12 Cheap Guns on Sale Now – March 2019

Springfield Defender XD on sale, cheap handguns

11 Firearms Bargains to Buy Now – March 2019

As we watch the gun pricing trends, sometimes anomalies crop up. and we’re going to keep them in one post, which we’ll update.

These guns are too cheap. Like way cheaper than the Recommended Retail Price and if you buy guns online regularly then keep checking back or sign up today. Finding the best price for buying guns online is what we do.

In two of these cases, it’s because the guns are slowly being replaced by the next generation. In their case, newer doesn’t necessarily mean better. The guns that are going to the shooting range in the sky are right at the top of their game and a cut above most alternatives in the same price range.

This basically makes us the TJ Maxx of the firearms world, selling end of line goods at ridiculous discounts. We can live with that and if you want to buy a gun online, you might love it too.

So what are the best guns for sale in 2019 if you’re looking for big discounts?

Check the gun sales with direct links

We know it’s a hassle to go through all the gunbrokers online and narrow the searches down to the cheapest guns and the best firearms sales, so we’ve done it for you. These are the clearance firearms that might be just what you’re looking for today.

Cheap Guns For Sale Online and Where to Buy Them

Adams Arms .308 Winchester - A great starter .308 for about $1,000

1. Adams Arms Small Frame .308 Patrol Rifle

  • Price: $1,099.92
  • Caliber: .308 Win

A decent .308 Win Mag rifle can set you back serious money and this one should be more than $1,700.

Rainier Arms is clearly trying to offload this brilliant little Adams Arms Patrol at a discount price. It’s a 16 inch barrel, small frame, relatively lightweight .308 Win Mag hunting rifle that you can also enjoy at the range.

Adams Arms is one of those niche brands with a small and yet devoted following. Generally when people buy one rifle online, they go back for more. It’s a similar story with Red Rock River and Stag Arms: repeat business is their main business.

So this rifle is going to be a step above the standard fare you can get in .308 Winchester for just the wrong side of $1,000. It’s a nice AR set-up with a low-profile handguard and an 8.15lb weight that is a solid start for a bigger caliber hunting rifle in an AR platform.

Taurus G2C - The best low budget concealed carry handgun in the world?

2. Taurus G2C

  • Price: $199.99
  • Caliber: 9mm

OK it’s not a massive saving, but the price of the Taurus G2C does seem to fluctuate between $200-250, depending on the dealer.

This discount Taurus G2C under $200 is a legitimately good deal then and it might convince you to pull the proverbial trigger.

It’s the proper double stack version, rather than the sdingle stack Taurus G2S, and this is the gun that has been making waves and is widely considered the best budget concealed carry for sale in 2019. At less than $200, it’s hard to argue…

FN 15 Carbine is a cheap AR-15 now that the company has discontinued this particular model. Get a discount rifle while you can.

3. FN 15 SRP Tactical Carbine

  • Price: $1074.99
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO

Euro Optic won’t have many of these fine and now finally discontinued FN rifles at this price, but the gunbroker is offering you a gift horse right now.

This is a high-quality AR-15 for starter rifle money and the FN in various forms has made our best of lists regularly. So this is a good price. It’s a solid saving, and that might be just enough to swing it for you. If so, you’re welcome…

Beretta Nano - A great concealed carry handgun you can use as a back-up on sale now.

4. Beretta Nano

  • Price: $259.99
  • Caliber: 9mm

The Beretta Nano was a great back-up gun that has been rendered more or less redundant by the Sig Sauer P365 Nitron. At its retail price of $449.99, it was done, The little Beretta just doesn’t cut it anymore.

But at $259.99, that might be different. That takes it out of the battle with the little Sig P365 and sends it to war with the Taurus G2C and Ruger. Suddenly it’s back in with a shot.

The Beretta is just 5.63 inches long, which means it is a great pocket pistol or sock. It weighs 1.24lb and it’s a single stack concealed carry that measures o.9 inches wide at its fattest point. That’s all pretty good, and the ergonomics work kinda well too. It’s a chunky little pistol.

Capacity is the only real downside. You get 6+1 rounds of 9mm ammo and that doesn’t look such a good deal next to the new wave of double stack concealed carry guns like the Sig and Taurus.

At this price, though, it might just work for you. It’s a good backup, it’s a fun gun and it fits just about anywhere. At $249.99, it’s a quirky alternative to the best-selling Taurus G2C.

Stag Arms M4 MOE 20 inch barrel for sale, a great rifle at a discount price.

5. Stag Arms Stag M4 MOE

  • Price: $599.92
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO

This is a Stag Arms AR-15 for slightly more money than a Palmetto State Armory. This is a limited offer, there’s just one rifle there and if it’s still available when you click this link then say a silent prayer of thanks and don’t dick about.

It’s an honest rifle from another small company that has carved out its own niche in this crowded firearms market with great customer service and simple AR-15s. It comes with a 20 inch barrel and a Flat Dark Earth finish, both of which could be seriously expensive optional extras elsewhere.

If you’re looking for a starter rifle, you can’t do much better than this at this price.

Springfield Armory Saint Edge Rifle for sale a bargain

6. Springfield Armory Saint Edge

  • Price: $1099.99
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO

This isn’t the entry-level AR-15 that people are having issues with. It’s the range topper that was introduced at more than $1,500 less than a year ago.

Springfield Armory is reshuffling its line-up with the Victory and clearly needs to get rid of these Saint Edge rifles at a discount price. That’s good news for you and me, for now. They’re clearing the shelves for a Gen 2 made with cheaper parts for a lower RRP of $1299.99 that is now advertised on the site.

I don’t see how Springfield Armory can make a top of the line rifle for $1299.99 and that makes me think they’re going to dumb down the Saint Edge and then possibly lower the price of the entry-level Saint so the Edge, Saint and Victor don’t trip over each other.

And if that’s what’s happening, then grab yourself one of the proper first gen rifles while you still can. This is an absolute steal of a weapon.

It was originally pitched at the POF Renegade Plus and Daniel Defense DDM4. It was seriously in that ballpark and that may have been the issue.

At the high price point, I could understand that. At this new, dirt cheap price point, though, we love it.

The gun is covered in Bravo Company Manufacturing AR-15 upgrade parts & accessories and it absolutely is a high quality rifle that scores well in the online gun reviews, all of em.

The match-grade trigger assembly is coated with Melonite, a proprietary Accu-Tite system keeps tension on the rifle and stops the upper and lower receivers working loose and the whole rifle weighs just over 6lb.

It comes with a flared Magwell, a premium M16 BCG and the receivers are machined from billet.

There is a lot to love about this rifle for sale.

The Springfield Armory Saint Edge clearly hasn’t worked at the price it was pitched at, but that means you can get an absolute bargain right now.

Act fast…

We have searched for them lately and stocks are depleted, but these are live links to gun sales or searches. So try em until you get lucky.

Where to buy a Springfield Armory Saint Edge rifle

It’s kind of messed up, but the best place to buy a Springfield Armory Saint Edge online is Palmetto State Armory. They have had the most consistent supply in the last few weeks.

PSA doesn’t just make low-grade weapons, it sells really good ones at low prices. Check here for the Springfield Armory rifle for $1099.99.

Honestly we’re drawing a blank elsewhere right now, stocks are out in most places and PSA is selling the Edge for just $150 more than the entry-level Saint. This is opposite world, and if you can find one, get it.

FN FNS 9 Longslide For Sale

7. FN FNS-9L

  • Price: $379.99
  • Caliber: 9mm

You will probably have seen the last of the FN FNS compact handguns going super cheap, but the best deals are the 40S&W compact handguns. This is the long slide, long barrel version of the FNS and it is a real high-quality handgun.

The FNS 9mm Long Slide could be a gun that you keep forever. It’s not one of those guns you bought because it was cheap. It’s one of those guns that becomes the yardstick by which all others are measured.

It’s just the best of the striker-fired genre because it used to come with a premium price tag and had to justify it.

The trigger guard is undercut, the grip angle is great and the stippling is strong. The beavertail is nice and protective, you can spec a thumb safety mounted on the frame and there’s a stainless steel chassis running through that polymer frame.

You can even change that if your gun starts to feel its age for a mid-life refresh.

The chamber and feed-ramp have been lovingly polished and that cold hammer forged barrel has been test fired on FN’s own rig to make sure your gun shoots straight and true.

Basically look at everything you would fix in a Glock 17 9mm and the FNS already is that gun. It’s a 5 inch barrel and it’s more elegantly proportioned than most full-size striker-fired pistols. The FN 509 is slowly taking over, but this might actually be the better firearm.

The stainless steel slide has just the right amount of serrations, together with a black nitride coating. The vertical trigger feels right out of the box and it’s a relatively heavy pull of between 7-8lb, which is something you might end up doing to a Glock as part of your long list of modifications.

There’s a rail underneath for a laser or even a dryfire training device that will save you money in ammo and improve your shooting technique.

FN Parts & Accessories aren’t as easy to source as, say, Glock spares. But this isn’t a custom gun either and you’ll find them.

Get a Walther PPS M2 Compact 9mm for sale - Just $269.99

8. Walther PPS M2 9mm

  • Price: $269.99
  • Caliber: 9mm

The Walther PPS M2 is a great little concealed carry handgun and some people think a Walther trigger is the best factory OEM unit in the striker-fired class.

It loses out to the likes of the Sig Sauer P365 Nitron and Springfield Armory XDMOd 2 in th overall stakes, but only by a whisker. And at this price, you might actually find you prefer the Walther PPS.

It’s an absolute bargain of a gun that goes into competition with the likes of the Taurus G2C and M&P Shield. It can handle that fight pretty well.

This is a compact concealed carry handgun with an overall length of just 6.3 inches and a 3.18 inch barrel with polygonal rifling. You only get six rounds in the mag, or 7 if you opted for the extended magazine, but that’s enough for such a small, elegant, cheap, single stack CCW.

Get this Vietnam M16 inspired AR-15 from Palmetto State Armory, for sale now.

9. PSA AR-15 NATO Classic Rifle

  • Price: $549.99
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO

Palmetto State Armory rifles aren’t for everybody, but if you want a straight and true starter rifle then this one really is one of the best AR-15s in this price bracket.

The handle up top and the classic profile are a tribute to the old-school M16 rifles that went to war in the hands of American soldiers. It’s pretty much a tribute act, rather than any kind of faithful recreation, but it’s also a fun rifle that is a great start to a budget build.

If you want to start buying AR-15 parts & accessories and tinkering with a simple base rifle, then this works a treat. You would be surprised how fast basic parts add up and there’s a lot to be said for starting with a PSA rifle and building out from there.

Now Palmetto State Armory rifles are good for the money, but inevitably you give up some of the fineries. You might find a slight color mismatch or a rough finish here and there, but at this price? We don’t think it’s a deal-breaker.

The classic AR-15 costs just $549.99 right now, a serious discount as this rifle was originally marked up as $879.99.

That retail price sounds optimistic, to be honest, as this really does look like a highly stylised Palmetto State Armory Freedom Carbine rifle for sale that features in our list of the best $500 AR-15 rifles on sale in 2019..

But the sale price is just right. Snag a bargain now!

Ruger LCP380, a cheap concealed carry gun

10. Ruger LCP 380

  • Price: $179.99
  • Caliber: 380 ACP

Yes this is the first generation Ruger LCP 380 ACP concealed carry. But the second gen costs a lot more. This gun was $169.99, now it’s bouncing around and you should always check the prices for a new Mk2, or something better, before you spend this much money on one of these 380 Auto handguns.

We don’t need to tell you too much about this gun. It’s a concealed carry legend and arguably the best pocket pistol or a sock gun if you like a back up.

It’s a single stack handgun with small bullets, low recoil and not much else. It doesn’t do anything fancy, but it doesn’t do anything wrong. At this price, it’s a total steal.

If you just got your concealed carry permit and you can basically afford a Hi-Point, get this instead. Thank us later.

SPringfield Armory XD Service for sale

11. Springfield Armory XD Service

  • Price: $299.99
  • Caliber: 9mm/45 ACP

This is another first gen gun, but it’s basically the same as the Springfield Armory XD Mod 2 minus the fiber optic night sights and the ridiculous Grip Zone stippling. You might even like the look of the Mk1 Springfield Armory XD Service a little more.

We found 45 ACP and 9mm versions of the compact handgun with the 4 inch barrel, and now we have found a 3 inch barrel Springfield Armory XD Service Sub-Compact pistol with a 3 inch barrel.

They are all there for $299.99 and that is kinda crazy, especially for the 45 ACP. The compact Springfield Armory XD is an absolute tack driver of a polymer handgun. Law Enforcement Officers love them, in part due to the grip and trigger safeties that combine to prevent accidental discharges.

It’s a great gun in any form and the double stack magazines mean they pack in more bullets than pretty much any other gun with a similar footprint.

They consistently feature in our best concealed carry and best handgun lists in Mod 2 form, and the first gen gun is pretty much as good in every case. They’re last season’s firearm, but they’re an absolute bargain.

CHristensen Arms CA-15 Recon For Sale, $1500 off RRP

12. Christensen Arms CA-15 Recon

  • Price: $1,8499.99
  • Price: 5.56 NATO

Now I’m a sucker for a good firearms sale, and the Christensen Arms is down from more than $3,200.

Now $1,800 still puts this AR-15 into very serious territory and you could have a POF Renegade Plus or a Daniel Defense DDM4 Pro for the same cash.

But the Christensen Arms is a designer rifle with an insane spec and it’s hard to deny there’s value here if you’re looking for these touches.

They include a carbon-fiber barrel, receivers machined from billet, a carbon-fiber handguard and more sexy high-tech measures. It weighs less than 6lb naked and it’s an awesome patrol rifle.

At $3,200 you might baulk. But at $1,7950, this discount rifle is an absolute bargain.

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