearms. Matte black beats rust, most days.

There Are 3 Lengths

You can get the Draco Pistol 7.62x39mm in three different sizes with near unlimited magazine capacity. Well not unlimited magazine capacity, but ridiculous magazine capacity if you go for drum mags.

The full-size option comes with a 12.25″ barrel, then you get smaller and more compact with the 7.75″ barrel Mini and then the super short 6.25″ barrel.

This Caliber is Unique

This is the AK-47 pistol 7.62×39 that you have wet dreams about with a lever action safety. It’s so small that you might lose a little accuracy, but it is an absolutely unique little weapon and a real cheap way to get a piece that hits harder than an AR-15.

Just watch Hickok with a fully automatic SBR here before going back to your single trigger pull, single shot pistol.

The Mini is around the same price and leaves the wood alone for a complete matte black finish.

Buy a Micro Draco Gun Online here. Guns on sale at discount prices.

You can watch this little fella in action here and the express purpose of this video is to find how much accuracy you lose compares to the full-size alternative.

In this video, after a few sighting shots, the Century Arms Micro Draco AK pistol, freehand with no tactical brace, repeatedly rang the bell at 70 yards. On sticks, it’s super consistent. So with an optic and a brace, you could probably trust this to around 100 yards. That’s not bad.

Accessories are Big Business

The Draco is a semi-auto pistol with nasty furniture if we’re honest. But then there’s a roaring aftermarket in custom parts & accessories.

The good news is that pretty much anything that fits an AK-47 will fit this AK-47 pistol too, which includes a stock if you want to go the full SBR route.

You don’t have to do that, as SB Tactical has solid pistol braces for this little monster. That matte black finish works well as a centerpiece in an SBR too. Although we prefer the AK-47 pistol to stay small and wieldy.

Add in some modern furniture, possibly a lever action safety, nice cases, and you can have a truly special creation.

It fires typical AK-47 cartridges (7.62x39mm) and it just looks right.

Lightweight, Cheap, Excellent DIY SBR Build

The semi-automatic Century Arms Micro Draco AK pistol 7.62×39 weighs in at 4.85lb, while the  full-fat version is 5.6lb. You’ll find them advertised as a Mini Draco gun, too, and that’s fine. Check the barrel and you’re good to go with a Mini Draco, or Micro, or whatever you’re looking for.

You need a stock, another grip/heatshield on the front. Maybe add rifle scopes, or a new front sight and gas tube. You’ve got an intriguing home defense weapon.

I mean it will send you deaf and blind, but it will get the job done. Handguns, pistols and SBRs like this just make us smile too.

Rappers Love the Romanian Draco

American rappers have a love affair with the Mini Draco for no real apparent reason.

It looks gangster, it’s the right size and the magazine capacity is a big plus. That’s why it has found favor with New York crazies and New Jersey hitmen alike.

This Romanian Draco AK pistol packs a serious punch, although if you’re an AR15 rifles kind of person then this argument probably isn’t going to work on you. And you can point to things like this to back up your argument.

The Romanian Draco is Reliable and Straight

A decent example of this AK47 pistol is reliable and will eat crap ammunition all day long. It’s great fun at the range, and owners tend to love theirs.

Of course it’s loud, it’s intimidating, gives you a sexy muzzle flash and it’s just different. That’s part of the appeal. If you’re a collector, or a range junkie, then you kinda need one.

AK Reliability: Chews Crap Steel All Day

Seriously, it is easy to manoeuvre, kicks like a mule and you get a 30-round mag. You get the legendary AK reliability and it will basically eat trash and send it too. The AK-47 is still the world’s most popular assault rifle, in part due to its refusal to jam, even with fairly extreme provocation.

If you don’t like the wood veneer or odd, brown pistol grip, and we get that, you can strip it down and turn it into the AR rival of your dreams. You’re hardly messing with heritage.

AK47 Accessories & Upgrades

Fit a sling, SBA3 brace, a red dot, take an AK-74 muzzle brake, turn the whole thing into a matte black menace. Do what you like. This is really a starting point and there are all kinds of custom parts floating round the web that can turn that rather odd looking duckling into something like this.

Custom Draco Gun parts & accessories are big business. The Draco is an awesome DIY SBR foundation too.

Home Defense Devil?

You’ll end up with a weapon that isn’t much longer than a concealed carry, depending on your chosen length, and five times as effective.

It could be the one you reach for when you just want to have some fun in a wide open space. In the house, it could be a little much…

Custom Guns Get Weird, Fast

When you really start to modify your modern day AK47 pistol with related products, then you can join the growing cult of DIY SBR builds and get lost in a very strange world indeed. This is military surplus taken to a whole new level and you’ll find many a blog on this very subject.

There’s a sub-culture of Draco AK-47 pistol braces, drum mags, red dot sights, optics, weapon lights and upgraded integral front sights, triggers and gas tube configurations.

What is a Draco AK47 Pistol?

This is a Romanian AK47 pistol for civilian use. Really, it’s an almost exact copy of the Romanian PM md.90 without full auto and a folding stock that both feature on the military model.

It does not have a stock and it’s less than 26 inches, comfortably so at 22 inches overall.

What are the Competitors

Really you’re looking at the Ruger AR-556, a Diamondback Firearms or a Radical Firearms AR. Rock River Arms have some options in this price range too.

There’s alot to be said for going for any of these AR pistols in 2021. Certainly compared to an imported Romanian AK.

They’ll be more precise, less likely to send you blind, deaf and dumb, and they’re more controlled weapons. Better for hunting too.

If you want something quirky and you’re happy to spend a little more, there’s always the Stey Arms bullpup, or even a Ruger Mini-14.

But are they are as much fun? No. No they are not.

Fun, if that Counts. We Think Yes.

Can it hold its own here? Hell yeah, if bang for buck comes into things as this thing is an absolute bargain. Some people think they’re a solid SHTF option to have in your locker, too.

It’s about as civilized as the Tasmanian Devil. But it’s fun. So you might know that even AK47 rifles are more civilized, or that AR15 rifles and AR15 pistols are measurably better in a lot of ways. But you still might want one of these, and that’s fine too.

Century Arms Micro Draco AK47 Pistol for sale. A great modern AK-47 at the right price. A cheap gun, with heritage. Sort of.

What are the origins of the modern AK?

This modern day Draco AK47 pistol owes its existence to the Pistol Mitralieră model 1963/1965. That looks like a low-budget AK-47 pistol, because that’s pretty much what it was.

The Romanian AK47 rifles were big, clunky and ugly. But then the company slowly refined the concept. Technological advancement was glacial, but it has come.

By the 1990s, they finally had it worked out. That version was more or less the same as the current line. There are hints of AK74 pistol here, too, and they are more of a tribute act than any kind of faithful replica. It’s a mix and match of both the AK47 pistol and AK74.

Do You Need a Micro Draco AK47 Semi Automatic Pistol? Yes…

Just look at this thing. It’s a perfect home defense weapon if you have ear protectors on at all times. And maybe sunglasses…

It would be a lot of fun at the range and if you’ve got an outdoor space to go and let rip then this would be about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.

The shorter barrel length is our personal favorite. We know there are better options and we list them here in our list of the best AK-47s post. But they are different things…

High Capacity AK Magazines are Pretty Sweet

You know that the AK47 rifles, shotguns and pistols all come with a variety of 30rd mags, as well as drum mags and pretty much anything else you can imagine. The 100 round drum mags are the wildest option out there. I mean they’re not all trouble-free, but if you get one running well then it turns you int a one-man army.

For 30rd mags, high capacity mags, pistol mags, shotgun mags and more, look here:

What About a 9mm AK-47 Pistol?


Other Cheap Firearms to Consider

We can fix you up with a great bolt action hunting rifle, a cheap AR-15 that costs less than this AK oddity and a few other things too. Space age material, steel, we got em all…

9mm ARs are a great option, too, now. That’s a real sign of the times and 9mm SMG style products have taken over a little this year.

So check out these reviews posts when you’re thinking about buying a Micro Draco.

Hardy Wood and Steel

The AK is solid material, steel and wood, and should go forever. In certain parts of the world it’s the easiest ammo to find, too. That matters a lot.

Parts kits are available from the major parts & accessories suppliers, including Brownells and Sportsman’s Warehouse.

The likes of Palmetto State Armory also have their own AK-47 parts kit, complete rifles, pistols and the 9mm variant too. So these products aren’t hard to find or maintain.

Get a chrome-lined barrel right through to a 9mm SMG with double stack magazine capacity here. PSA has fast shipping available now too when placing your order for firearms.

All of them will ship direct to your local FFL dealer, which can be a local gun store or a pawn shop. So what are you waiting for? Order your Century Arms Micro Draco AK-47 pistol 7.62×39 now.

Century Arms Alternatives

You can buy an AK47 pistol from plenty of other sources. The main players are Kalashnikov USA, Zastava Arms, Riley Defense, Pioneer Arms and Tula Arms. The Pioneer Arms Hellpup is a big seller and with a 30rd mag then it’s a real weapon. People even use them as concealed carry pistols in Soviet Russia….

Kalashnikov USA is making more and more headway after a longstanding ban on the import of some parts that caused problems for Kalashnikov in the past.

You can find a number of AR pistol 7.62x39mm options now too. They include the IWI Galil Ace, which comes in a lot of calibers, and the

The California Assault Weapons Control Act means you can’t legally buy a Draco Gun in California these days. You can convert one to a legal weapon, though, if you already have it. So no, the basic pistol you see here is not California legal.

The State of California also issues Prop 65 Warnings because it contains materials that can cause cancer and birth defects. I mean it’s a gun, State of California, there are more immediate things to consider than these slow deaths surely? But no…

California residents have less fun when it comes to firearms, new and old. We all know it. SO maybe consider moving to Texas where the gun laws are better and so is life….

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