The Best Barrett 50 BMG Rifles – 2024

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Last Updated July 6th 2024

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Barret Firearms changed the game with its range of relatively affordable and unbreakable Barrett 50 BMG rifles.

Aimed squarely at the military, these anti-materials rifles have become firm favorites with the general public with roughly two miles of land to play with and stuff to shoot at.

Precision shooters in the United States have also taken to the near comical effective range of the 50 Browning Machine Gun Cartridge now that it has a kinda consumer grade package to send it.

I know, I know. Consumer grade is a relative term with 50 Cal rifles and military hardware.

So what is the best Barrett 50 Cal rifle on sale in 2024?

Barrett M107A1 50 BMG rifle for sale. Get yours here.

1. Barrett M107A1 50 BMG

  • Price: $12,867.99
  • Barrel length: 20 inch
  • Action: Semi automatic
  • Caliber: 50 BMG
  • Weight: 27.4lb
  • Capacity: 10+1

The Barrett M107A1 is the longer, more stable version of the Model 82A1. It is a semi automatic 50BMG rifle, yet it weighs in several pounds lighter thanks to the fluted barrel and the extensive use of titanium and polymer.

The Barrett M107A1 50 BMG is the result of three decades of development to create what could be the ultimate anti-materials and the best high power rifle for sale in 2024. Possibly. Depending on your needs.

We still love the Barrett M82A1, but the Barrett M107A1 50 BMG is a more stable and developed platform with less felt recoil from its fluted barrel, that has found a serious home in the long distance shooting community.

The Barrett M107A1 is also the easiest rifle to adjust. And you’re hardly going to be hulking the Barrett M1017A1 round fields on big game hunting trips. Although, somewhat ironically, fish & game use these and other Barrett Firearms rifles quite a lot to humanely cull dangerous game.

The Barrett M107A1 rifle runs like a dream with a Barret QDL suppressor that weighs in at about $3000. It takes some paperwork, too, but a suppressed 50 Cal rifle really is a thing of beauty. Especially in semi-auto form.

50BMG Ammo Is Not Cheap

Bear in mind you will pay up to $8 every time you pull the trigger. So this Barrett M107A1 50 BMG and other Barrett rifles are going to be an occasional thrill at best.

It’s also a genuine bear hunter or defense if you’re in that part of the world. It’s brutally simple technology, and those rounds are absolute cannonballs. If this gun can’t stop a threat, not many things could have.

The Barrett M107A1 50 BMG is the kind of gun the old world lion, rhino and even elephant hunters wished they had by their side. It’s got that kind of stopping power, so nothing on United States’ soil will challenge it.

It is a spectacular weapon that sees active service across the world. For you, this Barrett 50 Cal could be the mother of all big game hunting weapons or just a bit of fun sometimes at the range. I mean it has a chrome plated chamber…

Either way, get a Barrett M107A1 50 BMG, because you deserve it.

Barrett M82A1, get your 50 Cal

2. Barrett 82A1 50 BMG

  • Price: $9,967.99
  • Action: Semi automatic 50 Caliber rifle
  • Barrel: 29 inch
  • Caliber: 50 BMG
  • Weight: 32.72lb
  • Capacity: 10+1

The Barrett Model 82A1 50 BMG is one of the most famous firearms of recent times and became a media sensation during Desert Storm.

The Barrett M82A1 50 BMG is the first shoulder fired semi automatic 50 Cal rifle that soldiers took into battle. Before that, the gigantic mounted machine guns, including the Browning M2, dealt with those kinds of shenanigans.

Suddenly the Barrett M82A1 50 BMG was portable and could reduce enemy positions to rubble in seconds with the help of the best 50BMG recoil operated semi automatic rifle Barrett Firearms has to offer. The Barrett Model 82A1 is one of the finest Barrett rifles.

What Does the Barrett M82A1 50 BMG Do?

Now this semi-auto rifle routinely disables radar stations, vehicles and even small aircraft. It can smash down a wall and reduce a target to pink mist. This is a sniper rifle, although it comes in a number of different configurations.

There’s a completely unironically titled CQB version with a 20 inch barrel that is devastating in urban warfare situations. The longer 29 inch fluted barrel version of the Model 82A1 50 BMG is the sniper rifle, but really that’s an equally flawed description of this bohemoth. Both get dual barrel springs by the way.

What the Barrett Model 82A1 brings to the table is complete and utter destruction. At 100 yards or more than a mile. With military incendiary rounds this semi automatic 50 BMG rifle is a better rocket launcher. And with the 750 grain Hornady Match you can buy, the Barrett 82A1 50BMG is still ever so impressive.

They come in every color, but the Flat Dark Earth Barrett 82A1 is kind of nice. We also like the Tungsten Grey, if you’re looking for fashion tips. And the muzzle brake is sexy on these Model 82A1 50 BMG sniper rifles too.

The Model 82A1 has been proven in desolate desert and has faced every environment from snow covered mountains to blistering heat. It is a battle proven American icon, in other words.

Barrett M99 50 BMG rifle on sale now. Buy guns online.

3. Barrett M99

  • Price: $5,710.99
  • Barrel: 32 inch
  • Caliber: 50 BMG
  • Weight: 25lb
  • Capacity: 1

Not everybody needs full military hardware. You might just want to scratch the 50 BMG rifle itch, and that means a relatively affordable bolt action rifle is perfect for you.

So that’s where the Barrett M99 single shot rifle comes in. It’s the no-frills Barrett 50 BMG rifle. If there is such a thing with Barrett rifles…

But really think how often you’re going to mag dump a 50 BMG that costs somewhere in the region of $6.50/round before you dismiss the idea of a single shot, long distance bolt action rifle. Because there is a lot to love about the Barrett Model 99 sniper rifles.

Pros and Cons of The M99

You kinda want the recoil operated semi-auto rifle right? We all do, but it’s serious luxury item that mortal folk won’t be able to fire that much. Not because of the injuries, but because of the financial impact.

With this single shot bolt rifle you can take thoughtful shots from 1.5 miles away. These are proper sniper rifles.

There is a triple port muzzle brake, a match-grade trigger and a simple takedown procedure for field cleaning. It also weighs in at a relatively svelte 25lb. You can kinda carry that. The lightweight, quick detach adjustable bipod makes it simple to set up and you could stick simple red dot sights up top.

A 27 MOA Picatinny Rail scope mount allows you to put something truly exotic up there, including accessories, scope rings etc, although as we said you could use simple red dot sights up there.

A Lightweight 50 Cal Rifle, Kind Of…

The Barrett M107A1 looks like a two-man job and really is the preserve of fighting forces round the world. There it can replace mortars, anti-tank guns and long-range helicopter hitman.

Seriously, that gun can take out vehicles with explosive rounds at distances of up to 2 miles.

The Barret Firearms M99 is a different proposition, it’s designed as a consumer weapon that is also much cheaper.

So, if you’re prepared to pay handsomely for the privilege of shooting a 50BMG, but you don’t want to go the whole hog with the Barret M107A1, then this could be ideal for the United States hobby shooting crowd.

What Can You Do With a 50 Cal Rifle?

Yes, it’s a lot of money, but then you’ll get the visceral thrill of a 50BMG. This is an eight-year-old design, and an evolution of the Barrett M95 with a relatively straightforward bolt and an optics rail. There’s every chance you could sell this gun on for not much less than you buy it for when you’ve had enough.

You could hunt with this Barrett Firearms 50 caliber sniper rifle and blow the back end off deer, or just pop hogs open at 700 yards, but it will get expensive unless you’re a one shot, one kill kind of person. Admittedly, that’s easier with sniper rifles like this and quality glass on the optics rail, or just good red dot sights.

I love this advert for this 50 Caliber Barrett Model M95. It’s only eight years old and it feels like it’s from the 1980s. It makes me want to go out and fight something….

Where to Buy 50 BMG Ammo

The whole big bore sniper rifles scene is kind of expensive, but you can still save a few bucks on your 50BMG ammunition if you shop smart.

So You Want to Buy a Cheap 50 Cal Rifle Huh?

50 Caliber Barrett Firearms are built for the elite and they do come with an expensive price tag then you get into parts & accessories, scope rings, elite gun cleaning kits and all those expensive rifle parts & accessories. That’s just the way it is with Barrett rifles and gun accessories. EVen gun cases are expensive.

There are way cheaper options and the Bushmaster Firearms BA50 is about 95% of this sniper rifle for way less money. Parts & accessories are also cheaper. Armalite also make a great bolt rifle and there are more all the time. Check that and others on our list of the 15 best 50 BMG rifles for sale in 2024.

It is really an anti-materials gun, but it’s much more portable than the Barrett M107A1 that we recently named as the best high-powered rifle in the world. They are sniper rifles, just not as you probably know them.

You can use this Barrett Firearms 50 Caliber sniper rifle with iron sights, red dot sights or a long distance scope and other gun accessories too. Natch. A red dot sight is doing the bare minimum, though, as you’ve seen the scopes are serious on these things.

Barrett MRAD multi caliber sniper rifle. The new sniper rifles of the US military.

Remember the Lesser Powered Barrett MRAD Rifle

Maybe you think you want a 50 cal, but you don’t really need a Barrett Model 82A1 semi-automatic 50 BMG when you think about it.

They’re expensive, specialist and you can’t just fire them at any local indoor range.

Maybe what you actually want is the Barrett MRAD MK22 sniper rifle. Switch calibers in a moment, shoot 308 Win Mag, 6.5 Creedmoor, 338 Lapua and 300 Norma Mag with the same chassis bolt rifle. Simply switch out the rifle barrels and mags and you’re good to go with a new sniper rifle.


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