Springfield Armory 1911 Loaded – Best Prices!

Springfield Armory 1911 Loaded for sale, great guns to buy online. One of the best 1911s for less than $1000.

Springfield Armory 1911 Loaded Operator

  • Price:  $999.99
  • Caliber: 45 ACP
  • Barrel: 5 inch
  • Total Length: 8.6 inch
  • Weight: 2.5lb

The Springfield Armory Loaded Operator is a great deal, a great pistol and at this money is one of the best value 1911 handguns for sale in 2023.

Now this Springfield 1911 Loaded series seems like the new Springfield Range Officer. That icon is now officially discontinued.

A new slimmed down range includes this Springfield Loaded handgun, the lower end Springfield Mil-Spec and some weird collaboration with Vickers Tactical at the top end.

Match Grade 1911 Without the Custom Price Tag

This is the new sweet spot, though, and it’s more or less a match grade pistol that you could take straight into competition. The Springfield Loaded Operator is also a great, classic 1911 for home defense.

Because this, right here, is pretty much my perfect 1911 pistol. The Springfield 1911 Loaded 45 ACP is the semi-auto handgun we imagined as a kid.  It is clean, it’s big, it packs a punch and it just looks like it has perfect balance. It features on all of these too.

This One Is Going Cheap

Springfield Armory do engineering and this Springfield 1911 Loaded 45 ACP is traditional to its core. It’s a full size, Armory Kote forged frame and slide with low profile combat 3 dot sights.

The ambidextrous thumb safety and extended beavertail grip safety feel sturdy and with just the right amount of give.

The Springfield Loaded 45 ACP comes with proper walnut inserts and it feels like the kind of gun you could trust with your life.

A Bedside Gun With Real Stopping Power

That 45 ACP caliber means you get real stopping power, too, and this Springfield 1911 Loaded handgun could easily displace the best Glock 9mm from the bedside biometric safe that we should all have by now.

You get 7 + 1 rounds with the Springfield 1911 Loaded 45 ACP, which should be more than enough to settle a dispute. As a last line of defense then this 8.6 inch semi-auto pistol with a 5 inch barrel has psychological impact.

It also has literal stopping power.

This Could Become a Firm Favorite

This is a supremely accurate range gun and could become the favorite in your collection. It’s beautifully simple, it’s engineering at its finest and an absolute beast at the range.

It is also one of the most elegant guns we’ve seen in a long time. At that price, we think the Springfield Loaded 45 ACP is a steal. A forged stainless steel frame, forged rather than cast, is nice at this price point.

You can get a cheaper Springfield 1911 Loaded Parkerized version that is almost as seductive as the stainless steel Springfield Loaded Operator. It also works just as well for home defense.

Springfield Loaded Target is a Range Queen

The Springfield Loaded Target is the range target practice specialist and comes with an extended beavertail grip, titanium firing pin and the low profile combat sights front and rear give way to adjustable sights.

A GI style recoil system, 2 piece guide rod and 16lb spring control the mayhem. Them, together with a stainless steel match grade trigger and barrel. A lowered and flared ejection port help with clean and reliable cycling. And there’s an extended ambidextrous safety, so the accuracy and performance are stellar

The Springfield Loaded Target is a hell of a straight shooter, if that’s your thing, and user reviews love these Springfield 1911 Loaded handguns.

Springfield 1911 Loaded Marine Operator. A great tactical 1911.
Marine Life is Now Over

And a quick nod to the Springfield Loaded Marine Corps Operator. That really just looked like the Springfield 1911 Tactical Response Pistol with custom features like green cerakote and low profile front and rear sights.

The Springfield Loaded Marine Corps Operator too was a Springfield custom shop gun produced in Geneseo, Illinois, and was substantially more expensive than production line fare.

Now the Springfield Loaded Marine Corps Operator is discontinued, along with the TRP. So yeah, those Loaded handguns were basically the same…

We Love Springfield Armory Products

You’ll find plenty of SA products on our pages, from a eulogy to the all new Saint Victor Edge pistol, to a starring role in our posts on the best 1911s under $2000. And the best 1911 under $1000…

You want a micro-compact 9mm concealed carry pistol? The micro compact Springfield Hellcat is taking the fight to the Sig P365 and Glock 43x in the high capacity micro 9mm concealed carry sector.

The Springfield Hellcat RDP, with a compensator and red dot sights, is something you really have to see to appreciate as well. The Springfield Garrison 9mm 1911 is also an interesting gun and you can great deals on the old XD Mod 2 OSP.

If you want bolt action hunting rifles, well the Springfield M1A Socom, or Springfield M1A Scout Squad are both great options for bolt action hunting rifles. A bullpup rifle? Check the Springfield Saint Hellion.

Check out these posts if you’re looking for something like the Springfield Armory Loaded handgun, but not exactly like it.

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