Sig P365: The Best Versions & Prices – April 2023

Sig P365 Spectre Works. A custom Sig that looks the business

The Sig Sauer P365 9mm was the gamechanger that invented the high capacity micro compact 9mm class. Now it has evolved into a model line that needs explaining.

You can get a big Sig Sauer P365 XL, a small 380 ACP version, concealed carry pistol specialists and a race gun with a compensator. Essentially there is a Sig Sauer P365 for everybody.

What are the best versions of the 2023 Sig Sauer P365? Here are our top picks.

Sig P365. The first 9mm micro compact pistol in the world and the best

1. Sig Sauer P365 Nitron Micro Compact Pistol

  • Price: $499.99
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel length: 3.1 inch
  • Total Size: 5.8 inch
  • Weight: 1.12lb
  • Capacity: 10+1

The Sig Sauer P365 Nitron micro compact pistol changed the world. It is the original and in many people’s eyes it is still the best version you can buy.

Launched in 2018, the Sig Sauer P365 Nitron, micro-compact pistol was the best selling gun in the United States for the first two years. The double stack magazine, extremely compact frame and stellar performance won the hearts and minds of the American public.

This Sig Sauer P365 Nitron micro compact pistol went beyond concealed carry and made the sub compact handguns of the day look fat and stupid. It changed the way we think about striker fired concealed carry and forced rival manufacturers to respond. That’s about as good as it gets in the modern world of firearms.

This polymer framed striker fired 9mm pistol was smaller than almost anything we’d seen, yet it came with the State compliant quota of 10 rounds of 9mm ammo. That was a huge deal back then…

You can also order your Sig Sauer P365 micro compact pistol with a manual safety now, which has tempted lots of Glock owners. And some Sig Sauer P320 Compact carriers too, obviously…

A manual safety is a divisive feature on a striker fired handgun. But we’re on team manual safety, we think they’re a good thing.

Sig P365 X-Macro. Maybe the best carry pistol on sale in 2022

2. Sig Sauer P365 XMACRO

  • Price: $799.99
  • Barrel length: 3.1 inch
  • Total Size: 5.8 inch
  • Weight: 1.12lb
  • Capacity: 17+1

The Sig P365 has grown into the Sig Sauer P365 XMACRO and it is easily one of the best 9mm carry pistols in the world. The price has risen, together with the size, but this is now a full custom pistol for slightly more than off-the-shelf money.

Now the biggest deal is not the compensator, which is pretty cool, it’s the increased capacity. This is now a sub-compact handgun with compact firearm magazine capacity. 17+1 is a lot of bullets to have at your disposal in your IWB holster. Essentially this is a full size pistol, only smaller…

Inevitably the grip is longer and the slide length feels like a grown up gun too. The XRay3 Day/Night sights are good, but this 9mm semi-auto pistol is also optic ready and you can put a red dot on there. Even the trigger pull feels crisper on the P365 X MACRO micro compact 9mm pistrol.

There’s an accessory rail underneath for a weapons light and then there’s that two-port compensator up front. It all works brilliantly together and too many experts have pronounced the Sig Sauer P365 X MACRO the best carry gun of 2023 for it to be an accident.

Customer reviews love it too. So get yours and see what the fuss is about.

Sig P365 XL for $600. Buy your gun now.

3. Sig Sauer P365 XL

  • Price: $625.99
  • Barrel: 3.7 inch
  • Total Size: 7 inch
  • Weight: 1.12lb
  • Capacity: 10+1

The Sig Sauer P365 XL was the striker fired pistol for those with bigger hands. Or for people that just wanted a compact 9mm with more rounds of ammunition and a slightly longer barrel.

The Sig Sauer P365XL proved far better at containing the 9mm recoil thanks to that slightly longer stainless steel slide and barrel. It also gave Sig a cutting edge rival for the new Gen 5 Glock 19, as the Sig P320 was starting to look a little old.

With 12+1 rounds, a flat faced trigger and XRay3 Day/Night Sights, the Sig Sauer P365XL was a welcome addition to the 9mm compact fold. We kind of want to see a full size version now, because realistically this is the best gun here if you ignore ease of concealment…

Sig Sauer P365 SAS. A custom Sig P365 with no-profile sights

4. Sig Sauer P365 SAS

  • Price: $567.99
  • Barrel: 3.1 inch
  • Total Size: 5.8 inch
  • Weight: 1.12lb
  • Capacity: 10+1

If you’re just interested in a defensive carry pistol then this SAS model Sig Sauer P365 could be for you.

Look at the side profile and you won’t see any sights. That’s because a high quality Meprolight FT bullseye sight system sits in the slide and works like a very vague red dot sight on this special edition semi-auto Sig Sauer P365.

Anti snag draw tech really the USP of the Sig P365 SAS model, that and the deep concealment features and benefits it affords with this extremely compact 9mm Sig Sauer.

You already know if this bullseye sight is for you. But if you carry a Sig Sauer P365 daily then this smooth draw and high viz front sight might just appeal, and the customer reviews are impressive.

Is it the best gun? In a very narrow window, yes.

5. Sig Sauer P365x

  • Price: $630.99
  • Barrel: 3.1 inch
  • Total SIze: 5.8 inch
  • Weight: 1.2lb
  • Capacity: 12+1

If you want to combine the short barrel of the P365 and the longer grip of the XL, then you end up with the P365x.

It’s the short barrel gun for fatter hands, or people that just want that little extra real estate. Really it’s a pretty satisfying compromise of features and benefits if the original Nitron micro compact 9mm pistol is just a touch too small for you. This Sig Sauer is a high capacity micro compact pistol, plus…

A flat trigger is nice and the trigger pull feels different, but the 12+1 rounds in a flush fitting mag is really good. You do a pay a small price when it comes to concealment, but this semi-automatic pistol gives more than it takes. Recoil control, natural balance, repeatability, it’s all better with this gun.

But this Sig Sauer semi automatic pistol is heading towards compact 9mm dimensions. Look out for gun deals, too, because these can get expensive.

Sig P365 chambered in 380 Auto. The best micro-compact 9mm in the world just conquered another division.

6. Sig P365-380

  • Price: $499.99
  • Barrel: 3.1 inch
  • Total SIze: 5.8 inch
  • Weight: 0.98lb
  • Capacity: 10+1

This is the .380 ACP version of the P365 Sig, with less recoil, slightly less impressive terminal ballistics and a more usable gun for lots of you.

It doesn’t matter what your reason for wanting a polymer frame gun that doesn’t kick quite so hard and is easy to shoot. This is the best gun for lots of folks. Designed with shooters with smaller hands and the elderly in mind, the P365-380 actually works for lots of people.

You get the same fire control unit, the same Nitron finished stainless steel slide and a totally redesigned guide rod. Anti snag Siglite Night Sights sit up top and the customer reviews are outstanding for this soft shooting P365.

It’s optic ready and the P365 RomeoZero Elite slots right on, inevitably…

A thumb safety is optional, too, and we like that.

Sig P365 Spectre Works. A custom Sig that looks the business

7. Sig P365XL Spectre Works

  • Price: $1,199.99
  • Barrel: 3.7 inch
  • Total SIze: 6.5 inch
  • Weight: 1.20lb
  • Capacity: 12+1

The P365XL Spectre Works is a seriously expensive version of the P365XL with a Custom Works slide and compensator set-up that Sig claims reduces felt recoil by 30%

Of course that is much more easy to shoot, and fun to shoot.

The ported Custom Works stainless steel slide is sexy. Not only does it get updated cocking serrations, it also gives a little glimpse of the Titanium Nitride finished barrel, which matches the trigger. Inevitably it comes with night sights, but it’s ready for red dot sights. The RomeoZero Elite works well.

Now the Custom Works slide is nice, as is the XSeries LXG grip module. Is it worth all this money? Clearly it is to all the people buying the P365XL Spectre Works.

Sig P365 9mm Handgun Parts & Accessories

You might want optics, scopes, or something weirder for your polymer frame handgun to order online. Check here first for a great post on custom parts, accessories and upgrades for America’s #1 selling handgun.

Sig Sauer P365 9mm Pistol Rivals

The Sig blazed a trail and created a whole new class, but the competition didn’t take long to respond. The Springfield Hellcat and Glock 43x are the obvious competition, but you can add the S&W M&P Shield Plus to that list and a good few others.

The Springfield Hellcat is possibly the biggest rival at the moment, check it out and the Sig here. The Glock is our best subcompact 9mm for sale though and the S&W M&P Shield is a great gun and we love the stainless steel slide.

Where to Buy the Sig

Before you hit the button to buy the Sig online, you should do a quick price check. Popular models like this often have package deals floating round with additional magazines, or just a discount price or free shipping type pistol offers.

Palmetto State Armory, and Brownells are our go to guys for Sig sales. So check the done for you searches here for a quick price check before you order online.

What Else Can We Sell You?

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