The Best Glock 19 Parts & Accessories – 2023

The fifth generation Glock 19 is a major step forward, even though the gun looks almost like every other Glock, ever…

Experts tend to agree that Glock Gen 5 are the first Glocks you don’t really have to modify. Out the box, these are great guns now. and the best Glocks for sale in 2023 really are the best in show.

But there is still room for improvement, and finishing touches from the likes of Agency Arms, ZEV Tech and Taran Tactical Innovations.

The high-priced mods these companies made to the Glock 19 Gen 4 and Gen 3 had a massive impact on the design of the Gen 5.

The flared Magwell, groove-free grip and more come direct from the custom Glock world. You can see the design influences, together with some unique touches, in this list of the best custom Glocks in the world. 

And here are the best Glock 19 parts & accessories for you to instantly upgrade your gun.

Magazine Extensions are the quickest and simplest Glock 19 mod that makes a world of difference.

1. Magazine Extensions

  • Price: $16.99 – $100+

There aren’t many better mods for your Glock 19 than more bullets and there are more high-capacity magazines for the Glock 19 than any other semi-automatic pistol on the open market.

These are simple Glock accessories that will instantly change your world and if your State laws allow, you should have them.

You can opt for 100 rd drum magazines, twin drum mags, or just a massive Glock magazine poking out the bottom of your Glock. The third party magazines fit just like Glock OEM, and if you get the best brands you shouldn’t have any more feed issues than you get with a standard Glock factory flush fit mag.

Visual Impact of a Magazine Extension is Important

If you want Glock OEM magazines, you can get those too. The 33-round mags really are quite the thing to look at and it would let your home intruder know they have a significant issue.

Elite Tactical Systems also sell those transparent Glock mags that could and should be a tactical benefit.

Alternatively, you can just buy a new base plate for your mags with new magazine springs and go for a more modern look.

You can buy mag extensions, springs, baseplates, followers, inserts, 9mm magazine floor plates, just about all Glock parts and accessories from Brownells.

One of the more popular baseplates is the Pachmayr Pearce Grip Extension, which can add 0-2 bullets, depending on your local laws and personal preference.

The standard form floor plate just gives you a bit more grip to play with, while the more advanced option adds a 2 round magazine extension to your little 9mm ammo party.

Check here for some options for magazine extensions, springs, baseplates, followers, inserts, 9mm magazine floor plates etc…

Fit an optics ready slide to your Glock 19.

2. Optics Ready Slide

  • Price: $200-$700

Now let’s get one thing straight, I really don’t believe you’re going to feel hundreds of dollars of felt recoil reduction with a new stainless steel slide. I don’t think this simple piece of ventilated metalwork means your gun will suddenly defy the laws of Physics and shoot flatter than a quiet lake.

I do think that a new slide transforms the look of the gun, though, and fixes all the issues you’ve got with manipulating the flat and smooth slide. If you’re going for true functionality then make sure it’s RMR ready. Other than that, it’s your money and your choice.

Grey Ghost Precision has a great reputation for RMR ready slides and you can find entries from Patriot Ordnance Factory, Rival Arms and more.

You can choose from a huge range of slides these days and most Glock tuners have a slide or 7 for you. See a broad cross section here. Get a slide parts kit upgrade too.

Fluted match grade Glock 19 barrel. Upgrade your barrel for better performance.

3. Drop-In Match Grade Barrel

  • Price: $100-$275

If you’re going for a ventilated slide then you should have some jewelry peeping through underneath. Alternatively, this is the quickest and cheapest way to get suppressor ready with a threaded barrel.

This threaded barrel gives you the option of a suppressor or other muzzle devices.

And in every day life the polished end of your Glock barrels protrudes from the slide to give you a tacticool look. It’s just a little stainless steel, DLC coated gunporn to get you through the day.

The threaded barrel for Glock itself is machined from stainless steel, polished to perfection and then delivered to your door.

It will make a difference to your grouping and it should give you that nth degree of consistency. That’s what a Glock 19 is all about, but if you take it this far then you’re well into the realms of a custom gun that should be worth more than the considerable sum of its parts.

The True Precision barrel is one of the top custom parts you can fit to your Glock, but there are a number of options and it might come down to how much you like the marketing. Strike Industries is another big name in the parts, Glock accessories sector and they make mean Glock barrels.

Zaffiri Precision, Rival Arms, Grey Ghost Precision, Griffin Armament, Lone Wolf are all big names. But True Precision is the best seller we’d recommend. Them and Strike Industries.

Strike Industries also make charging handles and other AR-15 receiver part, alongside the likes of Battle Arms Development. Charging handles and muzzle devices have become an insanely competitive market these days and Strike is doing well with AR-15 accessories, Glock parts and more.

Leupold-DeltaPoint-Pro reflex sight. One of the best optics for a Glock, pistol or AR-15. Get your reflex sight here.


4. Red Dot Optics

  • Price $399.99

Red dot sight systems are an increasingly common sight on compact pistols, and you even get the new bred of micro compact 9mm pistols a micro red dot up top these days.

This is a cost-effective alternative to a more basic laser and it’s a reflex sight that you can switch between your Glock 19, your AR-15 and even your tactical shotgun.

Leupold makes some of the best rifle scopes in the business and the glass is top quality. This is a cheaper option than the class-leading RMR, but it’s hard to see where you’re cutting corners and it’s still high price, high spec. It’s a solid bit of kit and has one of the widest fields of view.

The aspherical glass gives you a distortion free, crystal clear view with the red dot lighting the target up like a Christmas tree. It’s motion sensitive, so it lights up when you need it.

Strong Shock Resistance Built In

A lightweight aluminum housing combines with sprung steel to provide the shock resistance you need. It’s a sight that will serve you for years and you’ll learn to love it.

The Leupold Reflex Sight vs RMR Trijicon is a tough call, but the glass is much clearer on the Leupold and you’re not working in a constant blue-green haze.

That means the Leupold is more flexible in different conditions in the field and user reviews online say it’s much simpler and less taxing on their eyes. I agree, and think this is a more flexible sight that I prefer. The fact that it’s also a cheaper alternative to the RMR Trijicon is an added bonus.

Glock 19 compensator, get yours here.

5. Glock 19 Compensator

  • Price: $100

A simple compensator for your Glock 19 Gen 5 can help with recoil reduction, a lot.

It’s a cumbersome thing to add on the end of the barrel, but then this is the payoff. Your G19 shoots flat as a mountain lake.

Brownells has options from ZEV Tech and Agency Arms for more or less the same price. So it really comes down to which parts and accessories manufacturer you like the look of.

Night Fision Perfect Dot Tritium Night Sights for Glock 19. A simple and hugely effective upgrade for your Glock.

6. Tritium Night Sights

  • Price: $80.00-$190

Self-illuminating Tritium gives you that glow that makes it easy for you to line up your gun in dark conditions.

It might not sound like a big deal, but in a stressed out self-defense situation then that can be a lifesaver.

This is one of the simplest Glock parts and accessories to fit yourself. And standard white dot sight Glock sights are famously bad, so you’ll definitely see an improvement.

New products are hitting the market all the time, and you can get everything from ghost ring sights to bullseye sights and red dots to replace your Glock sights. Classic hi viz night sights are really an upgrade on the standard 3 dot sights though.

We like the Trijicon TruGlo and HD XR Glock sights, but lots of these systems work well with Glock 19 pistols and some of it comes down to personal preference. Lots of folks like the Rival Arms system.

Upgrade your Glock 19 guide rods here. Get the best accessories for your Glock.

7. Guide Rod

  • Price: $20-60

Plastic guide rods just aren’t that great. They flex, sometimes even break, and they feel just that little bit vague.

A stainless steel or even tungsten guide rod can help quash recoil and muzzle flip. These guide rods give an added weight to the gun that makes it easier to shoot accurately and repeatably, as well as a firm anchor for the spring that helps tune the whole set up.

New guide rods are one of those super cheap mods that you probably should do to at least one of your semi-auto pistols to see the difference it makes fitting a guide rod from Rival Arms or several other manufacturers.

It is also one of those insider tips that will make you look like a wise wizard when you show your friends how $40 guide rods do more than hundreds of dollars of mods.

Get yourself  weapon lights, among other Glock 19 modifications, here.

8. Weapon Lights

  • Price: $100-$325

Weapon Lights can give you a tactical advantage and it’s just a damned handy thing to have, especially at night when you’re sweeping your home.

Streamlight makes a decent light, but the Surefire XSC is the one we’d recommend if you can spend more than $300 on your weapon lights.

Agency Arms Trigger for Glock 19 for sale. One of the best drop in triggers, along with ZEV Tech and Strike Industries.



8. Drop In Trigger

  • Price: $70-225

The trigger is often the first custom Glock modification that people make. It really isn’t as much of an essential upgrade these days, though, as the Gen 5 is a much better stock trigger.

You can choose from Agency Arms, ZEV Tech, CMC Triggers, Apex Tactical Specialties, Agency Arms and even the cheaper line-up from Brownells.

All these pistol parts will be an improvement, although the competition spec Glock triggers are eye-wateringly expensive custom Glock parts.

If you have a previous gen Glock 19, you know that Glock triggers were bad and is now a lot better.

A drop-in trigger will give your gun a flash of color with the Glock trigger housing, as well as a much sharper trigger. It will tighten up the whole gun, cosmetically as well as physically, and it’s a simple, devastatingly effective Glock accessory you can fit yourself.

Yes it’s one of the best Glock 19 modifications you can make. You might want to play with different spring settings to get the most from your new trigger set-up too, and look for the Glock trigger housing you like best.

Crimson Trace laser for Glock 19. A great addition to your pistol if rapid target acquisition is a concern. It's a tactical advantage, buy yours now.

9. Crimson Trace Laser

  • Price: $100-230.00

You might not need a laser, but there are certain times in life when you wish you had one. When something goes bump in the night, it’s nice to know that you don’t really have to aim at all. It’s one less thing to think about and a massive tactical advantage when you’re in a bad place.

So, would I have a laser on my nightstand pistol? Controversially, yes….

It might be a different matter with your EDC, and there are simpler lights, lasers and weapon lights these days. They can all transform a home defense handgun and this is absolutely a Glock accessory I would invest in.

X marks the spot with lights, lasers etc, it’s really that simple. It’s solid, rugged and the user reviews online make this one of the favorite Glock accessories out there.

Get one, never miss again and find out why a laser is an awesome pistol modification. Check out the Viridian Weapon Technologies offering too.

ZEV Technologies flared Magwell Glock 19

10. Magwell Adapter

  • Price: $15-100.00

It’s such a simple concept that literally every custom Glock manufacturer in the known world did it to the Glock 19 Gen 3 and 4, then Glock finally followed suit with the Glock 19 Gen 5.

But you can go further, for just $15 and a little change for the Strike Industries version, or $100 for the Taran Tactical Innovations flared magwell.

Sort the price, low to high, and prepare to be amazed at the difference with the likes of Overwatch Precision making a run…

It’s a simple mod that will transform the best selling pistols. Combine them with the John Wick 2 magazine baseplates from Taran Tactical innovations or others and you’ve got a different handgun on your hands.

A flared magwell does what it says on the tin and guides the mag into place. With this in place, though, you’ll find you can move much more confidently with the gun and your mag changes get faster.

That’s the definition of a performance modification, and it’s one of the cheaper things you can change if you shop round.

Glock 19 firing pin upgrade.

11. Firing Pin Upgrade

  • Price: $90.00

A halfway house is the firing pin, safety plunger upgrade, which give you smoother finishes and lighter trigger pull.

Polished surfaces help improve sear engagement, which results in a cleaner trigger pull. You can use a Glock OEM spacer sleeve as a channel liner for your firing pins, or third party gear, and Glock OEM firing pin spring cups with most firing pin kits.

Shield Arms offers a skeletonized striker, as does ZEV Tech and other leading tuners. The Shield Arms comes with a GOLD TiN coating, too, which is sort of fun.

These firing pin, safety plunger upgrades weigh in at 15-20% less than the Glock factory parts Glock supplied in the first place.

A firing pin, safety plunger & spring upgrade can cost as little as $50 too. So look out for firing pin kits.



Raven Concealment systems Kydex holster for Glock 19 for sale

13 IWB Holster

  • Price: $144.99

This is the Kydex holster that government agencies rely on. It’s designed to be modular, suit most users and act as a permanent safety for your Glock 19.

It’s also designed to properly retain your weapon, so you don’t have to think about it when you don’t want it. When you do, these Glock holsters release smoothly because it’s built to a higher standard.

If you’re rocking a cheap Glock holster, then you need to try the very best Kydex options and you’ll never go back. It feels better, it looks better and it works better.

Get one today. We recommend Alien Gear Holsters if you’re interested.

Glock 19 undercut

14. Trigger Guard Undercut

  • Price: Free, borrow a Dremel

The trigger guard undercut is one of the big visual differences of the custom Glocks and it’s something you can do at home with a borrowed Dremel.

Less people do this now grip modules are so cheap, by the way. You can just buy a heavily modded frame these days.

Pro-tip, if you do alot of work to your guns or start doing builds, you’ll need a Dremel of your very own. You could even rework old Glock slides like this if you get good with the tools.

It’s worth doing the undercut anyway and it doesn’t take massive amouns of skill. Just go slow and take care. When you’re done, you can get higher up on your gun and get a better balance when you’re shooting.

Don’t hack mindlessly at your frame, that will cost you in the end. Go slow, mark your cutting point clearly and use a vice to make sure you don’t slip and wreck your Glock factory frame.

Polish the surface down with wet and dry paper and you’ll have just as good a finish as the pros. If you want to get really brave, you can go for the finger grooves and file them down to a flat finish.

If you can find a belt sander, you can also delete the finger grooves on your Gen 4 Glock 19 like this:

Turn your Glock 19 into a 22LR with an Advantage Arms conversion kit.

15. Caliber Conversion Kits

  • Price: $285

There are a couple of ways you can go with a Glock caliber conversion kits. You can go looking for the fabled Guncrafter 50 Cal pistol kit, or buy the much simpler Advantage Arms 22LR kit for your Glock 19.

Advantage Arms has forged a solid reputation for a kit that turns your 9mm into a much cheaper 22 pistol for range shooting. A threaded barrel is part of the package because shooting suppressed is part of the fun.

You could almost buy a 22LR Glock factory gun for this money, is the thing. But the Advantage Arms aftermarket conversion kits are popular despite that.

16. Cosmetic Tweaks and Random Parts

  • $5-100

If you want a new slide lock spring, loaded slide parts kit, slide cover plates, slide releases and more parts Glock pistols tend to consume over time, they’re kind of everywhere these days.

What about a slide lock spring, slide stop, extended magazine release, slide releases and magazine springs, trigger springs, Glock stuff like that? They will all need changing from time to time.

Not every part fits the Glock Gen 5 Glock handguns. For instance a Strike Industries Locking Block works with Glock Gen 1 to Gen 4, but not 5. It’s the same with a lot of the guide rods upgrades. So check your Glock 19 Gen before you order.

A magazine catch spring, meanwhile, is pretty universal. So before you buy another magazine catch spring, check the ones you have in your accessories & parts store. As for an extended magazine release, yeah it’s always worth checking just like the catch spring.

Slide cover plates are a popular and cheap way to personalize your gun, too. Amazon, eBay and more are full of places to buy a Slide Cover Plate that tells the world who you really are through the power of a slogan.

Talon Grips also give you a little more hold on your pistol, too, especially a smaller Glock model like the Glock 43x.

Gun cleaning is less important with a Glock than a 1911, but gun cleaning is still a good thing to do. So yeah, we can help you with gun cleaning materials, is the moral of this story.

Names to Look Out For Parts, Glock Mods

In the Glock tuning wold there are always new names to look out for. Rosco Manufacturing, SGM Tactical, Griffin Armament, Taran Tactical Innovations, Grey Ghost Precision, Viridian Weapon Technologies and more. If you want smaller model Glock pistols now, or a full size Glock, they have a full range of new products. and Wilson Combat and Vickers Tactical keep flirting with high end Glock handguns and shooting gear.

Consider Going Bigger with a Glock 17 Gen 5

If this is a home defense pistol or you are spending more time at the range, then you’ll really feel the benefit of a larger frame and barrel that isn’t meant for concealed carry.

The Glock 17 Gen 5 is a service pistol legend around the world and increasingly it’s standard issue for anyody that wears an OWB holster to work.

If this is for your bedside gun safe, consider getting the bigger Glock 17 Gen 5 and starting with a longer sight picture and a better base.

Don’t Forget the Sig P365 Either

The Glock 19 might be the biggest selling pistol in the world, but it’s facing serious heat from the Sig Sauer P365 as the nation’s favorite carry pistol. The Sig Sauer P365 XL means that’s pretty much a model line in its own right.

Check out the best versions of the Sig P365 here, and also custom parts for what has been called the Glock killer.

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