Where to Buy a Q Honey Badger




Q Honeybadger pistol for sale. Where can you buy one?

UPDATE: Don’t buy a Q Honeybadger right now, even if you can. The ATF has ordered a cease and desist, nobody knows what’s really going on and the Q Honeybadger’s birth just gets more difficult.

Seriously, at this point, you might want to consider just buying another AR pistol…



Q Honey Badger Rifle 16″

  • Price: $1,899
  • Type: Rifle,
  • Barrel length: 16 inch
  • Caliber: 300BLK
  • Overall Length: 29 inch (Collapsed, 34 inch extended)
  • Weight: 5.7lb
  • Capacity: 30+1

The Honey Badger by Q started to look like mythical vaporware. A gun that was conceived after a request from an elite US special operations team and became a star in the world of video games was finally coming to the real world. This was all the way back in 2013…

Often advertised, never in stock, it was like the firearms equivalent of Sasquatch.

Was the Q line of guns just a cruel hoax? It looked like that was going to be the case when Remington announced that it would pull AAC out of the rifle business and focus purely on suppressors back in 2015. That looked like the end.

But then here we are, looking at a Honey  Badger by Q.

It is finally here, and it’s for sale.

You could have it in your hands in 48 hours if you order now. You can now order The Fix by Q, too, which is the 6.5 Creedmoor sniper rifle that we will get to in one moment.

First is the 16” rifle in 300BLK, not the AR pistol that is the signature gun and is beyond sexy. 

If you just can’t wait that long, here’s the rifle you can have in your hands within days. Beautiful isn’t she? Like an SMG with a long barrel. It’s weird, but it really works.

Where to buy a Q Honey Badger rifle

Buyer Beware With Honey Badger Pistol Listings

Even the dealers that claim to have the pistol in stock have an asterix and mysterious talk of lead times. Either the gun is for sale or it isn’t, and we suspect in a lot of cases it really isn’t. Even Q themselves say you might have to wait a while when you go to the onsite order page. You’re invited to pre-order the Mini Fix for 50%, too, which is a bit ‘Kickstarter’.

We don’t think it’s anything particularly Machiavellian on their part as to why you can’t buy the Honey Badger gun freely yet. Just that turning these cutting edge gun sinto a reality has been a tough job behind the scenes in terms of the management, as well as the materials.

So we’re still waiting for the pistol in any huge numbers and I would want to see the paperwork and pictures of the actual gun before pulling the trigger on the ones listed on Gunbroker.

Honey Badger Redesigned Before Commercial Sale

The original Honey Badger developed at AAC has given way to a new design along the way, with a series of upgrades and it looks like it’s going to be worth the wait.

When it arrives, that pistol is going to have some tough competition ready and waiting, including our 19 best AR Pistols on the market. But it looks good enough to go toe to toe with any of them. Elite US special forces don’t take garbage into battle after all.

But the rifle, yes you can buy it right now and it’s a work of art. It’s at our favorite dealer, too, and they make it easy to buy guns online.

Where to buy a Q Honey Badger online

Now The Fix by Q is On Sale Here!

You can finally order the Creedmoor rifle, too, The Fix by Q, from our partner. That’s a $3028.99 sniper rifle that can take down Elk, people and just about anything else at 1000 yards plus. it’s an exciting, sexy new rifle and we’re starting to really dig the Q line-up.

Here is The Fix by Q, which we hope will go on to become one of the best shooting, as well as best-looking, 6.5 Creedmoor rifles on sale. We’ll cover that separately later, but for now just now that it’s up for sale right now. Click on the picture to buy yours and get the gun that everybody has been waiting for.

Q The Fix sniper rifle for sale

What’s Special About a Honey Badger Rifle?

The size is the big deal. This is a full-size rifle, shooting proper 300BLK, in a package that looks as compact as the best sub-machine guns. It’s light, it’s perfectly balanced and you really can carry it all day.

The actual pistol takes that to another level, obviously. With a 7″ barrel, 20″ collapsed total length and a 4.8lb total weight, this is a thing of beauty. But there’s no reason you can’t have both a Honey Badger rifle and the pistol, if you could stomach the cost.

Integral suppression is also on offer on the pistol which is seriously clever. It all adds to the price tag, but then you already knew that…

Basic Technology, Done Well

Aside from that, the Honey Badger by Q is a pretty basic rifle that has been engineered to the nth degree. It’s a direct impingement AR-platform when you look at it with a cynical eye, but then that fits the military profile of basic technology that won’t break in the field.

Yes, it’s a designer AR-15. But the brand has been built on engineering and military precision, rather than marketing fluff. So that’s a brand I don’t mind buying into and paying a little more for.

You get the spec list of a rifle you could realistically buy for $1,000 without the overengineering. In fact we did a list of AR-15s for $1000 recently and you can see for yourself that is precisely the mid-range, direct impingement rifle brigade we’re talking about.

What makes the Q Honey Badger rifle worth almost double the POF Constable? It’s a fair question…

It weighs in at 5.7lb, the telescoping stock is about as lightweight as it gets and everything on this rifle has been pared down or stripped completely, then coated with a durable finish that looks the absolute tits. It’s a clear hard coat, anodized for a perfect finish.

The mix and match colorscheme is clever, raw and gives the gun a genuine military flavor. It also contrasts with the perfect fit and finish and gives this gun more character.

Design wise it’s genius. It’s all about the compact, lightweight frame and the portability, but it emerges with a personality.

Where to Buy a Q Honey Badger

What are the Technical Highlights?

You only need to look at the clear hard coat anodized 7075 Aluminum receivers, beyond Mil-spec, to see the attention to detail that has gone into this gun. It isn’t a checklist of features to sell to the unsuspecting public, it is a perfectly engineered weapon of war that you just happen to be able to buy.

That telescoping stock gives just two positions, open or closed, which might rankle the Magpul faithful, but it’s designed much like the Sig Sauer Rattler stock. It’s centralised, it’s solid and it gives you a steady base to work around. You may have to adjust to your gun, rather than the other way round. That’s no real hardship as this will become your favorite rifle, we’re pretty sure of that.

A free-floating MLOK handguard, low-profile gas block, 70 degree safety selector and a two-stage, match grade trigger are all part of the package and the gas system is proven in the field and in thousands of hours of lab tests. The muzzle is inevitably threaded for one of AAC’s trademark suppressors and also gets a cherry bomb muzzle brake. Inside,  it’s a match grade and Mil-spec barrel, and it gets a 1:5 twist.

Even the charging handle is neatly tucked away up top and this is a gun that has just been well thought out at every single stage. It is a reimagined AR-15 in a lot of ways and you can see where the money is going, even though you could get a  very solid gas-piston AR-15 for this money. That’s the dilemma, but then if you collect guns, this is one you need in your collection. And if you have just fallen in love with the designer label rifle, then that’s  good enough reason too.

Simply put, the Honeybadger by Q is going to sell out fast and I’m not sure it’s going to be around forever. The management are clearly doing their best, but this doesn’t have a well-funded corporate feel and this might be a brief window. So jump through it, grab your rifle now. You’ll have a piece of history.

Who are Q and What is a Honey Badger?

The original Honey Badger by Q is actually the work of AAC, Advanced Armament Corporation, which in turn is a subsidiary of Remington. It could well have turned into their firearms skunkworks, but the management waters look to have got a little murky and Q is a true standalone company that isn’t mentioned on either of the other websites.

It is a lifestyle brand, using the very best military technology, that has the potential to produce world beating guns from what we have seen so far. It is also raising money by selling the mini Fix 224 Valkyrie at a 50% pr-order price, which doesn’t look like a very Remington thing to do. 

Kevin Brittingham started AAC when he was 19 and he has had a major impact on the world of suppressors and ammunition. His company created 300 AAC Blackout, is one of the world’s authorities on ballistics and silencer tech and let’s just say we’re pretty keen to see what he can do with a designer AR-15 now he is past the internal hurdles.

He has built a cult following in the industry and there’s no doubt the Honey badger by Q is a big deal.

It has appeared in War Inc, Call of Duty, Splinter Cell Blacklist and more. It’s a gun that had a reputation before it was even for sale and this virtual launch has created a lot of hype that the actual firearms have to live up to. The early signs are that it has exceeded expectations.

The pistol came first and was designed for special forces teams to use in the field. The special operations group wanted to replace their Heckler & Koch MP5-SDs with an upgraded platform with the ability to shoot 300BLK. The Honey Badger was born.

Blackout ammunition is perfect at close range, especially with a suppressor. It isn’t quite whisper quiet, but it’s close, and it’s absolutely the epitome of a special forces round.  Simply put, it’s a more effective killing machine than the 9mm HK MP5 and having exceeded expectations with the military, Kevin Brittingham set his sights on the commercial market.

They already had the ultimate SBR. All it took was a HB tactical brace to turn this into a pistol for the open market, well that and removing full auto fire. It has taken a few years to offer the gun for sale to the public,, but that’s as much down to company structure as the weapon itself.

What Weapons Are in the Honey Badger by Q Line-Up?

Alongside the military SBR, there is a street-legal pistol to you and me, an AR-15 rifle and a Creedmoor 6.5 sniper rifle called The Fix in the Honey Badger by Q line-up. There’s a Mini Fix in the works, too, chambered in 224 Valkyrie, that is being offered at an insane discount, if you’re prepared to wait an unspecified amount of time.. 

That hunting rifle, sniper rifle, call it what you will, is one of the coolest things ever by the way. Yes it’s more than $3,000, but just feast your eyes for a moment…

The Fix By Q - A Creedmoor Sniper rifle

This is the bolt action rifle reimagined with military tech. it really is that good, in theory at least, and an optional 24 inch barrel and a 6.5 Creedmoor could and should be a class-leading combination.

Suppressors are intertwined with the Q legend and they are AAC’s bread and butter. Inevitably then, the early shots of The Fix, and the potentially even cooler Mini Fix, all had silencers sitting proudly on the barrel. It just made it look like even more of a hitman’s gun. The pistol comes with a range of integral suppression, too.

Look at this gun. It could so easily feature in John Wick 3, they just need to get in touch and do a deal.

Honey Badger by Q for sale

Cutting Edge Weapons Across The Board

All of the weapons look the absolute best of the best, the top rifles, pistols and SBRs in the world in their respective weight classes. We just don’t include them on our best of lists because buying one is pretty much an achievement in itself and I want to see them for sale in legit places. This one is.

Where to Buy a Honey Badger by Q

If you’re dead set on the pistol, and I can understand that, head over the Gunbroker. They start from $1800 and some cheeky souls think they can start the bidding at 2K. Maybe they can…

Make sure they actually have that gun before you part with the money, though, and ask for paperwork. There are always going to be grifters out there taking deposits on guns they don’t actually have in their hands yet. In the case of the Honey Badger, you might as well wait and buy yours from your dealer rather than get strung along by someone who thinks they can get one of the first ones.

The simple fact is if you want to buy a Honey Badger by Q pistol or rifle and the gun is real, then you’re going to pay top dollar. A cheap Q Honey Badger rifle is the stuff of dreams, and it isn’t going to happen. 

People will turn around and sell the first ones for a premium, as they do with sportscars with a long wait list. Get ready for some amazing price tags, bewildering auctions and then the whole thing will die down and go away. It might be entertaining for a little while…

Or you could just buy the rifle, which is about as compact as most SBRs, and possibly develop a Honey Badger addiction that ends in the coolest line of firearms known to man, followed by bankruptcy, divorce and the inevitable spiral into alcoholism and homelessness. Until then, it will be amazing.

Get yours now, how could you say no to that?

Where to Buy a Q Honey Badger
Q Honeybadger pistol for sale. Where can you buy one?

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