Where to Buy a Beretta PX4 Storm

Beretta PX4 Storm

Beretta PX4  Storm Full Size

  • Price: $539.99
  • Barrel: 4 inch
  • Weight: 1.73lb
  • Capacity: 17+1

Update: That’s a safe source of Berettas, with variable pricing, especialy in Covid crazy 2021. But if you want to shop around, and you should, these direct links can show you the prices and availability at our favorite dealers.

Where to Buy a Beretta PX4 Storm

Beretta is a Glock 19 Rival

If you want one gun for a concealed carry and your first line of self-defense, then it’s tempting to follow the herd and plump for the Glock 19. But there are options out there and the Beretta PX4 Storm is certainly one of them.

We there are some seriously interesting options when it comes to compact 9mm pistols and you might do well to consider the opposition. We have a full post on Glock rivals you can read here.

Top sellers Sig Sauer, Glock, HK and Smith & Wesson make a potent case for themselves. Then there are newcomers making waves like ReX.

The PX4 Storm was designed for military and Law Enforcement. Absolute durability, reliability aren’t exIt hasn’t quite had the international impact the company had hoped for.

But the Venezuelan National Guard carries this double/single action, if that counts. And police professionals around the world do sometimes opt for this gun. The fact they will pay more to carry one speaks volumes for the precision engineering.

International military and law enforcement contracts come down to political and financial factors. And the competition in this sector is just fierce and comes down to the choice of military chiefs and bean counters.

Beretta PX4 vs Glock? Yeah…

The semi auto PX4 Storm simply has to go toe to toe with legends. The latest Gen 5 Glocks are brilliant, ultra reliable and you have to score a knockout to truly beat a champion. This is good, but it ain’t that.

A Glock 43x is actually a near perfect handgun these days and is our current 9mm carry pistols champion.

But some people just don’t want a Glock. We do get that. And although the PX4 Storm remains a left-field choice, it is a much prettier gun.

That combination of a polymer frame pistol and a hammer is one that others have worked well too. Springfield Armory has introduced a hammer-fired polymer pistol and HK has had a number.

Beretta has a faithful following around the world, thanks largely to the military icon that is the Beretta 92. The PX4 Storm is a different vibe, a relatively lightweight defensive handgun with a lot of bullets in that double stack magazine. Of course that depends on your State and local laws.


A Choice of Beretta Barrel Lengths

The barrel length on the full size gun is four inches long and it does come with a Picatinny rail on the underside for a red dot or tactical lamp. The compact version has a 3.2 inch barrel length and fits more neatly under your clothes.

It’s a double/single handgun that is ideal for carrying cocked and locked for concealed carry. That means keeping the ambidextrous manual safety on. Alternatively you can keep the hammer down and use that long trigger as the safety. Or both. I mean it’s your gun…

As an additional safety measure, the Beretta comes with an automatic firing pin block safety valve. That stops the firing pin doing its thing until the trigger pull is complete.

Beretta Rotary Recoil System Explained

We’ll take a brief crack at explaining the rotating barrel and rotary recoil system in the Beretta double/single.

For a kind of clear demonstration of how this semi auto pistol works, though, check this explainer video:

The semi auto pistol features a lug on the bottom of the barrel that keeps it locked to the slide just long enough. Basically, it’s a rotating barrel system.

It separates from the slide, allowing it to eject the cartridge and self-load, by twisting the rotating barrel. This means there is no tilt and arguably this allows for more precise engineering. It’s certainly a more elegant solution than the short-recoil tilting barrel.

As a self-defense 9mm, the PX4 Storm has a lot to offer, especially with the sub-compact barrel length. The ergonomics are great, you get interchangeable backstraps to ensure a good fit and the magazine capacity is on point.

A Left Field Semi Auto 9mm Handgun

The total length is 7.59 inches, so it isn’t the most compact gun out there, but it does pack a punch.

You get a .40 S&W and 45 ACP Auto version, but we’d always go for the 9mm version for self defense these days. We’ll do the stopping power debate another day, but really for now we think 9mm has won the war when it comes to personal defense.

Of course some people prefer a full-size handgun for home defense, too. Perhaps with a weapons light on that Picatinny rail. There’s nothing wrong with that and again you could easily justify the Beretta and its clever rotating barrel.

Lightweight Pistol With Balance and Top Pistol Features

This semi-automatic is totally ambidextrous, the thermoplastic frame doesn’t just cut the weight. It helped Beretta balance the gun, too, and those interchangeable backstraps help give you a custom fit. You can buy new backstraps everywhere too.

The stainless steel barrel should stand the test of time and this is a seriously reliable gun that could easily serve as a daily carry. A rotating barrel system is an elegant solution as well.

The rotary barrel system helps to quash recoil and that pays off at the range. It also means this could be a viable semi auto pistol for your bedside hidden gun vault.

You’ll know you’ve got the chosen sidearm of thousands of law enforcement officers and military unit all round the world. Everything down to the magazine release is pure quality.

You will also know it has been torture tested and should give you 150,000 rounds without major maintenance. It should function in any environment imaginable too.

Slider Is Cut And Grooved

The lightweight slide comes with notchesup front, the safety is in the right place to knock off with your thumb and it’s a nice sized gun for the average person.

It has good ergonomics and interchangeability of parts. The gun is designed for a fast field strip and the minimal moving parts are machined metal where possible.

Upgrades, Parts & Accessories for the Beretta PX4 Storm

The backstraps and stippling are one of the main strengths on this semi-automatic pistol. But the white dot sights could do with an upgrade to fiber optic night sights. 3-dot sights could honestly always be better.

Special Guns For Special People

Take a look at the Beretta PX4 Storm and you might just find it’s the perfect all-round handgun for your particular style. You will be fairly unique, but it can happen.

For the rest of you, check out these full size 9mm handguns and even these next gen 1911s that you might want to think about too. Again be mindful of your Federal, State and Local laws when you buy guns online. A lot of online gun stores cater to specific local laws now too.

What Else We Got For You?

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