7 Best Bullpup Rifles on Sale- 2024

What is the best bullpup rifle in 2022

Last Updated February 1st 2024

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Winners at a Glance

The Steyr Aug A3 is still the best bullpup rifle money can buy, but there are more options these days.

Here are our top picks.

Steyr Aug A3

Steyr Aug A3

  • Overall Winner


  • Best for High Velocity Ammo
Springfield Armory Hellion

Springfield Armory Hellion

  • Consumer version of Croatian military gear
Desert Tech MDRx

Desert Tech MDRx

  • Best High End
Kel-Tec RDB

Kel-Tec RDB

  • Best Cheap Gun

The best bullpup rifles offer the performance of a full size rifle in a much smaller package, and you should have at least one in your gun safe.

Left handed shooters love them because they’re a fully ambidextrous design. Once you get used to the bullpup rifle design, too, there are significant advantages over an AR-15 standard rifle.

The compact layout of this Close Quarters Combat weapon brings the center of gravity closer to your body, making the rifle feel lighter in your hands than a carbine-length AR. It’s a shorter gun you can swing round your home more easily, without sacrificing barrel length and range.

Bullpups: Pros and Cons

As with everything there are pros and cons. The best bullpup rifles & shotguns tend to be a little back heavy and muzzle rise is part of the package. Switching mags also tends to take about a second longer than with conventional rifles.

So you’ll have to change your technique to bear down on your target that little more. They are also heavier and switching out mags takes a second longer than with conventional shotgun designs.

Canada really loves bullpup firearms now, too, after the AR-15 was outlawed the regulations didn’t catch these. That’s food for thought. If you’re worried about a ban, it’s a pre-emptive strike to have bullpups in your gun safes.

But work round that and a good bullpup can work really well for home defense.

Here are our top picks for the best bullpup rifles for sale in 2023 and a few other left-field contenders.

Steyr Aug A3 M1 on sale now in Stormtrooper white.

1. Steyr Aug A3 M1

  • Price: $1,799.99
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO/223 Rem
  • Action: Semi Auto
  • Barrel: 16
  • Length: 28.25-29.75 inch
  • Weight: 8lb

Overall Winner


This Austrian icon might just be the most famous bullpup rifle in the world. Mass adoption of the assault rifle by military and law enforcement is one reason, but the Steyr Aug A3 has also starred in a ton of movies.

The Steyr Aug simply looks like nothing else and that draws the visually minded movie prop folks like moths to a flame.

An adjustable short stroke gas piston was designed to run suppressed, or not, and there’s a Wylde chamber at the heart of this Steyr Arms semi-automatic rifle.

It is simple to convert for lefties and pretty much everybody can pick up and fire the Steyr Aug with its adjustable gas system.

You can order some great sounding colors from Steyr Arms too. Get the black, white, green or mud. Don’t worry about fancy multicam, burnt bronze, or any of that nonsense here.

Compact Bullpup Works for House Clearance

Even with a 16 inch heavy barrel, this whole rifle measures just 28.15 inches long. That’s easily 8 inches shorter than an M4 Carbine with a similar length barrel. When it comes to urban warfare, close quarters combat and sweeping your house for home defense, that’s a huge deal.

Some very influential folks think the Steyr Aug A3 is as good as a bullpup gets.

FN PS90 on sale now. The bullpup rifle with armor piercing rounds. Chambered in 5.7x28mm.

2. FN PS90

  • Price: $1,899.99
  • Caliber: 5.7x28mm
  • Action: Semi Auto
  • Barrel length: 16.04 inch
  • Length: 26.23 inch
  • Weight: 6.28lb

Best High Velocity Ammo


Show me a more stylish, wackier way to send these armor piercing 5.7x28mm rounds. There just isn’t one.

From the top loading magazine and high rail to the thumbhole stock and fully ambidextrous controls, this was a work of design genius when it launched in 2005. The ejection system is at the bottom, too, which is brilliantly obvious, and yet so rarely done this well.

Special Forces and Counter Terrorist units adopted this bullpup semi auto rifle, which led to armed forces, specialist military and law enforcement units in more than 40 countries placing orders.

In the United States, Houston SWAT proved its efficacy in 2003 and by 2009 more than 200 units around the country had the FN P90 in its arsenal. New customers included the US Secret Service and Federal Protective Services.

They often opted for the 10.5 inch shorter barrel SBR, but this 16.04 inch version still results in a 26 inch rifle, and a muzzle velocity of 3000fps with the right ammo

5.7 Better Than 9mm

FN Herstal created this bullpup rifle and FN Five Seven in response to a NATO request for a better round than 9mm Luger. Piercing body armor was a non negotiable and the terminal ballistics had to leave 9mm in a crumpled heap.

The high muzzle velocity 5.7x28mm was the answer and this orgy of curves and weird yet totally logical corners and straight edges just works. Rarely for a bullpup rifle, it’s an excellent trigger pull too.

Springfield Hellion Bullpup rifle. Get yours here

3. Springfield Hellion

  • Price: $1,799.99
  • Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO
  • Action: Semi Automatic rifle
  • Barrel length: 16 inch barrel
  • Length: 26 inch
  • Weight: 8lb

Best Consumer Grade Bullpup


The Springfield Hellion is a rebadged version of the Croatian VHS-2, and that’s a good thing. The VHS-2 is the Croatian military duty weapon, standard issue for all the armed forces and a legend for close quarters combat.

The VHS-2 is a famously smooth shooter in fully automatic mode. As a semi-automatic the performance has amazed, delighted, whatever you want to say. It’s good, is the short version and the full auto version is a work of art that active soldiers seem to genuinely enjoy shooting.

With the Springfield Armory Hellion consumer version, you get an adjustable length of pull. It’s already longer than most of the best AR-15s. But this goes longer still, with an adjustable cheek riser and iron sights on the Picatinny rail.

A red dot sight might be better for long range work, but the irons do the job on the Springfield Armory Hellion.

Other neat touches on these Springfield Armory Hellion bullpup firearms include a cassette mounted Fire Control Unit that pops out with the touch of a button if you’re struggling with trigger group issues etc.

Again, ambidextrous controls mean it is super easy for left handed shooters to switch the ejector and avoid a face full of hot brass and there’s no slop in that Springfield Hellion battle rifle rail, or anywhere.

Desert Tech MDRx bullpup. Get your rifle ttoday

4. Desert Tech MDRx

  • Price: $1,919.99
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO/223 Rem
  • Action: Semi Automatic rifle
  • Barrel: 16.5 inch barrel
  • Length: 26 inch
  • Weight: 8.3lb

Best High End Bullpup


This is a relatively new arrival, launching in 2020 and making a spectacular impression on the bullpup rifle market.

Available in a range of calibers, this gas piston operated rifle comes with the Ratchet Compensator, which adjusts to the ammunition and helps reduce recoil. Side ejection is standard, but you can order Desert Tech with a forward ejector upgrade that is well worth it.

Military operatives trust this bullpup design over more traditional rifles, and generally that’s a good sign. With red dot sights up top, this is a beast.

This is the short barrel rifle. You can opt for a 20 inch long barrel and a DMR in 5.56 or 308 WInchester Magnum. And you can go even further with the 6.5 Creedmoor sniper rifle.

Even the trigger pull is good, by bullpup standards, and that slightly longer barrel is good for accuracy. The bullpup rifles reviews love these military small arms, and so do we.

Tavor X95 on sale now. Get one of the best bullpup rifles

5. IWI Tavor X95

  • Price: $1,749.99
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO
  • Barrel: 16.5 inch barrel
  • Length: 26 inch
  • Weight: 7.9lb

Israeli Military Bullpup


The IWI Tavor X95 was designed with the tight spaces and alleyways of Israel in mind. So it’s compact, reliable, and also serves as a club when you’re out of bullets.

I mean any bullpup style gun does, we guess. But the Tavor X95 was actually designed with tight spaces in the parameters.

Aside from that it’s a long stroke gas piston that evolved from the IWI Tavor SAR rifle that has inspired thousands of clones around the world. Well, maybe hundreds if you include the bullpup shotguns that largely copied the basic layout of the Tavor SAR assault rifle and its adjustable gas system.

The Tavor X95 bullpup rifle is a step forward in several areas. The Fire Control Unit is better, the charging handle has been moved closer to the center mass and there are other small changes like a full length Picatinny rail.

It field strips into two major components in seconds and the bullpup rifle reviews are stellar. You have the magazine in front of the trigger and long linkages. Muzzle rise is also a thing with Tavor bullpup rifles and shotguns.

And yet still, the bullpup design flaws give it a character, a unique flavor of rifle you should own at lesat once.

Kel Tec RDB is a low price bullpup rifle and one of the top rifles for sale

6. Kel Tec RDB

  • Price: $999.99
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO
  • Barrel: 16.5
  • Length: 26
  • Weight: 7.9lb

Best Cheap Gun


One of the recent arrivals to the best bullpup rifle ranks is also the cheapest by some margin if you get our gun deals.

So if you’re looking for a cheap bullpup rifle, then this Kel Tec RDB semi auto rifle might be your best gun right here.

The downward ejection port is just one of 11 innovations that might form a competitive edge in this compact battle rifle sector.

It also makes it even easier for left handed shooters to just pick the Kel Tec RDB up and start shooting, and the buttstock works well in tight spaces. That bodes well for a home defense rifle.

Also check out the similar Kel Tec RFB affordable bullpup rifle, chambered in 308 Win Mag, with the longer barrel. The Kel Tec RFB and KSG shotguns are both a lot of fun.

7. Meta Tactical Pistol to Rifle Conversion Kit

  • Price: $499-$599

Just to be clear there is Glock 19 at the heart of this conversion kit, or a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, or Palmetto State Armory Dagger. These are the best selling pistols in the United States.

You buy the right conversion kit and basically slot your gun home, after you have fitted a full length 16 inch barrel to it of course. The side charging handle really just racks the slide, but you do get a full length picatinny rail, in plastic.

With all the new rules, this is a bold take that skirts them all by turning a Glock into a genuine bullpup rifle with a proper barrel. It’s mad, and we kind of like this conversion kit concept.

You Want a Bullpup Shotgun With That?

Top bullpup rifles and shotguns sort of go together and if you’re swayed by the bullpup design, get the pros and cons and actually give it a go, you might find yourself investing in a collection. Especially when you see the gun deals we have for you on a bullpup shotgun.

Here are a few bullpup shotguns you should consider.

Tavor TS-12 is a beast of a semi-automatic shotgun

1. IWI Tavor TS12

  • Price: $1,368.99
  • Barrel: 18.5 inch
  • Total Length: 28.75 inches
  • Weight: 8.85lb
  • Capacity: 15+1

This Tavor TS12 semi-automatic shotgun comes with a revolving set of 3 tube magazines and 15 full-size shells between reloads.

Now this bullpup shotgun isn’t quite as effective as a detachable box magazine in terms of fast reloads. But the Tavor TS12 is a truly unique bullpup shotgun and we kind of love it for outdoor range shooting, especially with red dots.

Would the Tavor TS12 semi auto shotgun be our first choice for home defense with all those complex moving parts? That’s another question… No, is the answer.

The IWI comes in Flat Dark Earth, Drab Olive Green and more. So it’s colorful, lots of fun and the ambidextrous controls mean it’s easy to switch the ejection port and other stuff for left handed shooting.

Kel-Tek KSG Pump Action shotgun

2. Kel-Tec KSG

  • Price: $649.99
  • Barrel: 18.5 inch
  • Total Length: 26.1 inch
  • Capacity: 12 + 1

The Kel-Tec KSG 12 gauge shotgun is one of the most famous shotguns in the world. John Wick had one with red dots and it has appeared in more movies than most Hollywood stars.

Is it the top bullpup shotgun? It’s definitely close.

The dual magazine tubes meant it was one of the first high capacity shotguns and this Kel Tec KSG pump action shotgun is still arguably the most popular bullpup concept out there.

Get the buyer’s guide on this bullpup style 12 gauge shotgun and a full review of our top picks.

Black Aces Tactical

3. Black Aces Tactical Bullpup 12 Gauge Shotgun

  • Price: $499.99
  • Barrel: 18.5 inch
  • Total Length: 28 inch
  • Weight: 10lb
  • Capacity: 5 + 1

Black Aces Tactical make great tactical shotguns for personal defense at an affordable price. Compared to most the others on this list, these bullpup design shotguns are just the best gun deals.

This Black Aces Tactical bullpup shotgun is a pump action shotgun, but there is a semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun for not much more money.

Now the Black Aces Tactical shotguns are fun to shoot, reliable and they get great gun reviews for such an affordable bullpup. Read the buyer’s guide posts, the pros and cons, and you’ll see that people love this 12 gauge shotgun.

For a full review of bullpup shotguns, including mag fed semi auto shotgun option on the American markets, go here.

Where to Bulk Buy Ammo

Our gun deals go beyond the bullpup rifles themselves and we spend a lot of time looking for ammunition prices. Palmetto State Armory is a favorite supplier at the moment, for top bullpup rifles and shotguns, best ammo, pump action shotguns, bolt action rifles, everything.

Palmetto State Armory does have some great ammunition prices and you can buy up to 1000 round ammo cans. 9mm ammo, handgun ammo, rifle ammo, all that from Palmetto State Armory and more.

Other Guns You Need, But Didn’t Know It

So now you want more than bullpup rifles, and you need a concealed carry handguns for a complete personal defense weapon kit.

And some concealed carry insurance.

The Sig Sauer P365 is our best 9mm micro-compact handgun in the big buyer’s guide, although you might want the widely adopted Sig Sauer P365XL if you have bigger hands.

If you’re going bigger, then the Glock 43x might be the the best 9mm pistol for everyday carry.

If you need to go hunting, or something more dramatic, check out these bolt action sniper rifles.


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