22 Cheap Guns on Sale Now – Jan 2020

Springfield Defender XD on sale, cheap handguns

Discount Firearms Bargains to Buy Now – Dec 2019

As we watch the gun pricing trends, sometimes anomalies crop up. Cheap guns are our favorite thing…

And we’re going to keep them in one post, which we’ll update.

These guns are too cheap. Like way cheaper than the Recommended Retail Price and if you buy guns online regularly then keep checking back or sign up today. Finding the best price for buying guns online is what we do.

Cheap Guns, End of Line Guns, All of Them

In two of these cases, it’s because the cheap guns are slowly being replaced by the next generation. In their case, newer doesn’t necessarily mean better.

The guns that are going to the shooting range in the sky are right at the top of their game and a cut above most alternatives in the same price range.

This basically makes us the TJ Maxx of the firearms world, selling end of line goods and cheap guns at ridiculous discounts. We can live with that and if you want to buy a gun online, you might love it too.

So what are the best cheap guns for sale in 2019 if you’re looking for big discounts?

Check the Cheap guns sales with direct links

We know it’s a hassle to go through all the gunbrokers online and narrow the searches down to the cheapest guns and the best firearms sales. So we’ve done it for you. These are the clearance firearms that might be just what you’re looking for today.

Cheap Guns For Sale Online and Where to Buy Them in 2020

Smith & Wesson M&P Sport 2 in 5.56 NATo, just $519.99 at the USA Gun Shop. Get yours while stocks last!

1 Smith & Wesson M&P Sport II

  • Price: $519.99
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO

Rest assured this deal isn’t going to be here for long. This is almost $200 off the RRP for the Smith & Wesson AR-15 and numbers are limited. So you snooze, you’re probably going to lose.

This is one of the benchmark budget AR-15s and a consistent star in our list of the best cheap AR-15s for $500, even though it normally costs a bit more. This is the best price we have seen for a while and Palmetto State Armory has come up with a complete deal.

Buy it now.

Daniel Defense DDM4V7 300BLK Pistol For Sale. Discount guns at the USA Gun Shop.

2. Daniel Defense DDM4V7P

  • Price: $1, 359
  • Caliber: AAC 300 Blackout
  • Barrel length: 10.3 inch
  • Total: 28.5 inch
  • Weight: 5.44lb

Euro Optic won’t even reveal the price for this cheap Daniel Defense DDM4V7 until you put the gun in the cart. Even we couldn’t believe it until we saw it for ourselves.

It’s true. It’s damned true…

This gun sells for $1,900 on Brownells and everybody loves it. They don’t need this kind of discount, but Euro Optic has it online right now for a kind of crazy price.

Why? I’m not entirely sure. I do know Euro Optic is one of the best online gun stores with a lot of specialist gear and some great deals on tactical rifles and pistols. So if they say it’s there, it’s there…

Daniel Defense DDM4V7 10.3 inch barrel
Daniel Defense DDM4V7 Flash Suppressor A2
Daniel Defense DDM4V7 300 Blackout pistol
Daniel Defense DDM4V7 Mil-spec receivers
Daniel Defense DDM4V7 300 Blackout pistol on sale

Render Your AR-15 Rifle Obsolete

The Daniel Defense MK18 DDM4V7P is technically all the gun you will ever need for personal defense and even light hunting. It’s just over-engineered in every area and only the price of the ammunition means that the trusty AR-15 rifle will stay in the gun safe.

It comes with machined billet aluminum Mil-spec upper and lower receivers, finished with a Type III Hard Coat Anodized coating for corrosion prevention and general protection.

A Chrome Moly Vanadium steel barrel is lined with chrome and cold hammer-forged. The 4140 hardened steel block comes with adjustable gas and a Heavy Phosphate Coating. The muzzle brake is a proprietary Daniel Defense unit and it’s the crowning glory on an awesome weapon.

The Daniel Defense Mk18 DDM4V7P is a complete AR pistol with heavy-hitting 300 AAC Blackout rounds. The pistol features everything you want and nothing you don’t. It’s the near-perfect all-round AR pistol for sale and you can pick and choose from some great AR-15 parts and accessories to create the ultimate home defense kit.

Springfield Armory XD Service for sale. A great compact handgun for less than $300. Buy guns online here.

3. Springfield Armory XD Service

  • Price: $319.99
  • Caliber: 9mm/45 ACP

This is basically the same as the Springfield Armory XD Mod 2 minus the fiber optic night sights and the ridiculous Grip Zone stippling. You might even like the look of the Springfield Armory XD Service a little more and this is as cheap as cheap guns get without a sale.

We found 45 ACP and 9mm versions of the compact handgun with the 4 inch barrel, and now we have found a 3 inch barrel Springfield Armory XD Service Sub-Compact pistol. This isn’t just a cheap gun, it’s a great cheap gun.

They are all there for around $299.99 and that is kinda crazy, especially for the 45 ACP. The compact Springfield Armory XD is an absolute tack driver of a polymer handgun. Law Enforcement Officers love them, in part due to the grip and trigger safeties that combine to prevent accidental discharges.

One of the Great Cheap Guns

They consistently feature in our best concealed carry and best handgun lists in Mod 2 form, and this gun is pretty much as good in every case, minus a few premium touches. It’s like last season’s firearm, but they’re an absolute bargain.

POF Edge .308 Win for sale, more than $350 off the RRP at the USA Gun Shop., America's favorite online gunbroker.

4. POF Edge 308 Win

  • Price: $1,599.99
  • RRP: $1,929
  • Caliber: .308 Win

There are just two Patriot Ordnance Factory Edge rifles for sale in 308 Win at this price. It’s a steal, so if they’re gone by the time you get there then yeah, we tried…

This is more than $350+ off the RRP for this lesser known Patriot Ordnance Factory Edge that shoots America’s favorite hunting round. This is .308 Winchester impact, in a lightweight AR-15 frame that tips the scales at 8.37lb.

This rifle offers forged receivers, Mil-spec aluminum, natch, a 16.5 inch barrel and a Mission First Tactical Stock.

Cheap Guns Aren’t Usually POFs

The new POF Edge handguard means the gun is 20% narrower than the previous 308 rifle and you get all the POF Gen 4 rifle upgrades.

They include new E2 Extraction Technology that claims to all but eliminate jams, an anti-tilt buffer tube, an MFT stock and pistol grip and a modular MLOK compatible free float handguard.

This is a seriously good price and Rainier Arms is turning into a goldmine of cheap Patriot Ordnance Factory rifles. Check out the selection and the gun discounts here:

Remington 870DM Tactical shotgun for sale. Just $259,99! Get the best deals on mag fed shotguns at the USA Gun Shop,

5. Remington 870DM

  • Price: $369.99
  • RRP: $599.99
  • Caliber: 12 Gauge

We are big fans of magazine fed shotguns round these parts. Especially now that Remington and Mossberg have engaged in a price war that has bought this Remington 870DM down to entry-level pump action money.

That’s cheap guns. Seriously cheap guns. And you get a Remington 870 that you can reload in half a second. What’s not to love?

This box magazine shotgun has proven reliable and it can take 3 inch magnum loads, as well as standard 2 3/4 inch shells. At this price, you can scratch the magazine fed shotgun itch and you might discover a new favorite personal defense shotgun in the process.

You get a pistol grip, a Picatinny rail for a scope or reflex sight and a synthetic stock that gets the job done. This is the assault shotgun you have been waiting for.

It’s a seriously cheap shotgun, with serious skills. We like this one a lot.

It’s a great gun in any form and the double stack magazines mean they pack in more bullets than pretty much any other black polymer gun with a similar footprint. Springfield Armory is always near the top of our best handguns for sale for good reason and the XD Mod 2 is perhaps its finest work and an under-rated handgun generally.

Ruger AR-556 just $493! The cheapest price for one of the best cheap AR-15s for sale.
Ruger AR-556 for sale, a great budget AR-15

6. Ruger AR-556

  • Price: $549.90
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO

The best AR-15 for sale for $500 or less has been our leading cheap guns post for the last two years. So it’s fair to say we watch the prices closely. The Ruger AR-556, made it on there briefly, but the price has gone up. It’s still a bargain.

The price drop from around $600 puts the established masters from Ruger into direct competition with budget rifle brands like DPMS and Aero Precision. At that price, the heritage and reputation of the AR-556 make it look like a steal.

Because it is.

This is a classic M4-style semi-auto AR-15 that doesn’t spring many surprises, but just does everything slightly better than its cheap guns peers. There is a lot of black polymer, but then there always was on the good M4 clones.

Get a decent red dot and possibly a new AR-15 furniture set and you have got a hell of a rifle on your hands for basic money. A little more can get you into a Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II, but the Ruger AR-556 is a legend for a reason. At this price, you can’t regret buying this gun online.

Mossberg 590 Shockwave SPX. The sawn off tactical shotgun with a bird's head grip that somehow skirts the NFA regs.

7. Mossberg 590 Shockwave SPX

  • Price: $529.99
  • Caliber: 12 Gauge

We love the pump action Mossberg Shockwave. Always will.

It’s a design classic. The Mossberg 590M Shockwave is basically the sawn off shotgun you want, but can’t actually buy. The fact the Mossberg 590 Shockwave exists at all is a comic illustration of the gun laws loopholes the industry continues to find just for fun.

Technically this pump shotgun for sale is a firearm, not a shotgun at all. It doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that you can fire 5+1 rounds of 12 gauge shotgun shell as fast as you can work the pump action.

There are cheaper shotguns out there, but the Mossberg 590 Shockwave SPX is the tactical version, with the Picatinny rail for a scope or red dot sight. The barrel is shrouded in a heat shield that also makes this relatively cheap shotgun look way more technically advanced than it really is.

It’s a cool looking shotgun, it’s more than $80 off retail right now and we think it’s worth a look.

Aero Precision M4 clone AR-15 for sale with a big discount. Get $300 off the RRP here.

8. Aero Precision M4 Carbine

  • Price: $1,049.99
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO

$300 off the RRP for this Colt M4A1 Carbine clone from the combined might of Aero Precision and Brownells looks like a great deal to me.

Aero Precision make some of the best AR-15 barrels, receivers and other components in the business, at a price point at least. Its complete rifles, then, are as much an advert for the parts business as they are a profit center in themselves.

At $1,299 this rifle represented solid value for money. Now, at $999.99, it’s a bargain.

The RAS handguard and 6 position collapsible synthetic stock are all period correct and the RAS is a Knights Armament part. So you know Aero Precision didn’t skimp on the details.

This is a faithful recreation, right down to the forward pistol grip. This price is also seriously seductive and you might want to buy your gun now, or miss out.

American Tactical Imports ATI Omni Hybrid MAXX in 300BLK. A great lightweight AR pistol for less than $400. What's not to love?

9. ATI Omni Hybrid MAXX 300BLK

  • Price: $379.99
  • Caliber: AAC 300 Blackout

Well here it folks, the sub-5lb AR pistol chambered in AAC 300 Blackout for just $400 and some loose change. It’s the gun you hadn’t even asked for, because this recipe sounds plain ridiculous.

As always, there’s a catch. The receivers are fiber reinforced polymer, but American Tactical Imports swears it has torture tested the ATI Omni Hybrid MAXX with thousands of rounds per receiver.

So far it has come up smelling of roses and there aren’t thousands of horror stories, including pictures of splintered receivers and ER visits. So we can only assume they’re not happening.

Instead we’re hearing stories of surprised owners that can’t quite believe how good this gun is. It’s a 4.95lb AAC 300 Blackout AR pistol. If it’s anything close to durable then American Tactical Imports deserve to have a smash hit on their hands here.

By the way, you can buy an ATI AR-15 rifle with a Wylde chamber for exactly the same money.

Ares ReX Zero 1S Nickel: A beautiful handgun on sale right now. Get a choice of Rex Zero handguns right here.

10. ReX Zero 1CP

  • Price: $618
  • RRP: $649.99
  • Caliber: 9mm

We loved the ReX Zero 1CP before the price drop, and now if you were on the fence about this Eastern European handgun, you might want to take the plunge. This is the compact concealed carry 9mm from ReX, and it’s a beautiful gun, these aren’t just cheap guns.

This is an all-metal handgun, largely machined from billet to ISO engineering standard. The end result is a tight handgun that sneers at your opulent Western tolerances, for a fraction of the price.

It also weighs in at just 1.57lb, which is comparable to polymer handguns this size. Advanced engineering concepts are at work with the thickness of the 7075 T6 aluminum and the Nitrocarburized finish on the slide. It’s a full length slide with a steel locking block insert that keeps the gun tight and self-cleaning. It’s clever shiz.

This is custom gun territory, like a CZ 75 B rebuilt from the ground up for the modern age. It comes with a similar action, too, and is really designed to be carried in condition one.

ReX is a Slovenian firearms manufacturer with real engineering capability and it has recently signed a deal with FIME Group in Las Vegas to sell their weapons on these shores. The ReX Zero, the ReX Alpha and the ReX Zero 1CP are all super aggressive handguns that look the absolute business. They’re also ripe for aftermarket custom parts and accessories.

The grips, mag release, safety and the white dot sights are almost laughable on this gun. We want to see ReX get traction, because if the aftermarket custom gun tuners turn their attention this way, this gun could become a style icon.

Tikka T3x Superlite rifle for sale, get a lightweight hunting rifle for $686.99

11. Tikka 3x Superlite

  • Price: $669.99
  • Caliber: .308 Win

Are you looking for a reliable bolt action hunting rifle for the fall hunting season 2019? Well you will struggle to beat the lightweight hunting rifle legend that is the Tikka 3x Superlite.

This is the hunting rifle you can shoulder all day. It’s our lightweight pick when it comes to the best 6.5 Creedmoor rifles in the world and our partner has this rebate on offer for a few different calibers.

The .308 Winchester stood out to us as an absolute bargain, but if you’re looking for something smaller then check the bolt action Tikka Superlite full range here.

This .308 weighs in at 5.9lb, comes with a 22.4 inch barrel and is perfect for white tail, hogs or general hiking and hunting duties. It’s a simple bolt action design refined for legendary accuracy, repeatability, reliability and lightweight engineering. This is a bargain, get yours today.

Taurus G2C, the best cheap CCW handgun for sale. Buy yours now for $219.99 at the USA Gun Shop.

12. Taurus G2C

  • Price: $219.99
  • Caliber: 9mm

OK it’s not a massive saving, but the price of the subcompact 9mm Taurus G2C does seem to fluctuate between $200-250, depending on the dealer.

This discount Taurus G2C is $209.99 and you get the best color combination, if that matters to you. This is a legitimately good deal then and it might convince you to pull the proverbial trigger on this personal defense star.

Cheap handguns used to mean a Hi-Point. Taurus has changed the game in the 9mm pistols market.

It’s the proper double stack version with the higher magazine capacity, rather than the single stack Taurus G2S, and this is the gun that has been making waves and is widely considered the best concealed carry for sale in 2019 if you are aiming cheap.

At less than $200, it’s hard to argue this is a cheap handgun and we think it’s a great option for small gun safes around the house to make sure you have total coverage. A gun vault with a Taurus G2C can hide just about anywhere in your house and is an ideal way to boost home security.

If you need to go much cheaper then you might want to start looking at airguns for sale. Basically, there are cheap handguns for sale, and cheap handguns for sale. This is a great gun, that happens to be cheap.

It’s a rare and winning combination of value and performance. Pretty much any gun review will tell you the same thing. Buy your Taurus G2C online right now, and see what all the fuss is about.

Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield 9mm. A bargain CCW handgun and one of the best subcompact 9mm handguns under $300.

13. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm

  • Price: $259.99 + $50 Rebate
  • Caliber: 9mm

The Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield 1.0 is one of the finest carry pistols on the market todayand at this price the single stack pistol is still a perfectly viable carry handgun in 2019.

It seriously is $209.99 if you take advantage of that mail in rebate too and get a discount gun that absolutely does the job. That is Taurus money for, not a Taurus…

People use the little Smith & Wesson as an EDC all the time, and at this price then it becomes an absolute bargain of a gun. Compare it to the Glocks, even modern ones, and you’ll see the stainless steel slide comes with scallops and grooves that make it easy to manipulate.

Its slimline, its ergonomically sound and it would be a contender for the single-stack subcompact 9mm title if it launched today.

At this price, this black polymer special is within touching distance of the Taurus G2C in terms of price, but it’s another level in terms of fit and finish.

If you want a well sorted polymer 9mm subcompact handgun, you could do a lot worse. Take advantage of this offer, though, we don’t know how many of these older guns are still fresh in the packaging.

Springfield Armory Master Class Silent Operator for sale. Just $1,6599, a $500 discount, at the USA Gun Shop

14. Springfield Armory Master Class Silent Operator

  • Price: $1,699
  • Caliber: 45 ACP

Cheap 1911 is a rare combination of words and and you won’t really find a cheap handgun for sale here. But at this price, $500 off the RRP, you are getting a custom gun for mid-range 1911 money.

Seriously, this suppressor ready 1911 comes straight from the Springfield Armory Custom Shop and the general feeling is that those guns are absolutely top level in terms of engineering and quality control. The only problem was the price…

Palmetto State Armory has chopped $500 off the price tag of this tactical 45 ACP 1911. As well as the threaded barrel, a custom fit slide on a National Match frame and light rail and a Springfield Aromry second generation Speed Trigger are the highlights of a technically briliant gun.

25 LPI checkering on the front strap is finished to perfection, as are the suppressor ready night sights. It’s a tacti-cool gun, we know, but at this price it’s an awfully tempting proposition as a match grade 1911 that you could take into competition shooting tomorrow.

The Springfield Armory Master Class Silent Operator is also an exceptional defensive handgun for sale and you might feel better knowing this sits in pride of place in your gun safe.

Kel-Tek KSG Pump Action shotgun for sale. Discount guns at the USA Gun Shop.

15. Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun

  • Price: $813.99
  • Caliber: 12 Gauge

The Kel-Tec KSG is one of those love-hate shotguns that I have to confess I kinda love. The failure to feed issues have been over reported and there is an easy fix with a polish of the feed ramp. Besides, if this gun is good enough for John Wick then it’s good enough for me…

Essentially you’re looking at a 12-round pump action shotgun, one of the best high-capacity shotguns out there in fact. And if you fill the two separate tubes with mini-shells then you can basically light up the world and enjoy 12-gauge brutality with AR-style capacity. For home defense, that’s an awesome recipe.

If you want one, this is the best price for the Kel-Tec KSG that we can see. Sadly it’s getting real tight with the likes of the mag fed shotguns that seem to be the next evolutionary step in the tactical shotguns for sale sector.

Indeed you can get a semi-auto Kalashnikov AK style shotgun for not much more, or a Remington or Mossberg pump action box magazine shotgun for much less.

FN-15 SRP Tactical Carbine Rifle for sale

18. FN 15 SRP Tactical Carbine

  • Price: $1038.37
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO

Euro Optic won’t have many of these fine and now finally discontinued FN rifles at this price, but the gunbroker is offering you a gift horse right now. There was a rebate, but now it’s a straight $1,040, give or take a few bucks. It is back ordered, but it’s still a cheap gun.

The FB-15 Tactical II is now on the shelves, and it’s better, but is it almost $500 better? Probably not… This didn’t suddenly turn into a bad rifle.

It’s a workhorse of a direct impingement rifle and it’s great for home defense, range shooting and whatever else you like to do with your stock black AR-15. A full length Picatinny rail gives you the space for a red dot or other options and it really is a solid all-rounder that law enforcement officers around the world rely on.

This is a high-quality AR-15 for starter rifle money and the FN in various forms has made our best of lists of the best AR-15 for sale regularly. So this is a good price and the gun reviews love this 5.56 rifle. It’s a solid saving, and that might be just enough to swing it for you. If so, you’re welcome…

Springfield Armory Saint Victor Rifle for sale a bargain. Get cheap guns at the USA Gun Shop here.

19. Springfield Armory Saint

  • Price: $639.99
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO

The Springfield Armory Edge was originally pitched at the POF Renegade Plus and Daniel Defense DDM4. It was seriously in that ballpark and it was too much.

At this, entry level price point, we love the Springfield Armory Saint. We got some other cheap AR-15s we love here too.

The gun is covered in Bravo Company Manufacturing AR-15 upgrade parts & accessories that are normally on $2000 AR-15s. It is a high quality rifle that scores well in the online gun reviews, all of em.

Cheap AR-15 With Match Grade Parts

The match-grade trigger assembly is coated with Melonite, a proprietary Accu-Tite system keeps tension on the rifle. That stops the upper and lower receivers working loose and the whole rifle weighs just over 6lb.

It comes with a flared Magwell, a premium M16 BCG and the receivers are machined from billet. The flip-up low profile rear sights are Springfield Armory’s own and this is a seriously kitted out rifle.

There is a lot to love about this rifle for sale.

The Springfield Armory Saint Edge clearly hasn’t worked at the price it was pitched at, but that means you can get an absolute bargain right now.

Act fast…

We have searched for them lately and stocks are depleted, but these are live links to gun sales or searches. So try em until you get lucky.

Where to Buy a Springfield Armory Saint Victor

It’s kind of messed up, but the best place to buy a Springfield Armory Saint Edge online is Palmetto State Armory. They have had the most consistent supply in the last few weeks.

Ruger LCP380, a cheap concealed carry gun. This cheap pistol is one of the best low budget guns in recent decades.

20. Ruger LCP 380

  • Price: $229.99
  • Caliber: 380 ACP

Yes this is the first generation Ruger LCP 380 ACP concealed carry. But the second gen costs a lot more.

This classic cheap gun was $169.99, now it’s bouncing around and you should always check the prices for a new Mk2, or something better, before you spend this much money on one of these 380 Auto handguns. You need a real reason not to buy the Taurus G2C that is much higher up on this list at this price.

We don’t need to tell you too much else about this black polymer frame gun. It’s a concealed carry legend and arguably the best pocket pistol or a sock gun if you like a back up and specifically want a .380 Auto.

Ruger is a Great Starter Handgun

If you’re searching for ‘my first handgun’, this is a good choice. It’s a single stack handgun with small bullets, low recoil and not much else. It doesn’t do anything fancy, but it doesn’t do anything wrong. At this price, it’s a solid deal.

If you just got your carry permit and you can basically afford a Hi-Point, get this instead. Thank us later.

Christensen Arms CA-15 Recon For Sale, $1500 off RRP. This is a great discount AR-15 with serious tech highlights. Buy a custom gun today.

21. Christensen Arms CA-15 Recon

  • Price: $1,595.99
  • RRP: $3,395.00
  • Caliber: .223 Rem/5.56 NATO

Now I’m a sucker for a good firearms sale, and the Christensen Arms is down from almost $3,400. It is more than 50% off.

Now $1,800 still puts this AR-15 into very serious territory and you could have a POF Renegade Plus or a Daniel Defense DDM4 Pro for the same cash. It isn’t a cheap gun by any stretch of the imagination.

But the Christensen Arms is a designer rifle with an insane spec and it’s hard to deny there’s value here if you’re looking for these touches. In that sense it’s a very cheap gun for what you get.

Those parts & accessories include a carbon-fiber barrel, receivers machined from billet, a carbon-fiber handguard and more sexy high-tech measures. It weighs less than 6lb naked and it’s an awesome patrol rifle.

At $3,200 you might baulk. But at $1,7950, this discount rifle is an absolute bargain. Cheap guns? Ok no, but great value guns? Yes…

Get a Walther PPS M2 Compact 9mm for sale - Just $333. A bargain single stack concealed carry pistol. Buy yours now.

22. Walther PPS M2 9mm

  • Price: $333.35
  • Caliber: 9mm

The Walther PPS M2 is one of the best subcompact 9mm concealed carry handgun and some people think a Walther trigger is the best factory OEM unit in the striker-fired class.

It loses out to the likes of the Sig Sauer P365 Nitron and Springfield Armory XD Mod 2, but not by that much a whisker. And at this price, you might actually find you prefer the Walther PPS.

This is a compact personal defense handgun with an overall length of just 6.3 inches and a 3.18 inch barrel with polygonal rifling. You only get six rounds in the mag, or 7 if you opted for the extended magazine, but that’s enough for such a small, elegant, cheap, single stack CCW.




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