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Taurus G2C. A great CCW and cheap concealed carry



The Best Cheap Concealed Carry in the World….

Now just to be clear, if there’s one place you really shouldn’t be saving money, it’s on the CCW handgun you rely on to save your life. But still, money is a thing and we all have to do the best we can within our means.

For people that simply can’t spend big and are left pondering used and ‘well loved’ handguns in pawn shop windows, the Taurus G2C could be a literal lifesaver. And seriously, it’s $174.99 if you take advantage of the mail in rebate at Palmetto State Armory.

Now you can normally score one for just the wrong side of $200, but our partner has a deal right now where you spend $199.99 and get a $25 rebate with the mail-in part. That could take care of a Christmas gift, or you could just use it yourself…

The Taurus G2C is a step up from the old G2 and it’s a really, really good concealed carry.

Why is the Taurus G2C Special?

The technical specification highlights are:

  • 9mm
  • 12+1 capacity.
  • 3.2 inch barrel
  • 6.2 inch total length.
  • 1.37lb
Taurus G2C, the best budget concealed carry for sale in 2018

Put that raw spec sheet against the very best in the world, then throw the price in like the cherry on top of the cake, and it’s easy to see why the Taurus G2C is making a serious case for itself.

Then add the user reviews online, which are borderline evangelical. The Taurus G2C should essentially be the Kia or the Hyundai of the concealed carry gun world. They should be for people that don’t care about guns and don’t go round writing reviews.

That’s not happening. Owners are raving about theirs and calling the Taurus G2C the best concealed carry in the world.

What is the Best Concealed Carry Handgun in the World?

We think that’s going too far and we’ve got the Sig Sauer P365 Nitron and the Springfield Armory above it in our list of the best concealed carry weapons in the world. But they’re the only ones and they are more than double the price of this little plastic fantastic.

In both cases, too, it’s down to personal preference. The Taurus is bigger than the Sig P365 Nitron, but it holds more rounds. It holds less than the Springfield Armory XDMOD 2, but it’s smaller and it doesn’t have a ‘Grip Zone’. So it’s up to you what your specific priorities are and some people find the Taurus G2C is actually the sweet spot between those two weapons.

So, forget the money, this really is one of the best carry guns out there for some people. Check these subcompact 9mm pistols if you want options.

The Taurus really is the best cheap CCW for sale in 2018, by a country mile. The only thing that’s even close is the classic Ruger LCP380 II and that comes with the massive compromise of .380 pistol ammunition. It’s weaker than a modern 9mm, there’s no getting round that fact.

You can also pack your Taurus out with some seriously vicious 9mm ammunition these days. Check out these extreme 9mm bullets that help this sub compact concealed carry punch well above its weight.

The Best Low Budget CCW Pistol, End of Story

So the Taurus G2C is in a league of its own in the budget sector. It isn’t the prettiest gun, but it’s got the basics covered. The grip, basically, is a cheap solution that does the job. The single stage trigger breaks cleanly and this striker-fired pistol with a double action is reliable and relatively accurate.

The sights aren’t great, but there’s a $50 upgrade to Williams Gun Sight Fire Sight fiber optic sights that you can do at your leisure. There are a ton of mods you can do, too, including a trigger fix that can involve upgrading the springs or dropping in an aftermarket part.

The Taurus G2C parts and accessories scene is starting to grow, together with a number of customer Taurus G2C builds turning up on the web. Younger buyers have always bought cheaper goods and tuned them over time, it’s how the automotive tuning scene really took hold and we see it time and again with the cheap guns for sale online.

Only the best guns for sale, though. That’s an important distinction and a clear indication that we’re dealing with a modern day star.

This is a perfectly competent concealed carry for the price of a moderate night out in most cities. That’s a bargain and it’s no surprise that the Taurus G2C is an absolute nailed on hit.

Forum Love For Taurus is a Surprise

The only real surprise is the outpouring of love for the underdog in the gun reviews online. This gun has displaced far more famous names and is now the EDC for lots of people that could easily afford to buy a ‘better’ gun from a bigger name.

The Taurus has an undercut trigger guard, a tiny accessory rail under the barrel and the slide has just enough relief to make it simple to use. Really, everything you would bitch about on a Glock is just about perfect on the Taurus.

At this price, it’s almost stupid not to buy them. Honestly you could justify this to yourself as a cheap back-up, or as part of your home defense plan. Strategically dot these around the place in small, concealed gun vaults, and you have boosted your home defense almost beyond recognition.

It’s worth thinking about, and it’s also a seriously one of the best concealed carry weapons in the world that could easily give your EDC some sleepless nights.

Get one for yourself and see what all the fuss is about. At this price, it’s almost crazy not to…


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