9 Best Custom Carry Guns – 2024

FN 509 CC Edge is an in house factory custom carry pistol. Is it the best?

Last Updated February 4th 2023

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The Winners at a Glance

The Springfield Hellcat RDP is the best custom carry pistol on the market in 2023. But we have plenty of options…

Springfield Hellcat RDP

Springfield Hellcat RDP

  • Overall Winner
Wilson Combat SFX9

Wilson Combat SFX9

  • Ultimate 1911 CCW
S&W M&P Shield Performance Center

S&W M&P Shield Performance Center

  • Best Bang for your Buck
FN 509 CC Edge

FN 509 CC Edge

  • Best Race Gun
Sig Sauer P320 Equinox

Sig Sauer P320 Equinox

  • Best lightweight military grade rifle
Kimber Amethyst

Kimber Amethyst

  • Best Fashion Label Gun


It is time to blow the budget and find the coolest custom carry pistols for sale in 2023. Don’t whine about the price, these are custom carry guns and, well, not all of them are ridiculously expensive.

These are the limited editions, the factory custom pistols and the best custom guns from third party tuners.

If you want the best of the best. Or if you want a designer watch of a handgun, or something to go with your favorite sneakers, then we’ve probably got your new gun right here…

So what are the best custom carry guns in 2023?

Springfield Hellcat RDP. Get yours here.

1. Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP

  • Price: $875.99
  • Barrel: 3.8 inch
  • Total: 7 inch
  • Weight: 1.20lb
  • Capacity: 10+1

Winner – A Great Tactical Pistol


The Springfield Hellcat Rapid Defense Package is arguably the best micro compact 9mm pistol fitted with a threaded barrel, a compensator and a red dot sight.

It’s the full John Wick package for these custom carry guns…

Now the longer barrel turns the RDP into more of a sub-compact 9mm if we’re getting picky, and we really should. But this post is about custom handguns for concealed carry and the RDP more than makes the grade.

The RDP gets the Gen 2 Hellcat trigger, which is a big improvement. There’s a full length guide rod and Dual captive Recoil Spring to contain the muzzle rise.

The Self Indexing Compensator is a tool free installation and the main port at the top and two smaller side ports help exhaust gas upwards to keep the gun stable during rapid fire.

With the polymer Shield SMSC red dot fitted, this is an absolute weapon at anything like defensive duties. All this custom work is firmly focused on function, which makes this one of our favorite custom pistols on the list.

Wilson Combat SFX9 sub-compact 9mm pistol on sale now. One of the best custom carry guns out there.

2. Wilson Combat SFX9 Sub Compact

  • Price: $2,992.99
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel: 3.25 inch
  • Weight: 1.6lb
  • Capacity: 10+1

Ultimate CCW


Wilson Combat have become one of the biggest names in the industry, despite selling limited numbers of bespoke guns at insane prices.

The Wilson Combat SFX9 Sub Compact is machined from billet aluminum, hence the Solid Frame name.

It’s the lightest possible 1911 Wilson Combat was prepared to put its name on. The traditional beavertail grip safety is gone and even the thumb safety, slide stop and magazine release are small, simple and low drag. There’s no barrel bushing on that reverse cone match-grade barrel either.

The full size custom handguns are works of art, too, and you can see more of their high end pistols here.

Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P Shield Plus. A great 9mm concealed carry.

3. S&W Performance Center M&P Shield Plus

  • Price: $569.99
  • Barrel: 3.1 inch
  • Total: 6 inch
  • Weight: 1.20lb
  • Capacity: 10+1

Best Budget Choice


You don’t have to spend the Earth to get custom firearms these days and the Performance Center model of the micro-compact 9mm Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is just a great gun all round.

The Smith & Wesson Performance Center is the in house custom shop that does everything from hand fit the big S&W revolvers through to dressing up the polymer pistols like these as a custom carry.

Fiber optic sights, an enhanced grip texture and a tuned action are part of the basic package. The ported slide and extended magazine are nice touches on these custom pistols, too.

Aside from that, the S&W M&P Shield Plus really didn’t need much. The small M&P Shield with the double stack magazine was already brilliant, with cocking serrations and that 18 degree grip that was already way ahead of the Glock 43x.

This small tune up pushes this custom handgun to the top of the pack, at this price point anyway.

Nighthawk Custom Ambassador Counsellor are custom carry guns for the connoisseur.

4. Nighthawk Custom Ambassador Counselor

  • Price: $5,288.99
  • Caliber: 9mm pistol
  • Total: 7 inch
  • Barrel: 3.5 inch
  • Capacity: 8+1

Peak Engineering, and Price


Nighthawk Custom was formed when a bunch of engineers at Wilson Combat thought they could do just a little bit better.

The company from Berryville Arkansas makes custom guns for the elite these days. This Nighthawk Custom Ambassador Counselor is the company’s concealed carry pistol flagship, and it is amazing.

This is a high price, high spec handgun, a dream gun. It’s the best money can buy if you’re in to 9mm 1911s and they’re all custom pistols really. Inevitably you can get a variety of finishes on your concealed carry custom 1911, from clean black to burnt bronze.

So if you love unique firearms and you don’t mind spending over the odds to get the best trigger action you can get with, ya know, money, take a good look at Nighthawk Custom handguns.

Sig Sauer Spectre Custom Works.

5. Spectre Works Sig P365XL

  • Price: $849.99
  • Barrel: 3.7 inch
  • Total Size: 6.5 inch
  • Weight: 1.20lb
  • Capacity: 12+1

Best Factory Custom Gun


The in house skunkworks team has created a monster in the Spectre Works Sig Sauer P365 XL.

This factory custom pistol can come with a compensator that reduces muzzle flip and felt recoil by up to 30%, but this version is cleaner and simpler. And much cheaper.

Combined with a new laser stippled grip module that gives you a firmer grip, this modified P365 certainly feels better in the hand.

A flat X series trigger gives a much nicer trigger pull than the stock gun. There there are the XRay3 Day/Night sights, dramatic cocking serrations and gold Titanium Nitride finished barrel all combine to create a better handgun, that also looks amazing.

The slide is optics ready, too, so you can run red dot sights up there if the old eyes are starting to let you down and you need super fluorescent rear sights.

Now you can save a substantial amount of money and buy the almost equally brilliant Sig Sauer P365 X-Macro that comes with the same double stack magazine and high capacity.

In fact, on a bang for buck basis, that’s exactly what we would recommend. It’s essentially the same custom striker fired pistol concept, without the same level of involvement from Sig Custom Works.

But we’re looking for the big money stars here, so the Spectre Works is the Sig custom carry for us.

FN 509 CC Edge on sale now. Get the next gen carry firearms here.

6. FN 509 CC Edge

  • Price: $1,399.99
  • Barrel: 4.2 inch
  • Total: 7 inch
  • Weight: 1.60lb
  • Capacity: 15+1

Best Race Gun


The FN 509 CC Edge has been pimped to the max, is optic ready and packs 15 rounds into that diminutive polymer frame.

The slide is ported, you get a single port compensator and a match grade barrel you can see clearly through the slide cuts. There’s a lot going on here, visually.

If you love the race gun look, then this is absolutely for you. The tall fiber optic suppressor height sights are designed to co-witness with red dot sights and look over a suppressor. There’s a flat faced trigger with a shoe safety and large base pads for the double stack mag extension.

We really like the full size FN 509 Long Slide and this elite compact pistol certainly belongs here. It’s a high price, high spec handgun, for sure and we could EDC these custom carry guns any day.

Sig P2320 AXG Equinox Elite on sale now.

7. Sig Sauer P320 AXG Equinox Elite

  • Price: $1,284.99
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel: 3.9 inch
  • Total: 7 inch
  • Weight: 1.95lb
  • Capacity: 17+1

Best Compact Carry


An all metal Sig P320 Compact sounds like a pretty good start for a handgun, and Sig Sauer Custom Works did not stop there.

The Sig Sauer P320 AXG Equinox Elite uses the new Alloy Xseries Grip module as a base, with 1911 style checkering on the front strap and low profile grips secured with stainless steel screws. So you get 1911 features, with the modern service pistol double stack mag in 9mm in this Custom Works P320 AXG.

The X Series flat faced trigger is another performance feature we like and the two tone slide topped with XRAY3 Night sights should work for you on this Sig Sauer Custom Works Equinox Elite. Those front and rear sights are low profile, and brightly lit.

Or you can break out the armorer’s wrench and slot an RMR Trijicon up top. There’s a proper rail for weapon lights underneath too on the Sig Sauer P320 AXG Limited Edition custom carry guns.

It is fair to say the plastic Sig Sauer P320 carry gun has come a long way in the hands of Sig Sauer Custom Works…

Smith and Wesson SW1911 Pro Series Officer size

8. Smith & Wesson 1911 PC Pro Series

  • Price: $1,327.99
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel: 3 inch
  • Total: 7 inch
  • Weight: 1.63lb
  • Capacity: 8+1

Most Stylish Subcompact 1911


This is a scaled down S&W Performance Center 1911 Pro Series, chambered in 9mm and then suitably dressed for the price point. in short, it’s a great little gun for personal defense.

Proper checkering on the backstrap, an ambidextrous thumb safety. a 3 hole trigger, single stack mag and a bobbed hammer are all present and correct on this single action semi auto 9mm pistol. It’s a super smooth trigger pull to load up, then a sweet clean break and trigger reset.

Novak style low profile rear sights and a fiber up front help the sight picture too.

Now S&W also has the CSX hammer-fired crossover pistol to offer and we expect to see some custom work from the Performance Center soon. For now, this S&W 1911 PC Pro Limited Edition is the company’s apex predator.

Kimber Amethyst Ultra II. A wild custom carry firearm that you might love, or hate, but probably one or the other.

9. Kimber Amethyst Ultra II

  • Price: $1,692.99
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel: 3 inch
  • Total: 7 inch
  • Weight: 1.63lb
  • Capacity: 8+1

Best Fashion Piece


The similarly specced Kimber Ultra Custom Defense Package is a subtler gun, but again this is the time for the peacocks to shine and metallic purple custom carry guns to come out to play.

Step forward the single stack Kimber Amethyst Ultra II special edition.

The Amethyst purple slide and small parts like the mag release certainly change the look and feel of the Kimber custom shop conceal carry pistol.

Thankfully it functions just like a small Kimber custom shop handgun, which is the most important thing honestly.

As for the looks, you love them or loathe them, and don’t need any input from me. But it is top quality custom work.

If you like the custom works concept, but hate purple, then try these alternatives like burnt bronze, or rose gold. We do like the Aegis, Pro Covert and that CDP package and remember to organise the price low to high to spot a bargain.

Grip module for the P365. Get yours online now.

What About Some Choice Custom Mods For Your Gun?

You can turn your conceal carry into a custom build with minimal effort with a grip module and other custom parts & accessories. Some of the best handguns start like that and turn into custom carry guns, fast.

All you need to do is switch out the fire control unit and other major parts. It’s easier than you think and you can do it with simple tools and a five minute Youtube instructional video.

Once you’ve switched one Fire Control Unit, you will see how easy it is and you might want to adopt this approach with all your guns in the future, rather than breaking out the grip tape and Dremel.

You see grip frame modules are way cheap, and simple, and the custom work is done for you. You just move the Fire control unit and guts of the pistol into their proper place. With modern modular engineering, these custom parts are designed to slot home easily.

Other Easy Mods

New base pads, or larger mags, new front and rear sights, a custom slide and a drop in barrel can transform your existing guns, rifles, shotguns etc. So check out the parts & accessories stores and see what’s available to transform your conceal carry handgun.

Suppressors & accessories like high capacity mags might need NFA approval or just be banned in your State, though, so check out the your Federal, State and local gun laws when you make a big mod.

They also like to hear about any plans you have for short barrel rifles etc.

We’re always building up our selections of range gear, survival gear, grips, grip module options, hearing protection, holsters, pouches. We focus on firearms, pistols, custom AR-15s and the like. But we have the support cast too, as well as the best firearms for sale.

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