Where To Buy A Draco Gun

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Century Arms Draco 7.62x39mm

  • Price: $650+

The price for the Century Arms Mini Draco, micro draco and more are very supplier dependant. So you might want to check these quick pre-done searches that will give you the live prices, and possibly a bargain.

Where to Buy a Draco Gun?

Do you want to buy the infamous AK-47 pistol 7.62x39mm? Well the good news is there’s a cheap, solid, semi-auto reproduction of this military classic and we can show you how to buy a Romanian Draco 7.62x39mm right now. They’re even making them in America these days.

It comes fresh in the box for less than $605 from Century Arms. It’s new, and oiled, and hasn’t been lying in a Russian attic, or a Romanian swamp, for the last 20 years. That’s generally a good thing, when it comes to firearms.

You can buy your Century Arms Draco pistol 7.62×39, in all its forms, here!

There Are 3 Lengths of Semi Auto Draco Gun

Unbelievably, for such a small gun, you can get the semi auto Draco 7.62x39mm in three different sizes. The full-size gun comes with a 12.25″ barrel, then you get smaller and more compact with the 7.75″ barrel Mini Draco and then the super short 6.25″ barrel of the smaller gun.

This is the AK-47 pistol 7.62×39 that you have wet dreams about with a lever action safety. It’s so small that you might lose a little accuracy, but it is an absolutely unique little weapon and a real cheap way to get a semi-automatic long pistol that hits harder than an AR-15.

You should be able to buy a Century Arms Micro Draco Gun for around $700. The Century Arms Mini Draco is around the same price.

Buy a Micro Draco Gun Online here. Guns on sale at discount prices.

You can watch this little fella in action here and the express purpose of this video is to find how much accuracy you lose compares to the full-sized Draco Gun.

In this video, after a few sighting shots, the Micro Draco, freehand with no tactical brace, repeatedly rang the bell at 70 yards. On sticks, it’s super consistent. So with an optic and a brace, you could probably trust this little gun beyond 100 yards. That’s not bad.

Draco Gun Furniture is Big Business

The furniture is pretty nasty if we’re honest, but then there’s a roaring aftermarket in custom Draco gun parts & accessories. The good news is that pretty much anything that fits an AK-47 will go on this gun, too, which includes a stock if you want to go the full SBR route.

You don’t have to do that, though, as SB Tactical has a solid pistol brace for this little monster.

Add in a new pistol grip and some modern furniture, possibly a new lever action safety, nice gun cases, and you can have a truly special truck gun for less than $750. You can even have a full AK-47 SBR with new furniture that looks seriously good.

It fires typical AK-47 ammo (7.62x39mm). It’s semi-automatic, the safety is the typical oversized lever action and it just looks right, even down to the budget pistol grip.

Lightweight Pistols Form Excellent SBR Build

The semi auto Century Arms Micro Draco AK-47 Pistol 7.62×39 weighs in at 4.85lb, while the  full-fat pistol is 5.6lb. The mini Draco is just 14inch in total, which means it’s a truly tempting little truck gun. You need a pistol grip, another grip/heatshield on the front and you’ve got one of the best home defense guns out there. I mean it will send you deaf and blind, but it will get the job done.

This semi auto packs a serious punch, although if you’re an AR-15 pistol kind of person then this argument probably isn’t going to work on you.

The Century Arms Draco AK-47 is reliable. This semi auto will eat standard AK-47 ammunition all day long and people that buy one tend to love theirs. It’s great fun at the range,

It’s loud, it’s intimidating, the semi auto Romanian Draco gives you a sexy muzzle flash and it’s just different. If you’re a collector, or a range junkie, then you kinda need one.

AK Reliability: Chews Crap Ammo All Day

Seriously, this semi auto is easy to manoeuvre, it kicks like a mule and you get a 30-round mag. You get the legendary AK-47 pistol reliability, it will basically eat trash ammo all day long.

If you don’t like the wood veneer or odd, brown pistol grip, and we get that, you can strip it down and turn it into the semi auto AR rival of your dreams. When you take the Century Arms route, you’re hardly messing with heritage.

Fit a sling, pistol braces, a red dot, take an AK-74 muzzle brake, turn the whole thing into a matte black menace. Do what you like. This semi auto gun, at this price, is really a starting point and there are all kinds of custom parts floating round the web that can turn that rather odd looking gun into something like this.

Custom Draco Gun

You’ll end up with a semi-auto that isn’t much longer than a big revolver and is five times as effective. It could be the ultimate truck gun, but it will also be the one you reach for when you just want to have some fun in a wide open space.

When you really start to modify your semi auto Draco gun AK-47 pistol, then you can join the growing cult of Romanian Draco Gun SBR builds and get lost in a very strange world indeed. There’s a sub-culture of pistol braces, red dot sights, weapon lights

What Stabilizing Brace Works Best With This Pistol

Where do you buy an original AK-47?

Let’s say you don’t want a new semi auto from Century Arms, though. Let’s say you’re going down the full army surplus route. So how do you buy an AK-47 online?

Most of them are the semi auto modern copies, which will do the job but perhaps lack the romance of a true beaten down Eastern European AK-47.

But you can find a wide selection of AK-47 pistols, which is the best search to go for, on Gunbroker. That will turn up all kinds of treasures from Arsenal and even different versions of the Century Arms weapons with a tactical brace and modern furniture. The parts & accessories alone should put a smile on your face.

What is a Draco Gun?

The Draco gun is a semi auto Romanian AK-47 pistol variant designed for civilian use. Really, it’s an almost exact copy of the Romanian PM md.90 without full auto and a folding stock that both feature on the military model.

It does not have a stock and it’s less than 26 inches, comfortably so at 22 inches overall. So, even with that 12 inch barrel, it’s classed as a pistol on these shores.

That puts this semi-auto head-to-head with the likes of the Sig Sauer MPX platform, B&T TP9 and the HK SP5K in the 9mm class. And some of the best AR pistols in the world.

Can it hold its own here? Hell yeah, if bang for buck comes into things as this gun is an absolute bargain and if STHF then it’s one you’d want by your side… It hits harder than 9mm, although it struggles against AAC 300 Blackout.

It’s really hard to pick faults with the semi auto Draco gun if we’re honest. Well it’s about as civilized as the Tasmanian Devil and it will leave a home intruder blind and deaf, even if you miss.

But it’s fun.

What are the origins of the modern Romanian Draco gun for sale?

The modern day Draco gun owes its existence to the Pistol Mitralieră model 1963/1965, which looks like a low-budget AK-47, because that’s pretty much what it was.

The Romanian rifle was big, clunky and ugly. But then the company started to refine the concept.

The 1990s version was more or less the same gun as we have now, with a skeletal, basic stock and full auto for military use.

How much is a Draco Gun?

When the Romanians flooded the US market just five years ago, this was a cheap gun if you really scoured the ads. Those days are gone…

The problem is, it’s way better than that and connoisseurs have started to get hold of them, they have acquired a cult following and Draco guns have even found favor with rappers that like the size and the image.

Now the only guns on sale are pretty much the Draco, Micro Draco and Century Arms Mini Draco, which are licensed copies and tributes that are still being churned out of a Romanian factory.

Why would you want a Draco gun?

Just look at the Century Arms Mini Draco pistol 7.62×39. It’s a perfect home defense weapon if you have ear protectors on at all times. And maybe sunglasses…

It would be a lot of fun at the range and if you’ve got an outdoor space to go and let rip then this would be about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.

The Century Arms Micro Draco is our personal favorite for an AK-47 pistol. We know there are better options and we list them here in our list of the best AK-47 rifles and AK-47 pistols. But this is better.

Buy your semi auto Draco Gun, or your mini Draco, here!

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