How To Buy Guns Online

Where to buy cheap guns


Do You Know The Best Way To Buy Guns?

If you don’t know how to buy a gun online then you’re missing out on a few things.

  • Cheaper prices – Price shop guns with us, including fire-sales on individual guns.
  • Convenience – Order guns online and they are ALMOST delivered to your door.
  • Choice – You can order any cheap gun you want online, you’re not limited by your dealer’s options.

So How Do You Buy Guns On The Web?

Well first you make friends with your local pawn shop. The one with a couple of Hi Points in the window is perfect. If they sell firearms, they have an FFL license. That means they can receive your gun for you and you can buy online.

Some local gun stores really don’t like doing FFL Transfers and will try and talk you into buying from them. Some have even refused to do them and it’s obviously a little tense.

The pawn shop really couldn’t have sold you an AR-15, or even a brand new CCW. So they have decided to make hay from online gun sales and make FFL transfers a part of their business. They are official local FFL dealers and they want your business.

He is your FFL dealer, not your gun store owner. That’s the way you should keep it. Get a great price high quality firearm delivered almost to your door.

They do the background check at your local FFL dealer’s store. Do the transfer, you walk out after buying a gun. So you can pick up a concealed carry weapon of your dreams. Or high price handguns, long guns or 50 BMG rifles at our partners.

Finish Checks and Sale In Store

You pay a fixed fee to the FFL dealer for the paperwork and receiving your parcel. It’s somewhere between $10-$25 as a general rule. The pawn shop receives your rifles shotguns or pistols, and you finish the paperwork and background checks in the store.

From your perspective, it’s just like buying the handguns, rifles and shotguns in the pawn shop. But you just order and pay for it in advance. You have to do the background check in person anyway. So this is a seamless system to buy a gun and your FFL dealer will probably become a friend.

Faster Background Check For Guns

Form a relationship with your FFL dealer and you don’t have to constantly register your details. Just buy a gun, shoot them a message and you’re good to go when you arrive.

The first time will take a little longer. But once you’re set up at your local pawn shop, the second time you’ll be done in minutes. Technically…

If you’re a gun collector, this FFL dealer will save you so much time you’ll struggle to believe it. It’s the easy way to buy your long guns and concealed carry handguns at the lowest possible price. That works for Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Heckler & Koch, Glock, Mossberg and just about everything else. We have a deal for you.

You Could Order Guns Now

If your local pawn shop is a big one with a decent website, you might well find they have a form you can fill out to let them know your gun is on the way. Others will have clear information that means you can order your gun right now and let everybody know.

Some will even let you download a copy of their FFL license so you can supply it to the dealer direct. When they’re that organized, the chances are our dealers already have their FFL license on file and have done business with them before. Again, that means you can buy a gun right now, in total confidence, whether it’s a 9mm Luger or a .338 Lapua you want to buy.

Where to Buy Guns?

There are lots of online gun sales sites, including the USA Gun Shop, but a lot of us are simply showing you the best guns out there.

Here at the USA Gun Shop we work a little differently. We have partnered with some of the biggest and best online gun stores and price check them against each other constantly. You get the best guns, and we definitely get the best prices.

Now we also work with a select group of retailers. They’re the best online gun stores in the USA. They’re ones that we know will give you exceptional service and value for money, as well as the right price for your new rifle or handgun.

Our picks for the best gun stores online in the USA are:

  1. Brownells – Amazing selection of handguns, rifles and shotguns.
  2. Sportsman’s Warehouse – Amazing guns at great prices.
  3. Rainier Arms – Beautiful high-end SBRs, rifles and competition handguns.
  4. Primary Arms – Great variety of guns and some real specialists.
  5. – Better selection each and every week. Growing USA Online gunbroker.
  6. Sportsman’s Guide – Awesome deals on a wide range of guns for sale online.

Buy Guns Online Instantly With These Gunbrokers

Buy guns right now in confidence from any of these dealers. They have established themselves as some of the best in the business and they complement each other well.

Brownells has user reviews and other gun reviews online as part of its site and Lucky Gunner is big on feedback and user reviews for cheap ammo for sale.

Do Your Gun Background Check at the Pawn Shop

Now, when I want to buy a gun, from the vast array of guns, the user reviews online can be all it takes to make the decision. I go to my pawn shop for my background check. The whole process of buying a gun  is easy, simple and cheap.

Keeping a tight knit selection of partners means we can price check effectively and constantly give you the best possible price for the best possible gun.

We’ll have new handguns as they land, advance order opportunities that can save you money and end of line fire-sales for AR-15s, handguns and gun accessories.

That means you can buy a Magnum Research Desert Eagle if you want, without waiting for a dealer to order one in. If you want the latest Sig Sauer or you want a Rock Island Armory 1911, you can place your order and buy your gun right now.

If I order my gun online, how long will it take?

The rules are quite strict and the handgun has to come express. Quite often it will be at your pawn shop within 48 hours and you can have it in your hands 15 minutes later.

If you think it’s quicker to go a shop, it probably isn’t. You can save money shopping for guns on your phone, and you can shop at 2am.

We all lead busy lives these days and it’s not always easy to get to your local gun store when it’s open. If they have to order the gun you want, which is increasingly the case, then you may as well save the money and order guns in minutes. That’s all they’re really doing and it will get to you just as fast.

Order a few guns like this and you’ll wonder why you ever bought guns for sale any other way. You’ll have more guns, because discounts, and that’s a good thing.

Here’s a little inspiration, with links to buy guns online right now.


Check Gun Reviews, Sales And Rebates, Here!

Get the bug for buying guns and you’ll start to learn all kinds of tricks. There are gun reviews online just about everywhere that will show you what every model is really capable of. Then it’s a case of finding the gun for sale at the right price.

That’s more complex than it first seems, as all the dealers have sporadic sales and mail-in rebates for guns on sale. So you can get discounted firearms almost any day of the week and the gun discount changes by the day.

Shop for guns, knives, tools and cheap ammunition online.

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We send out a weekly email of the deals that are just too time sensitive to put on the site, which can mean there is just one gun that has sat too long in stock and the vendor is prepared to compromise on the price to get that gun sold.

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You can score outrageous bargains, and buy more guns on your iPhone. If you have a large gun collection then you will save thousands of dollars, and hours of your life, when you buy guns on your phone right now.

Your local pawn shop will get to know you, the process will get even faster and they might even sell some of your old guns on consignment.

Sell Your Old Guns And Make Money

You can form an odd alliance and you’ll find that a pawn broker is the best person to get rare things. If they’re plumbed in to the city, they can find you all kinds of oddities and that’s quite a cool person to know.

They can sell your old guns for you, too. So if you do buy a Magnum Research Desert Eagle, then don’t worry you can sell it for a high price to a local gangster a few months down the line.

Go make friends with your pawn shop, and get ready to ride the Hell out of that FFL license and buy some serious guns within minutes.


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