19 Best Semi-Auto Tactical Shotguns

The Best semi-auto tactical shotguns for sale

There are few sexier weapons than the semi-automatic Tactical shotgun.

Why? Because it’s a weapon of war.

It’s not a hunter, it’s not a gatherer.

The semi-automatic tactical shotgun has lethal intent and is destined for a gunfight, which makes it a great home defense solution if the need ever arises.

They are big, bold and they bring the shock and awe.

Watch the shotgun scene in John Wick 2. Then watch it again. It’s epic and made me start shopping for Benelli M4s. Maybe I am gullible after all…

Of course, shotguns always face that one big problem: capacity.

There are a couple of novel solutions to that dilemma on this list. But even with limited shells, they’re still absolute beasts for home defense.

Modern slugs give you real options to traditional buckshot and we think these are some of the best guns on the open market.

So, here are our favorite semi-automatic tactical shotguns for sale in 2019.


1. Kalashnikov Komrad 12.5

  • Price: $1,069.99
  • Barrel Length: 12.5 inch
  • Total Length: 31.5 inch
  • Weight: 7.85lb
  • Capacity: 5+1

The Kalashnikov Komrad AK pistol shotgun is just the runaway winner here. How could it not win this thing? It’s epic!

This will send the purists into a total meltdown, but seriously we’re waiting for the debate. This is the best semi-automatic tactical shotgun in the world and it might just be the best defensive shotgun for sale in 2019.

It’s an AK receiver style shotgun with a 12.5 inch barrel and a folding SB Tactical pistol grip that you normally find on an AR pistol chambered in 5.56 NATO or AAC 300 Blackout. Then there are the mags, which you can upgrade to 10-round options if you are that way inclined. I am. You can also slot in just about any Saiga mag, including the 50-round drum magazines we all know and love.

Alternative to AR Pistol For Home Defense

This is a seriously flexible and potent weapon that is a Close Quarters Combat megastar, and the box magazine shotgun concept means you can switch between buckshot and slugs to give the gun totally different characters and totally different ranges.

Pick your 12 gauge ammo with care and you’ve got the ultimate bedside weapon, bear defense, just about anything you want in the end.

Your New Favorite Firearm?

The Kalashnikov Komrad shotgun for sale is a serious weapon that could displace some of the favorites in your gun safe. You get tri-rails for tactical gear, a solid SB Tactical SBA3 pistol brace that you normally see on an AR pistol and that pistol grip up front are just special for a gun in this class.

That removable vertical forward grip that you know is cooler than it should be, but could also cause complications in certain states. A tri-rail forend grip includes two side rail optics mounts and your standard Saiga accessories will fit pretty much everywhere.

The short barrel turns serious buckshot into pure evil at close quarters, while slugs will be effective at anything like personal defense distances.

You will lose some range that you’ll get with the 18.5-inch barrel version. That’s inevitable, but you get an awful lot in return. It’s easily the best tactical shotgun on this list and we’re waiting for the Benelli and Mossberg fans and the healthy debate we know is on the way.

This is the next generation shotgun and it’s absolute gunporn. There really isn’t a more complete defensive shotgun out there right now.

Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun. Still all the gun you need for home defense and a great defensive shotgun on sale now.

2. Benelli M4 Tactical

  • Price: $1,799
  • Barrel length: 18.5 inches
  • Total length: 40 inches
  • Weight: 7.8lb
  • Capacity: 5+1/ 7+1 with extension tube.

On a technical level, we don’t think the Benelli M4 actually belongs here, this high up the list, anymore. There are simply better, more tactical options.

So if you’re looking for pure performance, keep scrolling down for added capacity and fast reloads.

If you want the benchmark, though, the tried and trusted tech that is also an absolute work of lethal art, then the Benelli M4 is still the daddy. So there’s a certain respect for tradition that has gone into this list, as well as just an objective look at the firepower.

Why is Benelli a Legend?

Prestige, heritage, military connections, engineering prowess and a couple of other things came into the mix to help carry the Benelli M4 over the line. I’m not going to lie, John Wick helps a bit too.

Not that they give a single shit, but it feels like we’re throwing Benelli a bone here. But there is still a lot to love about a Benelli shotgun.

Engineering Excellence and Military History

This is a sublime handling shotgun that feels tight as a drum in terms of tolerances and yet butter smooth in terms of the semi-automatic shotgun action. It’s a work of wonder and to shoot a Benelli M4 is to love one.

It is the shotgun that the Navy SEALs take into action and that does count for something.

The military endorsement is cool and the Benelli M4 has been proven to be one of the most reliable shotguns in the known world. Along with cockroaches, these guns will survive the Apocalypse.

That’s why it’s popular. That and the perfect engineering that means a failure to feed is 100% down to your cheap ass buying knockoff shells. Everything, from loading it through to emptying all 8 rounds of heavyweight buckshot into a target, is a chance to play with pure precision engineering. You can feel it in every part.


Tech Highlights

The self-cleaning, Auto Regulating Gas Operated ARGO piston is just stellar, you can strip it in the field in seconds, thanks to the SOCOM requirements, and it’s up there with the best of them in terms of accuracy. That’s not as big a thing with a shotgun as it is with a sniper rifle, but it still matters.

John Wick’s Benelli had been mildly breathed on by Taran Tactical Innovations, so he got an extended charging handle, better loading access, better grips and a simple Matchwarez clip that held a shell right by the charging handle. Smart…

You will need the mag extension tube, in fact if you’re going tactical then I have assumed you would. But it’s still 7+1 and that makes me nervous. You’d need a sidearm, or an AR pistol as a back-up. Unless you’re super awesome with quad loading, of course…

Either way, get the Taran Tactical Innovations charging handle, Accuguide and bolt release. They won’t quite turn you into John Wick, but they’ll make it easier to reload on the move and possibly brave quad loading. There are other options and lots of Benelli parts & accessories here.

Of course, the elephant in the room with the Benelli M4 is always going to be capacity.

I fully expect to see a magazine on the next gen, or a separate shotgun. When we get a mag-fed Benelli with a semi-auto action then I think we’ll have the best home defense shotgun in the world by a comfortable margin.

Until then, the Benelli M4 scrapes it as the best semi automatic tactical shotgun for sale in 2019 without a magazine. Sort of…

Kalashnikov KS-12 Tactical Shotgun for sale

3. Kalashnikov KS-12T Tactical Shotgun

  • Price: $1049.99
  • Caliber: 12 Gauge
  • Barrel: 18.25 inch
  • Total Length: 38 inch
  • Weight: 8.86lb
  • Capacity: 10+1

Kalashnikov shotguns couldn’t be found for a while, thanks to an import ban. But Kalashnikov USA looks to have side-stepped that particular hurdle and now, finally, you can buy the Kalashnikov KS-12 Tactical shotgun right now from a number of online gunbrokers.

It’s an update on the classic semi-auto AK-47 design, with a collapsible AR-15 style stock and Picatinny rails giving a quad rail up front. With a red dot and some serious slugs, this mag-fed shotgun could be a monster.

It comes loaded with 10 rounds and you can pop out a mag and start firing again in under half a second.

You can also use Saiga mags and drums, which opens up an arsenal of high-capacity shotgun options for you and turn this into an absolute home defense weapon.

Technically, we think this is the best semi-auto shotgun here.We just loved the snub nose pistol version more.

Remington Versa Max Competition Tactical shotgun - A great semi-auto shotgun and a devasting firearm
Remington Versa Max Competition Tactical shotgun – A great semi-auto shotgun and a devasting firearm


4. Remington Versa Max Competition Tactical

  • Price: $1,370.60
  • Barrel: 22 inch
  • Total Length: 44 inch
  • Weight: 8lb
  • Capacity: 10+1

The Remington Versa Max Competition Tactical is a beast of a long barrel semi-auto shotgun that has slowly evolved to meet the needs of the 3 Gun competition shooting crowd.

The end result is a devastatingly accurate shotgun that cycles as fast as anything this side of a custom gun.

It has become an icon in the competitive shooting sports and people take the Remington Versa Max turkey shooting, 3 Gun competition shooting and a lot more besides.

The Remington Versa Max Tactical in all its forms is also a joy to shoot and you’re going to just love this shotgun. It’s worth every cent when it’s in your hands.

You don’t get a box magazine here, just a long tube magazine with a two-round carbon-fiber extension that gives the Remington Versa Max Competition Tactical a more than respectable 10+1 rounds without really resorting to any tricks.

You get a lightweight forged aluminum receiver, Cerakote finished, and a nickel-plated barrel and internal components. The recoil reducing Supercell pad is a useful addition, but shotgun aficionados will tell you that it comes a long way behind the incredible reset speed and cycle speed of this semi-automatic shotgun. 

The Remington Versa Max Competition Tactical is hella accurate, hella fun and it might just be your personal favorite after you take it out in the field. 

John Wick Benelli M2 Ultimate 3-Gun Package for sale. Get one of the best semi-auto shotguns on the market.

5. John Wick Benelli M2 Ultimate 3-Gun

  • Price: $3,043.99
  • Barrel: 21 inch
  • Total Length: 42.5 inch
  • Weight: 7.8lb

Regular readers know that super assassin John Wick has a special place in our hearts. If you’re the same, or you’re seriously into 3-Gun competition, then do we have the semi auto shotgun for you.

This is one of the coolest movie tie-ins we have seen for a while and it sure beats the hell out of a Jurassic Park lunchbox. But it is kind of a dark commentary on where we’re going as a species that you can buy a shotgun endorsed by your favorite Hollywood hitman.

I mean I dunno. It feels wrong.

But the gun itself is amazing. So there’s that…

Basically this is a Benelli M2 that has been stripped to the bone and rebuilt to the highest possible specification for 3 Gun Competition shooting.

The whole Catacombs scene from John Wick 2 and the scene in The Continental hotel are really eulogies to 3 Gun shooting. That makes sense, as its Taran Butler’s speciality and the art that Keanu Reeves has trained in for years.

Butler trained Reeves for the first film and it’s a relationship that has resulted in this and several other tuner packages for the world’s best guns. You can buy a John Wick STI 2011, a John Wick Glock 34, Glock 26 and a 9mm Sig Sauer Rifle. It’s kinda weird, but it works…

Check Out All The John Wick Guns

For more of John Wick’s unique brand of fun, check out these posts.

The trigger is 3lb lighter than stock, the receiver is machined and polished for faster loading and the barrel and extractor have both been polished. Technically that’s for reliability, but the Benelli M2 really didn’t need much help in that department.

The oversized charging handle and safety, together with custom stippling, help with the handling. Everything is polished and that butter smooth receiver helps with the quad loading.

This one doesn’t have the Matchwarez clip that holds one more round like the Benelli M4 in John Wick 2, but it’s an impressive gun nonetheless.

This is the Benelli M2 taken to its illogical extreme.

Does that justify the price tag? Yes. No. I’m not sure. It’s your money and this is the best of the best. For some, that will be enough. For others, that John Wick seal of approval might swing the balance.

FN SLP Shotgun for sale, a great tactical shotgun that a lot of people prefer to the Benelli M4 Tactical. FN vs Benelli. It's a close one.

6. FN SLP Tactical

  • Price: $1,179
  • Barrel Length: 18 inch
  • Total Length: 38.75 inch
  • Weight: 7.7lb
  • Capacity: 6+1 rounds

The Benelli is the safe option for the best tactical shotgun. It’s the King of shotgun culture and deserves its due respect here. But just a few minor features give the Benelli the edge in technical terms and the FN shotgun is significantly cheaper.

If price is a concern but you still want a premium tactical shortgun, this is the one you should probably buy.

Also, if you want an FN that doesn’t cost the Earth, then it’s this or the very solid FN509 handgun that features on our list of top Glock alternatives.

The forums are alive with the debate and while the general consensus is that the Benelli M4 is a slightly better shotgun in terms of packaging and durability, the FN is every bit as good in every other area. Shotgun fanatics generally have both and still have a hard time choosing between them.

Long story short, if you get the FN and save a butt ton of money then you will probably never regret the decision.

The only time you might is when you’re switching out the pistons for 3 inch Magnum loads, when the Benelli just eats anything and everything. That aside, you will find more similiarities than differences between these two top class firearms.

The FN has an active valve gas system, a two-piece bolt, a bolt release button on the receiver and a high-profile ghost ring rear sight that still leaves space for a red dot.

It’s also prettier than the Benelli, if that counts for anything in your eyes.

Stoeger Industries M3K - A low budget Remington Versa Max and Benelli M2 rival. Buy a cheap 3 Gun Competition shotgun now.

7. Stoeger Industries 3000 M3K

  • Price: $684.99
  • Barrel: 24 inch
  • Total: 48 inch
  • Weight: 7.3lb
  • Capacity: 10+1

The Stoeger Industries 3000 M3K is a cheap Remington Versa Max and Benelli M2 rival that is an ideal 3 Gun shotgun starter pack.

The Stoeger Industries M3K competition shotgun is visibly cheaper than the Benelli M2 and Remington Versa Max. But then that’s the point, it is a lot cheaper. Less than $700, in fact.

The Stoeger M3K 12 gauge shotgun comes with an extended bolt release, a beveled loading port and a 10+1 capacity thanks to that long magazine tube and barrel. It’s drilled and tapped for a Weaver optic rail, it’s super fast to reload and this really is a proper competition shotgun for not that much money.

A 24 inch barrel does mean that it’s more of a hunting sniper shotgun, rather than a personal defense weapon.

But load up on some evil slugs and this could be a beast of a hog hunter. Break out the shot and you can take down turkeys with this shotgun all day long, and then you can enter a 3 Gun competition with it.

This is a big capacity sporting shotgun, rather than a full-on tactical shotgun. But it’s a properly versatile shotgun too, and we think you might like it.

Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical shotgun for sale. It's a classic tactical semi auto 12 gauge. Nothing fancy, at a price you can afford.


8. Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical

  • Price: $765.99
  • Barrel length: 18.5 inch
  • Total Length: 39 inches
  • Weight: 7.75lb
  • Capacity: 8+1

If you’re on a budget, this is the best of the traditional semi-automatic shotguns. It’s a bargain in this company and is easily the best tactical shotgun out there for $1000 if you don’t include the AK-based or mag fed shotgun options.

Here it comes with a full length synthetic stock, ghost ring sights at the rear and an M16 fiber optic front sight. Aside from that, 8+1 is a solid capacity and actually gives it the edge over far more expensive offerings.

Clearly, the fit and finish isn’t quite a match for the Benelli M4 and that’s why it costs half as much.

Mossberg does have a stellar reputation for reliability and law enforcement officers all round the country rely on a Mossberg 930 SPX as their duty shotgun.

SRM Arms M1228 For Sale, a great high capacity shotgun. Buy the best guns online at the USA Gun Shop, your favorite online gunbroker.

9. SRM Arms M1228

  • Price: $1,799
  • Barrel Length: 18.5
  • Total Length: 33.75 inch
  • Capacity: 28+1 rounds

No, seriously, 28+1 12-gauge shotgun rounds, with a slight catch. It’s a novel approach to a tactical shotgun, but you have to say it ticks most the boxes.

This gun is built around the Aguila mini-shell, so it doesn’t carry that many 3 inch slugs. That’s a limitation, we’re not going to lie.

But the payoff is that you get 28+1 rounds in those four-tubes, seven in each tube in that clever rotary magazine. So you keep hold of the pistol grip, keep the buttstock wedged firmly and you should be able to obliterate anything that was basically in front of you.

Twist the tube and the semi-automatic shotgun loads the next round automatically. That’s remarkably similar to the Tavor TS-12 that may turn out to be the better option in the long run, but this is a mag you can switch out.

Changing the magazine on the SRM Arms M1228 isn’t quite like dropping a mag from a box-magazine fed shotgun and slotting another home.  But it isn’t that painful.

This video features the 16+1 round version for full-sized shotgun shells and it shows that this is a workable system for a high-capacity shotgun pumping out 12 gauge ammunition.

Watch the video in full for awesome insights into the rate of fire and the sheer destructive capability of this weapon of war. It isn’t great for a field spot, but for close quarters combat then it absolutely rocks.

With 28+1 minishells, this thing is basically beyond AR-15 capacity with fricking shotgun shells, slugs and whatever else you want to throw at this particular situation.

You could turn each tube into a different option, from slugs through to non-lethal options, which makes it an intriguing option for law enforcement officers and people that just like blowing the shit out of stuff.

The rate of fire on this shotgun is pretty amazing and it’s a fun firearm that can give you a completely different vibe, or a real tactical shotgun with its own unique skill set that could prove invaluable. We’re not sure to be honest.

Benelli Supernova Tactical shotgun for sale

10. Benelli Super Nova Tactical

  • Price: $525.99
  • Barrel length: 18 inch
  • Total Length: 40 inches
  • Weight: 7.2lb
  • Capacity: 4+1

The Benelli Super Nova is a budget shotgun that obviously is the consumer grade version of the Mil-spec in every way Benelli M4. If the badge matters then you already know you want the entry-level Benelli more than a similarly or perhaps better equipped Mossberg or Remington. So yeah, there’s that.

But some people want to buy a Benelli shotgun online, and that’s fine with us too. The prestige, the heritage and the perceived quality of the military shotgun of choice means that they sell a ton of these lesser firearms.

If this is the 12 gauge shotgun of your dreams, then go for it and order this semi automatic shotgun now. You won’t be disappointed by the cheap Benelli.

Overmolded polymer sits on a steel frame and gives a cut price version of the traditional Benelli profile. Rifle type sights are standard, although you can easily upgrade with aftermarket ghost-ring sights for your shotgun.

The Benelli Super Nova has a fixed choke, which is fine for a defensive shotgun, and the recoil pad will make it more comfortable.

All the important stuff for a basic tactical shotgun is here and you do get the Benelli name as well.

Beretta 1301 Tactical Marine shotgun on sale now

11. Beretta 1301 Tactical Marine

  • Price: $1,198.99
  • Barrel length: 18.5 inch
  • Total Length: 37.79 inches
  • Weight: 6.3lb
  • Capacity: 4+1

This is probably the prettiest 12 gauge shotgun here, but we tend to want a little more from semi auto shotguns than a fresh look.

This is the Tactical Marine, which offers a synthetic stock and contrasting stainless steel chassis. That bit is cool, and the profile of the gun just works.

But does the gun work? That’s the real question and I have capacity anxiety just looking at the number of shells you start out with. I won’t carry a revolver because six shots isn’t enough. This is five. That’s one less than six and it’s a paltry number as full size semi-automatic shotguns go…

It’s too few shells and it drops the Beretta down the order. That’s a shame, because it is a really pretty gun.

Panzer Arms AR-12. An AR-15 style shotgun with a box magazine. Get your mag fed shotguns here at the USA Gun Shop..

12. Panzer Arms AR-Twelve

  • Price: $421.99
  • Barrel Length: 18.5 inch
  • Total Length: 39.75 inch
  • Weight: 8.12lb

The Panzer Arms AR style shotgun is pretty deep into gimmick territory if you want to take the cynical approach.

It’s a mag-fed shotgun in a basic AR layout without some of the more important features if you’re being kind and that makes it a pretty good start as semi-auto shotguns go. There is no walnut stock, sadly, and you get a stock black polymer finish.

Look at this semi auto through a more charitable lens, though, and it’s a solid mag-fed shotgun, which will feel right in the hands for just about everybody, for less than $400. What more do we really need from our semi-auto shotguns?

Panzer Arms has a semi auto bullpup shotgun on sale, too, and the Turkish firearms manufacturer is making a name for itself with solid feedback and great user reviews on online gun stores.

It’s a semi automatic 12 gauge shotgun that resembles an M4 and that is hardly a new idea, but it really does work here as a functional shotgun for everything from home defense to shotgun hunting.

I would love to see someone pull these kind of semi-auto shotguns out at a field sport event too.

The Remington V3 TAC-13 is a semi auto 12 gauge shotgun with a difference. It's a short barrel shotgun wrecking machine. Get yours here.

13. Remington V3 TAC-13

  • Price: $844.99
  • Barrel Length: 13 inch
  • Total Length: 26.5 inch
  • Weight: 5.94lb
  • Capacity: 5+1

The semi auto Remington V3 TAC-13 is a very different kind of semi-auto tactical shotgun. It’s compact, with a bird’s head grip that could actually give it the edge in a home or personal defense situation.

This is basically a legal sawn-off semi-automatic shotgun, which is kind of devastating when you think about it. It slips past the NFA regulations and the length means it can slip into inconspicuous places in a vehicle, or even a holdall. I generally don’t live that way, but you do you man.

Of course it looks a little like the pump action Remington Tac-13, it’s bound to. The main thing is this snubnose shotgun fires 5+1 rounds, so yep that’s 6, before you need to reload. 

This shotgun is absolutely designed for close quarters combat and it’s easy to imagine swinging this thing round the house.  What you lose in absolute accuracy, you gain in terms of flexibility of taking your shot and getting it off in the first place.

A short barrel inevitably means capacity isn’t all that great, but this is an awesome gun, and with Remington’s 870 DM on the market right now, Remington just need to find a way to marry the mag concept to the shorter V3 semi-automatic chassis. That shouldn’t be an impossible task…

Soon we should have a mag-fed Remington V3 TAC-13, but not yet. Right now if you want a close quarters combat shotgun you can rely on, then buy your Remington V3 TAC-13 with confidence. It’s a beast of a shotgun.

Rock Island Armory VR60 shotgun for sale. Also known as the Armscor VR60, this Colt M4 tribute packs a 12 gauge punch. Buy yours today.

14. Rock Island Armory VR60

  • Price: $402.99
  • Barrel Length: 20 inch
  • Total Length: 39 inch
  • Weight: 7.4lb

This is quite clearly a rebranded Armscor semi-automatic shotgun. Rock Island Armory hasn’t even changed the name of the VR60 and this is really a slightly more Colt M4 looking version of the Armscor shotgun for sale.

That’s fine, as this is a solid addition to the list.

We prefer the slightly more high-quality EAA version, but there really isn’t much in it and you might like the homage to the old-school Colts with the carry handle up top and a vague profile that fits the American hero. 

That might be enough to swing it in favor of this semi-auto shotgun for sale. The 5+1 OEM mag switches out for the same high-capacity magazine that works in the Armscor and you get a proper adjustable choke to accommodate different loads.

It’s a stock black finish, with a hard anodized coating, and it feels basically like an AR-15 with a fixed stock. That’s the point, and people that don’t spend too much time with a shotgun in their hand might prefer the familiar shooting technique that comes with an AR-15 style semi-auto shotgun.

The Rock Island Armory shotgun offers a simple gas system that is packaged with the shotgun return spring, around the support tube that runs beneath that long rifled barrel. It’s all contained within that suspiciously chunky black polymer handguard and this semi-auto shotgun just works.

The user reviews on the gun broker sites are pretty stellar and the potential for 20 rounds of pure carnage between reloads does make the Rock Island Armory VR60 shotgun an attractive option. If you prefer an AR-15 over a traditional shotgun, then this might be the shotgun you never knew you needed.

EAA bullpup shotgun 12 gauge, a beast of a personal defense shotgun

15. EAA Akdal MKA 1923

  • Price: $649.99
  • Barrel Length: 20 inch
  • Total Length: 29.5 inch
  • Weight: 9.7lb
  • Capacity: 5+1

You will see a number of this type of shotgun out there in the wild and this is basically no better or worse than a good few of them. It’s a bullpup based on the IWI Tavor, with the action and magazine behind the trigger.

Now it’s generic, but it works and the short bullpup layout means it’s great for home defense. The 5-round mags switch out for a 10-round alternative and this basic design doesn’t have a massive amount to go wrong.

You can also get a solid grip on this polymer frame and there’s a long rail for a red dot, iron rear sights and tower front that comes with the package or other tacti-cool madness.

That fixed front sight is kinda fun on a 12 gauge shotgun, but we think we’d be looking for something more substantial in terms of a red dot.

It’s not the most prestigious shotgun here, but the bullpup mag-fed shotgun is showing just how to make friends and influence people. It might be a bit of a mongrel, but we kinda like it.

AA-12-Shotgun could be the best tactical shotgun in the world

16. AA-12 Sledgehammer

  • Price: $3,250
  • Barrel length: 18.5 inches
  • Total length: 38 inches
  • Weight: 10.5lb
  • Capacity: 20-round drum mag

Update: There were stories of seizures by the ATF due to markings that weren’t compliant back in August and we haven’t seen them on sale since. So maybe let them get that stuff sorted before you buy one…

Purists might be up in arms, but this is a tactical shotgun taken to the next level and believe it or not it has been with us for 45 years. Seriously, we have been waiting that long for the civilian version of military hardware that made its debut in 1972.

If you could buy one on the open market, it might really be the winner, because this really is an assault shotgun in the true sense of the words. 

Check out the fully automatic version. It really is a thing of beauty and the lack of recoil really does have to be seen to be believed. It’s softer than an AR-15.

That was a fully automatic shotgun that was a revelation due to the sheer lack of recoil. Essentially, the gas system absorbed 80% of the recoil, a recoil spring accounted for 10% more and the general consensus is that the AA-12 offers about 10% of the recoil of a standard 12 Gauge round.

It has taken forever to get the semi-automatic version that should be a fixture on these lists and a law enforcement favorite by now. Finally, Sol Invictus Arms has done the deal to put the semi-auto version of this icon on sale and we’re waiting for the first units to hit the open market.

It’s a closed-bolt design, unlike the open bolt automatic version that owes much to the basic machine gun architecture.

While the gun hasn’t been available to buy, it has become a video game and movie star, which isn’t too surprising considering the insane firepower on offer here.

20 rounds from the drum mag or 8 from a box mag mean this simple gun offers AR-functionality with 12 gauge stopping power.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

They’re coming on stream slowly. So there isn’t really an easy place to find an AA-12 for sale as yet although the first pre-sale was handled by Armslist.

Keep an eye out for the AA-12 Shotgun for sale and we will do the same…

Tavor TS-12 is a beast of a semi-automatic shotgun. But can you actually buy one? Yes, you can back order a Tavor TS-12 here.


17. Tavor TS-12


  • Price: $1471.99
  • Barrel length: 18.5 inch
  • Total Length: 28.75 inches
  • Weight: 8.85lb
  • Capacity: 15+1

We love the Tavor TS-12, but we’re not sure you can, you know, actually buy one. When we see it on the streets, it will climb the list. Until then, it’s an interesting footnote in the big bad world of semi-auto shotguns.

It’s an evil looking shotgun isn’t it? And while some of you will be seriously questioning my sanity, and maybe my parentage, in its own way this is tactical as f**k.

You get 15 shells, five in each of three tubes. Rotate the tube, the next shell finds its way to the chamber thanks to an impressive semi-auto action and you’re ready to go again. With mini-shells, which might work, you could have up to 25 rounds on tap.

Then you’re basically done, is the only issue. That mag is fixed in place and can’t be switched out for a full one. There is a loading tube at the rear and you can load one and fire. But basically once you’ve let loose with those 25 rounds, you’ve got an issue.

But when was the last time you actually did need more than 25 shells for a self-defense situation? It has never happened to me…

Law Enforcement Officers and military will likely stay away from the Tavor TS-12 because it’s a relative dead weight after the first onslaught and the complexity of the system should make you a little nervous.

it’s probably not the first port of call for a home defense shotgun because there are so many moving parts. Now the actual technology behind this is not rocket science, but every layer of complexity tends to tug at reliability and it seems inevitable that you’re going to have to go at the Tavor TS-12 with the gunsmithing tools.

There are better options here for a semi auto defensive shotgun then. But as a fun gun, a piece of engineering to enjoy, it’s spectacular.

The barrel is 18.5 inches long and it comes with a full Picatinny rail for a sight or even a scope. You could load up one tube with buckshot, another with slugs and the third with, well, whatever you like. The synthetic stock gets a rubber recoil pad and it all lookslike it will be awesome, if we can buy the gun online at a gun broker.

We don’t know how accurate it is yet, but IWI make solid gear and there’s no reason to suggest you couldn’t use this as hunting shotgun or for a field sport weapon if you’re that way inclined.

This semi-automatic shotgun is also destined to star in a lot of movies in the years ahead.

The Armscor VR80 tactical shotgun for sale. This AR-style shotgun comes with a fixed grip, fold up iron sights and a magazine.

18. Armscor VR80-A Tactical

  • Price: $679.99
  • Barrel Length: 20 inch
  • Total Length: 40 inch
  • Weight: 8.27lb
  • Capacity: 19+1

If you go the whole nine yards and order the 19-round magazine, then this is the best semi-auto AR-15 style shotgun for sale, hands down.

The faux collapsible stock grates on some people, but there’s no doubting this is a highly effective tactical shotgun. Is it one of the best semi auto 12 gauge shotguns for sale?

If you can get past the dubious heritage, then this gun has almost as much to offer as the AK-based Kalashnikov for much less money.

The high capacity magazine offers a ridiculous amount of bang for your buck. Load up with slugs and you have a 20 inch barrel and serious range on offer, as well as the ability to unload that mag with frightening speed. 

There isn’t much left standing after 20 slugs, or 20 rounds of buckshot to be fair. So this is a potent defensive shotgun, although it is a little on the long side for inside the house. You could easily use it in a field sport, though, if just to annoy the traditionalists and their walnut stock options.

3-Gun competition shooters tend to love these unconventional layouts and the mag fed shotguns are slowly taking over from traditional tactical shotguns in the field. They’re faster, they’re reliable these days and they’re 100% tactical. 

Shotgun purists aren’t happy, but these are the hard to swallow pills. These modern shotguns, with a Modern Sporting Rifle layout, really do make a strong case. Even the iron sights on these guns are better than shotgun ghost ring sights, admit it…

New Molot Vepr 12 for sale, AK-47 shotgun

19. MOLOT Vepr 12

  • Price: $699.99
  • Barrel length: 19 inch
  • Total Length: 38.5 inches
  • Weight: 8.5lb

On a purely technical level, and this is going to cause me some problems with the purists, this is right up there with the best of them.

But actually buying one seems to be a lost cause right now, unless you’re willing to look at used guns or find a mint in box example at a gun show.

An Executive Order banned the import of Kalashnikov Concern products, for a while, which meant this was the best way to get an AK shotgun.

Kalashnikov USA has fixed that issue and normal service has been resumed, but the Molot Vepr shotgun seems caught in that web. Availability is down, and the Vepr and Saiga pioneers are becoming a footnote.

Seriously, show me what about the Vepr 12 is not ‘tactical’ enough. You might not consider it a traditional tactical shotgun, but give me the one criteria you think really rules it out?

It’s heavier than the streamlined Benelli, sure, and that does count. But it comes with a full AK-style layout, including a folding stock that turns this into an AK shockwave with a longer barrel.

If you can’t handle this weapon, that’s on you.

The lower receiver evolved from the RKG Light Machine Gun receiver and this is military to its core. You can also fit aftermarket furniture to change the look and feel of your gun, right down to a bi-pod.

Load it up with 8-round magazines, switch them out and start firing again in less than half a second. You don’t need crazy reloading skills with this shotgun, just the basic ability to switch a mag. You don’t even really need to do that if you start with a 20-round drum mag.

Yes, you can get them.

That’s the insane tactical advantage that the Vepr 12 will always have over greats like the Benelli M4 and the lesser known FN.

You can’t take it away, it’s a game-changing evolution and I am absolutely sure that box magazine-fed shotguns are the future. Make them semi-auto, too, and shotguns suddenly have a pretty good future.

Vepr 12 Shotgun  Isn’t Perfect

Reliability and the nth degree of engineering really aren’t in the Vepr’s wheelhouse. This is basic, potato and vodka engineering.

It looks like a traditional Kalashnikov and a typical bystander wouldn’t even know it was a shotgun at all. That’s not really a tactical advantage, but it is sort of fun.

The Vepr 12 comes with an added dimension. If you switch out buckshot for slugs then you can seriously nail targets up to 200 yards, even though the effective range is only listed at half that. This guy did it…

What does that mean? It means you can have a Deadpool-style ammo bag that changes your Vepr 12 completely, depending on the distance. You can light up the local vicinity with a maelstrom of buckshot, or you can take aim at AR-15 distances.

It also means you can hunt with it.

Seriously, what’s not to love about this semi auto shotgun?

Put a reflex sight up top and you’ve got an absolute weapon on your hands. In almost every scenario, the Vepr 12 has the Benelli’s number.

It doesn’t have the heritage, the prestige or the premium feel, and there’s a perceived reliability advantage for the Benelli. But if I was going into a warzone and could take only one shotgun, it woud be one that looks like this.

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