6 Best Liberty Gun Safes For Sale in 2023

What is the best LIberty Gun Safe to protect your family.

You’ve done enough research to know that the Liberty gun safe is the industry standard. But which one?

What the Hell is this fire rating stuff all about anyway right? Is it important? And does your Glock 19 really need a 19 Long Gun safe? Yes and no, would be the answers to those two very separate questions.

Clearing Up Gun Safe Confusion

Like electronics the safe manufacturers have developed their own language. Mostly that’s good customer service, but some of it is just confusing.

So let’s clear that up for you and lay it down plain and simple. These are the best Liberty Gun Safes you can buy in 2023.

Provault 24 gun safe by Liberty. A cheap Liberty Gun Safe.

1. ProVault Flex Loaded 24 Gun Safe by Liberty

  • Price: $899.99
  • Capacity: 24
  • External Dimensions: 59.5in x 28.5in x 22in
  • Weight: 370lb
  • Fire Protection: 30 Minutes/1200 Degrees Farenheit
  • Cert: Level 2, UL Listed Residential Security Container

This is the best bang for the buck when it comes to your main gun safe with a classic vault door. The Provault 24 Gun Safe by Liberty is the best-selling safe for a reason.

It’s a Level 2 UL-listed Residential Security Container. That means it’s pretty much good no matter how harsh your state regs for securing a firearm.

This is a solid safe for entry level money, and it’s really a low budget Liberrty Centurion with a few less bells and whistles.

It is also a clear sign you’ve gone above and beyond to lock up your guns. The lifetime warranty says so. So everybody can relax, especially you.

Personal Safety Extends to Your Gun Safe

Peace of mind is the basic reason you buy guns in the first place. It extends through all your gun accessories and ends in your gun safe. So get the best you can reasonably invest in.

The body of this safe is 12 gauge steel and the vault door panel is 4.5 inches thick. Liberty has a patent pending on the four inch bars and what it calls a military-style locking bars in two sides of the safe.

That basically makes it unbreakable, together with the reinforcements that help defend against a drill attack. There’s an external relocker as an added safety mechanism.

How Much Fire Can This Safe Take?

30 minutes of fire protection at 1200 Degrees Farenheit should be enough for the fire department to get to your house and deal with the blaze.

It should basically take an Act of God or a natural disaster for the actual safe area to be on fire for more than 30 minutes. I mean more protection is good, but 30 minutes is a lot.

The company dropped a 1000lb block of concrete on its safes to make sure they’re strong enough to, ummm, stand there and hold your guns. And men’s hunting gear, or women’s hunting gear…

Complete Modular Gun Safe & Home Safe

Section off your safe as you see fit, and get rid of any other household safe. It almost certainly won’t have the same level of protection.

That means your valuables and documents are better off in this one stop personal Fort Knox. You can order gun storage for the door, and section off the safe as you want.

Use rigid partitions, tie downs, shelves, internal doors, and soft storage compartments. Buy direct from Liberty Safe, or just use standard fitting third party gear to liven up your Liberty Safes.

If you’re really super serious about personal security, then you can have a safe within a safe, although this is generally reserved for the larger handgun vaults.

Electronic Keypad Access vs Biometric Access

It opted for the SecuRam TopLit electronic lock on this particular Liberty Gun Safe. It’s simple, robust and doesn’t need a fingerprint. Just a pin number gets you at your guns, accessories and ammo.

Biometric locks are available from Liberty Safe, and we’ll have those on the list. You can also go properly old school with a dial to go with that giant entry For our winner, we kept it simple.

With the best gun safe, safety first seemed like the right way to go.

LIberty HD-100 Quick Gun Vault. Get to your firearms in a hurry with quick keypad entry.

2. Liberty Safe HD-100 Quick Gun Vault

  • Price: $149.99
  • Capacity: 1
  • External Dimensions: 2.5in x 10.8in x 8.3in
  • Weight: 6.25lb

The top-rated Liberty HDX-150 is the game-changer and you should have at least one of these in your life, even if you don’t own guns.

This is the fingerprint access travel safe we always need, but never have. This could go in your luggage, just, I mean it is 6lb. But if you go to the kind of places that a mobile safe could be useful, well you know that’s not a dealbreaker.

It is also a rapid access biometric scanner that gives you access to your gun in less than a second. Program up to 15 thumbprints in to the system and then you decide who can access your guns.

Biometric Gun Safes vs Electronic Lock Access

Liberty Safes adopting the fingerprint scanner is a sign that we can trust this technology. The Amazon gun vaults were horrible and a lot didn’t work.

But this is a cut above and the kind of military-grade technology that won’t get confused by greasy hands. It’s also cheap enough to try it on this small and portable safe that’s great for the car, key points of the house, or even for throwing in your luggage.

Liberty Centurion 12 Gun safe for sale. Get the best gun safes for sale online with Liberty USA and the USA Gun Shop.

3. Liberty Safe Centurion 12 Gun Safe

  • Price: $799.99
  • Capacity: 12
  • External Dimensions: 59.5in x 18.2in x 18in
  • Weight: 245lb
  • Fire Protection: 30 Minutes at 1200 Degrees Farenheit.

CNC machined parts on the Liberty Centurion essentially have ended the days of prying open a safe.

You get a sandwich-type construction door panel, with robotically controlled welds for consistent seams and the strongest Liberty safes, vault doors etc. Then anti-tamper measures are employed throughout.

This is the Liberty Gun Safe Level 1 Security, meaning limited fire protection and fewer locking bars. But this is still more than enough to keep your guns safe and sound in most instances.

If you need more, there’s a top rated Liberty Presidential waiting for you and your credit card.

Liberty Safe HD-300 Quick Pistol Vault. Get fast access to your guns and make sure they're secure when you need them to be. Buy Liberty Safes now.

4. Liberty HD-300 Quick Pistol Vault

  • Price: $179.99
  • Capacity: 2
  • External Dimensions: 8.3in x 13.1in x 10.9in
  • Weight: 13.9lb

You don’t always need a monster vault. If you’re a one or two gun house, then a simple Liberty Safe HD-300 Quick Pistol Vault.

The HD-350 comes with a thumbprint reader and biometric access. If you’re not totally sold on that, this is a simple Secure Soft Touch Combo lock that gives you 1000 different possible combinations.

Separate Storage For Two Guns

There’s a shelf, internal light and rapid access to two guns. You could maybe store more, but don’t trip over yourself giving yourself a choice. 2 full size guns, or a compact or subcompact 9mm as a back up, could be enough.

Two guns, loaded, cocked and possibly locked, spare mags and not much else should be in this safe. That makes it a great additional safe inside a cupboard in the kitchen, a desk in the home or office or a stand by the front door.

Anti Pry Door Seal, No Fire Protection

16 Gauge steel should keep any prying fingers away from your guns, as long as you bolt it to the wall or proper fixtures and fittings using the mounting holes.

Additional anti-tamper technology and tactical reinforcements based on decades of experience mean this is a safe bet for one or two handguns. While it obviously offers a lot of protection with the 16 gauge steel door panel etc, these vaults aren’t officially fire rated.

Liberty Safe Handgun Vault - The Smart Vault HDX-250 comes with a fingerprint scanner for biometric access.

5. Liberty Safe Smart Vault HDX-250

  • Price: $249.99
  • Capacity: 1
  • External Dimensions: 8.3in x 13.1in x 10.9in
  • Weight: 13.9lb

The Liberty Safe Home Defender series just got smart, with the addition of a biometric fingerprint reader, which takes these security products to the next level.

You get space for one gun, a reload or three and some documents. So like a few passports and a stack of cash, if you’re Jason Bourne. If you’re like you and me, maybe your ID and bank statements.

Liberty Safe’s handgun vaults can be useful for high traffic areas where a full-size gun safe just isn’t practical or necessary.

Inside the front door, in the home office, garage and basically any extremity of the house, an additional firearm can give you peace of mind.

Liberty Patriot 48 Gun Safe. Is this the best Liberty Gun Safe you can buy online? We think so.

6. Liberty Patriot 48

  • Price: $1,799.99
  • Capacity: 48
  • External Dimensions: 72.5in x 42in x 27.5in
  • Weight: 984lb
  • Fire Protection: 60 Minutes/1200 Degrees Farenheit

If you want the most heavy duty, strongest, most fireproof safe that the company has to offer, then you want the Liberty Patriot 48 with the electronic lock.

Well actually you want the Liberty Presidential, but unless you’re John Wick in The Continental Hotel, that might be pushing things. This is as high end as most normal folks need to go.

You can fit 48 long guns in there, somehow, but you don’t have to. The Liberty Patriot 48 is pretty much a custom gun safe that you can organize as you see fit.

Whatever goes in there, from the best AR-15s to sniper rifles, will be better protected than most visiting dignitaries.

How Secure is the Liberty Patriot Gun Safe?

This roll-form steel safe is so strong you could sit and watch it burn for up to an hour. If you are that way inclined. I mean the rest of your house will crumble to ash, so I wouldn’t.

But the safe has a lifetime warranty and expanding Palusol to protect your stuff.

Everything inside the safe should be totally protected for an hour at up to 1200 Degrees Farenheit. You also get the military style locking bars, anti-pry reinforcements and basic design that ensures only you get your guns.

The standard LIberty products electronic lock gets beefed up to defend against low-level EMPs and other electrical interference. So it’s a good safe. Get one, if you can justify the cost.

It’s the absolute top line of home security. So it should give you that little extra peace of mind.

Liberty HD-100 Gun Safes on sale now. Get small safes for one handgun, a spare magazine and valuables.
Want Something More Subtle?

Liberty Safes are the benchmark, the best home safes, handgun safes in North America, in our humble opinion…

But we know that sometimes the best gun safes, home safes etc blend in and give you the tactical advantage. So if you want different fire safes, gun cabinets and more, not just a solid Liberty gun safe, check out these hidden gun safes, home safes in one of our most popular posts.

If you want to see what the competition has to offer, and there are good options these days, then we understand. Check out this post, which covers the 10 best safes you can buy online.

Parts For Liberty Safe Gun Safes, Handgun Safes, Vaults, Vault Doors, Accessories Etc

All home safes, gun safes, vaults, vault doors, accessories, gun cabinets and more need replacing from time to time. And if there’s one thing you really want to maintain when it comes to home security, it’s the device that decides who accesses your firearms.

Use a gift card if you have to, and give a gift card to someone who has an old Liberty gun safe lying around. Help them.

And if people are keeping guns unsecured, especially around their family, get them a gift card and march their ass over here to buy at least one of the high quality small safes, home safes, vault doors, Liberty Safes etc.

Not just more men’s hunting gear, or women’s hunting gear.

Do curbside pickup, use tie downs, whatever you got to do, with them or the best safe and vault door. Just get them to buy one and some safe accessories. Even commercial safes will do. Or one of LIberty Safe’s entry level models. But do it today.

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