The Guns of Deadpool 2

Deadpool lead shot

Wade Wilson returned with a pretty special effort in the Summer of 2018. He’s one of the few superheroes to rely on hollowpoints, so the guns obviously play a big part in the film. Swords, too, and a towel…

Here’s the opening sequence to this box office smash hit. Words really can’t do it justice so watch the glorious start to Deadpool 2 for yourself.Be warned, though, it’s gory as Hell! Cable’s gun inevitably steals the headlines, but there are plenty of other easter eggs for gun nuts in Deadpool 2.

In fact, when you realize what Cable’s gun, the BFG, really is, you might actually hate it a little…

But the guns are what we really love and, as superhero movies go, this one is full of them. So what are the star guns of Deadpool 2?

Desert Eagle .50 from Deadpool 2

1. Desert Eagle Mark XIX

  • Price: $1,849.99

This is Deadpool’s signature dish, and you would need a superhero’s wrists to keep a brace of these 50 caliber handguns under control. Most of us could barely handle one with two hands.

Deadpool never has a jam, he seems to get more than 7 rounds out of a mag on occasion and he’s always got the swords to fall back on. The Desert Eagles, though, are the stars. One of them puts a hole in a paedophile’s head to really get the story going, and later on the Desert Eagles come out to play time and again.

We have to be honest, we wouldn’t choose a pair of Desert Eagles. But the guns suit Deadpool perfectly and they do inflict some almighty damage.

It’s a firearms heavy movie, but the Desert Eagles still get their best showing in the first Deadpool film. Watch Ryan Reynolds, definitely not a stuntman, do some wicked acrobatics here.

Walther PPQ Q5 Match




2. Walther PPQ M2 Q5 Match

  • Price: $752.99

The big scene at the end features Cable’s Walther PPQ Q5 Match pretty heavily. It even gets its own close-ups and it’s a pivotal moment in the film. So yeah, this gun is right up there with the big guns, so to speak, in the film.

Cable, played to perfection by Josh Brolin, also uses the Walter PPQ Q5 Match to fill Deadpool full of holes in a seriously expensive Hollywood action sequence that involves crashing a prison transporter through a building, among other things.

We approve of the choice, is all we have to say. We like the PPQ M2 in stock form, and the trigger set is tighter than any Glock ever will be. It’s seriously as sharp as the best custom Glock triggers from ZEV and Agency Arms out of the box.

The slide is cut and ribbed so you can operate it how you want. The 5 inch, matchgrade barrel is a match for anything out there and this really is every bit as good as the custom Glocks for a fraction of the money.

It’s a great gun for the range, for home defense and for shooting holes in paedophiles, if you’re a professionally accredited superhero of course.

KRISS Vector, the heart and soul of Cables BFG in Deadpool 2



3. KRISS Vector Mk 2

  • Price: $1,599.99

Cable’s BFG might be a work of fiction, but there’s a very real SMG-style 9mm at its core. The KRISS Vector is famous for being, well, a movie gun. It looks the part, but the recoil mitigation system is inconsistent and it really doesn’t match its looks with performance.

Still, the KRISS Vector does look amazing and they’re coming down in price. It’s a 9mm, so with a tactical brace and pistol grip you can turn this beast into a beauty. It’s no surprise to see it crop up in the guns of Deadpool 2 and video games. It just looks mean, with the right brace and the short barrel anyway.

The BFG comes with a weird energy pulse thing, that doesn’t come with the KRISS Vector. To be honest, we don’t want to give this gun too much credit and if you’re thinking of getting a 9mm carbine that we wholeheartedly recommend the cheaper CZ Scorpion Evo 3.

The KRISS Vector isn’t garbage, it’s a clever idea, but it just doesn’t quite work. We wouldn’t mind betting that it has had more on screen roles than it has actual sales, too.

Arsenal Firearms AF2011

2. Arsenal Firearms AF2011

  • Price: $7,000

This gun made the briefest cameo appearance, but it left a lasting impression. Weasel pulls the double-barrel 1911 as Cable slips into the building. But it never gets fired in the film, and that’s a damn shame.

Arsenal AF2011, double barrel 1911

The Arsenal Firearms AF2011 is one of those rare gems that you better be prepared to pay for. Examples are few and far between and your best bet is to check out Gunbroker, do your due diligence and make sure you’re getting a legit gun.

It’s a work of art, but a very expensive work of art.

By the way, this is not the same Bulgarian Arsenal that makes modern day AK-74s. It’s an Italian company that decided to make the hardest hitting 45 ACP it could. The simple solution was to build two guns into one frame and if you look closely you can see two triggers, two mags, two just about everything wedged into one double barrel pistol.

Here’s what one of the most intriguing handguns in the world is capable of in the hands of a professional.

Colt 1908 Vest Pocket



3. Colt 1908 Vest Pocket

  • Price: $1,500

The gun that starred in the first film’s dramatic ending by putting a bullet in Ajax’s head makes little more than a cameo appearance in the hands of Blind Al.

Interestingly it’s an odd caliber, .25, despite Weasel specifically saying it’s a 45 ACP. You can pick up a base model one of these guns for $450-$500. But if you want the full Deadpool spec, then get ready to spend $1500 and up.

The only real reason to do it is if you love the film that much that you want all the right guns. If that’s the case, knock yourself out.

FN Grenade Launcher

4. FN Mk 13 EGLM

  • Price: You’ll have to ask

Cable’s gun collection is pretty damned impressive, and it comes with this little beast as part of the package.

The FN Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module functions as a standalone weapon, or you can strap it to the underside of a SCAR rifle and go proper John Rambo on the world. It’s the secret weapon in Cable’s ridiculous arsenal and Josh Brolin is one of the few co-stars to leave Deadpool outgunned.

Juggernaut Feels Grenade Power

In Deadpool 2, Cable carried the standalone grenade launcher and used it to blast the cell that the hapless Deadpool and Russell had sat in just a minute before. Domino also tried and failed to blow Juggernaut’s head off with this weapon.

It’s really only on sale to law enforcement and military customers. So don’t get your hopes up about owning one. If you really want a grenade launcher, keep an eye on Gunbroker and see what pops up.

This one is a 40mm, single-shot gun that can be aimed with precision at 100 meters. At 300 meters you can hit a general area, which really is pretty impressive for a grenade gun.

Beretta 92FS Review


5. Beretta 92FS

  • Price: $600.00+

Domino carries the classic military sidearm, although hers is a custom two-tone job with black detailing on a stainless steel handgun. That’s the Inox, if you’re wondering.

You can save money by going black on black, which is otherwise known as buying a black gun.

The Beretta is a classic that has probably had as much screen time as the Glock 19. Domino does well with the Italian classic.

Beretta is an Icon

We really don’t have to sell this gun too hard. If you don’t have one, you really need one in your life. It’s as good as any 1911 you’ll ever pick up and better than most. The factory standard 15+1 rounds is pretty sweet too.

It’s every bit as good a weapon as a Glock in its own way. This is a hammer-fired evolution of the classic 1911 and indeed it replaced that weapon as the US service sidearm in 1985.

Now, it’s a favorite for law enforcement officers around the world too and it is standard issue in M9 from the Afghan Commandos through to the Vietnamese People’s Army.


8. TiSAS Zagana Sport

  • Price: $364.99

This is a budget gun with some neat design touches, rather than a real matchgrade shooter. It looks the part, which was enough to secure it a non-speaking role in the film as a lowly gangster’s gun.

The TiSAS appeared at the start, in the hands of a Yakuza boss who should have more pride than to walk around with one of these.

I imagined the Yakuza would carry a Springfield Operator 1911, or a Colt. Indeed, some of them do. This one, though, went for the blingy little budget TiSAS. That doesn’t really matter, because he is dead now.

Domino Mac-10 in Deadpool 2

9. Mac-10

  • Price: $6,0000

We are sure Domino has a permit for the brace of Mac-10, fully automatic SMGs she takes charge of later in the film. In the laundry list of felonies that the superheroes actually would have against their name in the real world, though, I guess a firearms conviction wouldn’t be that big a deal.

The Mac 10 was a gangster’s favorite and a surefire way to bring chaos to a confined space. The Military Armament Corporation Model 10, to give it the proper name, is chambered for either 9mm or 45 ACP.

In 9mm form, it can fire 1250 rounds a minute. Yeah, think about that for a second… Then watch it in real life, which is a slightly less cinematic…

Mossberg 590 Special Purpose

10. Mossberg 590 Special Purpose

  • Price: $450.99

Deadpool starts the final fight scene with a brick and maximum effort, but he manages to relieve one of the sick and twisted guards of their Mossberg 590 Special Purpose long enough to blast them in the head with it.

I’ve got a big thing for the 590M, which comes with the box magazine loading system, but this gun does offer an 8+1 payload and that is pretty much as good as it gets in the world of tube-fed shotguns.

It’s an American classic, every bit as good as the Remington that is its natural rival, and every household should really have one.

11. Katana Swords

It doesn’t matter if we’d slice our own hands off doing half the stuff that Deadpool gets away with. He can do that, too, and grow new ones with the magic healing factor. We can’t.

But the Katana Swords are still mighty cool, and we wish we were half as good with them as Wade. Along with the Desert Eagles, the Katana swords are the trademark Deadpool weapons.

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