Where to Buy a Glock 43 – Best Prices 2023

The Glock 43 remains one of the best selling 9mm pistols of all time and possibly the best 9mm subcompact. Get yours at the best price.

Glock 43

  • Price: $448
  • Barrel Length: 3.39 inch
  • Total: 6.26 inch
  • Weight: 1.01lb
  • Capacity: 6+1

The Glock 43 subcompact is one of the best selling carry guns in America. And is showing no major signs of slowing down. The single stack G43 and double stack Glock 43x pistols just do everything right.

The price point is just about perfect compared to some of the competition as well.

So if you just want the best price for a semi-auto single stack Glock 43 subcompact or 43x, then we’ve got some helpful searches here for you. We recommend you run this price check before you buy.

You can save some money, maybe get free mags and a case, there are always gun deals with this popular model. So check these links before you buy a Glock 43 subcompact online.

Glock 43x 9mm is Taking Over

Most people go for the double stack G43x these days. The slightly thicker and longer handle is proving a small price to pay for the extra rounds of 9mm ammo. A State compliant 10 rounds with a flush fitting magazine, or 15 rounds in an extended magazine, gives it a serious advantage in a gunfight.

You could get one of those 50 round drum mags you see in the parts & magazines stores. But they will really hamper the concealed aspect of your G43x ownership experience.

Most people find the semi auto Glock 43x 9mm is the sweet spot in terms of magazine capacity and ease of concealment.

Of course the ultra reliable single stack Glock 43 conceals much better, which might be your priority. As an everyday carry gun it’s more compact.

That’s basically the pros & cons of each model laid out for you though, before you hit the Glock store. Look at our post on the best Glock for sale in 2023 as well.

Glock 43x 9mm is Our Best 9mm Subcompact Pistol

We recently named the Glock 43x 9mm as our best 9mm subcompact pistol for concealed carry. The Gen 5 just does everything right and is a major step forward from the Gen 4 Glock 43.

The Gen 4 Glock was just the start of a great gun. You had to go to the gun parts & accessories store to get a new trigger, and preferably a new grip module to deal with the weak stippling.

Gen 5 Glocks are the first Glock pistols to feel right out the box and you simply don’t need to mod them and turn them into more expensive custom Glocks. Well, the stock front sight, and rear sight, white dot sights, still suck. But there are so many fiber optic options and high visibility upgrades out there for that…

Longer Barrel Contains Recoil

The barrel length is just a little longer than obvious competition like the Sig Sauer P365 and Springfield Hellcat. Both those guns have a reputation for snappy handling and there’s a big market in third party recoil reduction solutions.

The Glock 43x doesn’t have that same rep and the general feeling is the slightly longer slide length has tamed the 9mm round completely.

For personal defense, when you’re counting on your gun, that matters a lot. The Glock 43 subcompact pistol in all its forms is that little more stable. It’s that little less likely to jump out your hand when the adrenaline is rushing through your veins, or at the gun range.

Obviously that’s never happened to any of us, because of all the firearms training. But an adrenaline dump is a real thing. A simple, user friendly firearm can save your life when things go bad.

For lots of reasons, we like the semi-auto Glock 43x as a concealed carry for new shooters especially. The Glock 19, too.

No Manual Safety

The lack of a manual safety will always be a bone of contention. But you can visit the Glock parts & accessories store and buy one of those separately for your semi-automatic pistol.

Now the Glock Safe Action trigger system is a collection of three separate mechanical safeties. And they are getting better with each and every generation of these semi-automatic pistols.

Glock Safe Action trigger system disables each of the safeties sequentially as you pull the trigger. A trigger safety, firing pin safety and drop safety all work invisibly to keep you safe from accidental discharge. It’s hard for some people to put their faith in these unseen forces, but they generally do work.

Use a proper concealed carry holster from the parts shop to keep the trigger safety in place until you want to fire and the Glock is safe. There are lots of IWB holsters. Keep it in your pocket and flirt with the trigger every time you fumble for your keys… Yeah that’s not what it’s meant for.

Glock MOS System Changes the Game

The Glock 43x MOS provides an optics ready system that works with the micro red dot of your choice. Call it the John Wick effect, but small concealed carry guns with red dot sights are more acceptable these days.

Is the Glock 43x 9mm a Sngle Action or Double Action?

Glocks aren’t quite single action or double action. The safeties are largely connected to the trigger and so there are multiple actions with each trigger pull.

So normal language goes out the window. Essentially once you have taken up the slack of the trigger safety then the trigger pull feels like a single action.

What Color is the Glock 43x

Well you can order a semi auto matte black pistol, flat dark earth pistol and even a pink Glock G43x. There are some odd Glock handguns color combos that you will love or hate, like the Robin’s Egg Blue.

We kind of like the straightforward black pistol, Flat Dark Earth pistol and some of the shades of blue. But not Robin’s Egg Blue. That’s genuinely awful.

Where to Buy 9mm Ammo, Handgun Ammo, Rimfire Ammo Etc

We have give you our thoughts on the best 9mm ammo for self defense and recreational shooting. But we also believe in looking for new deals to order online. Check this post out for a deep dive. Or simply go here if you want to check out today’s best deals on 9mm ammo and bulk ammo deals with free shipping on orders.

Sites to Join For Special Offers

If you’re a Glock owner at the point where you’re looking at Glock magazines, shooting accessories, spotting scopes and tactical clothing all day, or a replacement front sight and rear sight because you hate your white dot sights when you’re shooting guns, then it’s time to create an account at Sportman’s Guide and Palmetto State Armory.

They have daily deals, new products and are a great source for Glock accessories, from a slide stop to a drop in match grade marksman barrel. You can view list after list of offers, top sellers and your firearm orders. Get tactical guns, not just a new concealed carry weapon.

Create an account with Sportsman’s Guide and sign up for exclusive discounts on every purchase and other benefits for a gun owner. They include free shipping on your tactical clothing, spotting scopes, build kits and non lethal defense, as well as easy to check order status etc.

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