Barrett M95 50 BMG – $6472

Barrett M95 50 Cal rifle for sale. Buy your rifle now at the USA's favorite gunbroker.

Barrett M95 50BMG Rifle

  • Price: $6472.00
  • Caliber: 50BMG
  • Capacity: 5+1

Update: The Barrett M95 has been discontinued, but you can still buy a 50BMG Barrett rifle online today. Get a Barrett M99, or Barrett Firearms M107A1. Euro Optic sometimes has demo weapons available at a discount too. Click here for the latest stock.

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It is kind of ridiculous to describe a near $6500 gun as a bargain, but this is the stripped down 50BMG ‘sniper rifle’ from Barrett.

You could also just put in an order for the simpler, cheaper M99 that costs about $4500 on the open market. But we like the M95.

The M99 is a single-shot bolt action rifle for sale. The M95 is a 5+1 and you can drop the magazine, slot another one home and carry on blowing small buildings apart.

The M95 is, we think, the sweet spot between pure military hardware and something fun you could possibly buy between a few of the boys for some crazy range shooting from time to time.

So You Want to Buy a 50 Cal Rifle Huh?

We don’t see the Barrett M95 for sale very often at a price you might be able to stomach. So, when we do, we will let you know! If ever you’re going to scratch that 50BMG itch and buy a big bore rifle, it’s now….

There are way cheaper options and the Bushmaster Firearms BA50 is about 95% of this rifle for way less money. Check that and others on our list of the 15 best 50 BMG rifles for sale in 2021.

It is really an anti-materials gun, but it’s much more portable than the Barrett M107 that we recently named as the best high-powered rifle in the world.

A Lightweight 50 Cal Rifle, Kind Of…

The M107 looks like a two-man job and really is the preserve of fighting forces round the world. There it can replace mortars, anti-tank guns and long-range helicopter hitman.

Seriously, that gun can take out vehicles with explosive rounds at distances of up to 2 miles.

This gun is a different proposition, it’s designed for 1000 meters or less and it’s a real battlefield weapon that is also much cheaper. So, if you’re prepared to pay handsomely for the privilege of shooting a 50BMG, but you don’t want to go the whole hog with the M107, then this could be ideal.

Barrett M95 Bullpup 50 Cal Sniper Rifle. It's absolute destruction you can shoot from the hip. Buy your 50 Cal rifle online today.

What Can You Do With a 50 Cal Rifle?

Yes, it’s $6472, but then you’ll get the visceral thrill of a 50BMG. This is an eight-year-old design, and there’s every chance you could sell this gun on for not much less than you buy it for when you’ve had enough.

You could hunt with it and blow the back end off deer, or just pop hogs open at 700 yards, but it will get expensive unless you’re a one shot, one kill kind of person. Admittedly, that’s easier with a cannon like this.

I love this advert for this weapon, it’s only eight years old and it feels like it’s from the 1980s. It makes me want to go out and fight something….

50BMG Ammo Is Not Cheap

Bear in mind you will pay $3.50 a round for the cheap ammunition and you can spend up to $8 a round. So this is going to be an occasional thrill at best.

It’s better to spend half the money then, and unless you have bought this gun as part of your end of the world package, it really shouldn’t matter that you can’t take out cars at two miles.

This one will crack the engine block of the proverbial truck. It’s a 29 inch barrel and a bullpup design, but it would take a brave man to nestle this rifle into his shoulder. There’s going to be serious recoil here, we’ve seen that with the M107.

Massive Game Hunter, Like Jurassic Park Stuff

It’s also a genuine bear hunter or defense if you’re in that part of the world. It’s brutally simple technology, and those rounds are absolute cannonballs. If this gun can’t stop a threat, not many things could have.

This is the kind of gun the old world lion, rhino and even elephant hunters wished they had by their side. It’s got that kind of stopping power, so nothing on US soil will challenge it.

It is a spectacular weapon that sees active service across the world. For you, it could be the mother of all big game hunting weapons or just a bit of fun sometimes at the range.

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