9 Best Colt 1911 Pistols – 2024

What is the best Colt 1911 For Sale in 2020?

Last Updated January 18th 2024

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Champion Colts at a Glance

The Colt Gold Cup is the best Colt 1911 for sale, and that is freely available. But if you spot a Combat Rail, and they’re increasingly rare unicorns, then get that instead.

Colt Gold Cup Trophy

Gold Cup Trophy

  • Overall Winner
Colt Defender

Colt Defender

  • Best for Concealed Carry
Colt Combat Commander

Combat Commander

  • A Great All Rounder
Colt Totus

Colt Totus

  • Best for Bling
Colt Combat Unit

Colt Combat Unit

  • Best Increasingly Rare Treat
Colt Python on sale now

Colt Python

  • Best Revolver (Yeah we know)


The Colt 1911 is the original and still arguably the best. It’s certainly the greatest handgun of the 20th Century.

You might argue that Colt doesn’t make self-loading pistols like they used to in terms of durability. And there’s a sliver of truth to that as the manufacturer has embraced the mass market.

But that means most gun enthusiasts can afford one. That’s good.

Colt has also bought just the occasional update to John Moses Browning’s original design to give us new calibers, faster cycling, bigger mags and lightweight carry guns.

We’ve come a long way from the First World War models. That’s for sure.

So what are the best Colt 1911 pistols in 2024? Here are our picks…

The Gold Cup Trophy. Limited mods for national match competitions turn the standard Colt 1911 into a home defense beast too.

1. Colt Gold Cup Trophy

  • Price: $1,745.99
  • Caliber: 45 ACP Auto/ 9mm Luger
  • Barrel length: 5 inch
  • Total Length: 8.5 inch
  • Weight: 2.38lb
  • Capacity: 8+1 / 9+1

Overall Winner


This Colt 1911 45 ACP is an exceptional gun that is aimed at shooting sports. But each and every one of the modifications make this gun a mighty appealing nightstand pistol or home defense tool.

The night sights are useful for fast target acquisition in dim light and the Talo magwell helps fast and easy reloads.

A lowered and flared port gives you faster cycling and the Royal Blue grips are lightweight and consistent.

Lightweight, Match Grade 1911? Shut Up and Take My Money

This is a tighter, lighter version of the 1911 that was built to survive a World War, with a Series 70 firing mechanism and spur-style hammer.

We love the brushed stainless steel, especially with the fine front strap checkering and Colt Royal Blue finish on the grips.

A Match barrel is always a good thing. You also get a Colt competition trigger pull with a fully adjustable rear sight on this semi-auto pistol.

Is it the best 1911? It’s the best gun on this list you can freely buy right now for normal mortal money. So, yes.

Colt Defender 45 ACP for sale. A great concealed carry pistol and possibly the best Subcompact 1911 Officer.

2 Colt Defender Series

  • Price: $1,070.99
  • Caliber: 45 ACP/ 9mm Luger
  • Barrel: 3 inch
  • Total Length: 7 inch
  • Weight: 1.6lb
  • Capacity: 7/ 9

The Defender is the best subcompact 1911 in the world. That’s pretty much agreed…

Obviously, this is the best concealed carry Colt here. Because this single stack carry gun is really the only one here…

It is an amazing gun, though, and you will love it as an EDC concealed carry or just a beautiful range toy.

Unlike some other subcompact 1911 pistols, this one comes with a full beavertail safety, as well as an elegant thumb safety. We like the enlarged trigger guard

What is the best Colt 1911 For Sale in 2022? The Colt Delta Elite 10mm pistol is right up there. Get your Colt handgun online right now.

3. Colt Delta Elite 10mm

  • Price: $1,419.99
  • Caliber: 10mm
  • Barrel: 5
  • Total Length: 8.5″
  • Weight: 2.19lb
  • Capacity: 8+1 rounds

10mm Auto really is the Spinal Tap of the firearms industry. Whatever you’ve got, 10mm is that little bit louder and stronger. So it’s better right?

This is a Series 80 that has been with since the late 80s and it has evolved slightly, but not much. The lowered and flared ejection port, and memory bump beavertail grip safety were all good for personal defense.

We like the iconic G10 grips and the contrasting matte extended thumb safety as well.

It’s a purist’s 10mm handgun with the classic dual spring recoil system. You can see plenty more of the best 10mm pistols on this list, but this gun still stands tall as arguably the best gun on the market in 10mm.

Colt Combat Commander for sale now. Get your Colt 1911.

4. Colt Combat Commander

  • Price: $1,015.99
  • Barrel: 4.25 inch
  • Total Length: 7.75 inch
  • Weight: 2.06lb
  • Capacity: 8+1

It isn’t as pretty as some others, but the Combat Commander is perhaps the most versatile Colt 1911 for sale here and remains a best seller.

This classic Colt Series 70 firing system Combat Commander single action handgun has no firing pin safety. The payoff for that is the smoothest trigger in the family. Before you get to the major custom work anyway…

The Novak sites come with a brass bead, rather than a fiber-optic front sight. You’re buying into the narrative with this. But we like it, and the bobbed hammer and color coded thumb safety on these Colt handguns.

Colt Gold Cup National Match available now. Get the best Colt pistols on sale.

5. Colt Gold Cup National Match

  • Price: $1,353.99
  • Barrel: 5 inch
  • Total Length: 8.5 inch
  • Weight: 2.4lb
  • Capacity: 8+1

This model has been with us since the 1950s and has evolved into a model line in its own right that can suit your budget and skill level.

This is cheaper than the stainless model thanks to the blued finish. You can still adjust the trigger pull, the Bomar sights and you get a National Match barrel, obviously…

Replace the sights and you’re well on your way to a classic tactical pistol. Keep it like this and you have one of the best 1911 pistols for a near entry level price.

Colt has been making 1911s for more than 100 years, and this Colt 1911 Competition might be the pinnacle.

Colt Talo Eli Whitney. A special edition Colt Series 70 that pays tribute

6. Colt Talo Eli Whitney

  • Price: $2,020.99
  • Barrel: 5 inch
  • Total Length: 8.5 inch
  • Weight: 2.2lb
  • Capacity: 8+1

Talo has produced this Series 70 Limited Edition to pay tribute to the great American inventor Eli Whitney.

Now Talo has been in bed with Colt since the early 90s. It was the time of Miami Vice, the Wolf of Wall Street, WWE’s Attitude era and fancy 1911 Talo special Edition Colts with big price tags.

It’s a proud tradition that continues to this day.

Now the Eli Whitney Talo Limited Edition is a Colt Competition Series 70 Government Model at heart.

All Talo had to do was choose the G10 grips, VZ Disruptive Hyene Burl, if you want the specifics. And the Novak adjustable rear sights and fiber optic sights at the front.

Add some front strap checkering on the mainspring housing, an undercut trigger guard and memory bump beavertail grip safety. Talo’s Colt 1911 45 ACP is definitely better.

The Wiley Clapp models are great too and in this price range, we could even call it good value.

The Colt 1911 Totus is an art piece, as much as an everyday carry. Get yours here.

7. Colt 1911 Totus

  • Prices: $3,059.99
  • Caliber: 45 ACP
  • Barre length: 5 inch barrel
  • Total: 8
  • Weight: 2.37lb
  • Capacity: 8+1

It would take a brave soul to carry the Colt Totus on the daily. But really this is an ornamental pistol for people that just love extreme versions of the best guns on the market.

This is 1 of 500 special pistols produced to commemorate stuff and it is officially called Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It is fun, and it’s still a perfectly functional Colt underneath.

Even though it looks like a South American gangster’s movie gun, there are things like a hand fitted frame and slide and super low profile beavertail grip safety. They suggest it should be a subtle improvement over a standard model Colt series pistol.

Custom Shop guns are sometimes an acquired taste and this is definitely one of those times. But check out these other high end Colt firearms.

Colt Lightweight Commander. One of the best 1911 pistols you will see.

8. Colt Lightweight Commander

  • Price: $1,823.99
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel: 4.3 inch
  • Weight: 1.7lb
  • Capacity: 9+1

There’s a Lightweight Commander that is essentially the Combat model built on an aluminum frame, not steel.

Aside from the frame, this is largely the same gun on the surface with the same dramatically oversized beavertail grip safety.

But it is significantly lighter and that makes it a great concealed carry pistol.

Look out for the Wiley Clapp Commander 45 ACP Colt firearms on the market too.

Colt Combat Unit for sale. These are hard to find right now. Get your Colt pistol today.

9. CCU Combat Unit

  • Prices: $1,499.99
  • Caliber: 45 ACP/ 9mm Luger
  • Barrel: 5 inch barrel
  • Total Length: 8.6
  • Capacity: 8/ 9

The CCU is the tactical pistol and carry gun that is the right option for 90% of you. Yes, for almost everyone, this is the Colt 1911 pistol starter kit.

US Marines and Special Forces trainers had significant input into a gun that still turned out remarkably like a big slab of traditional 45 ACP Colt.

So why is this Government Model down here? Availability is hit and miss and has been more miss for a while.

But the Talo magwell, low drag Novak sights front and rear, beefy beavertail grip safety and the Picatinny rail mean this is a flexible weapon. With a Decobond coat, the Combat Unit Rail is the official service pistol of the US Marines, even though lots of them carry the best Glocks now.

It’s the practical big 1911 for home defense, lives in gun safes around the land, and should shoot straight and true much longer than we do. They are great guns, some of the best 1911 pistols on the market today.

When they are actually on sale, that is…

And Two Wildcard Revolvers

Colt Python 357 Magnum revolver. One of the best selling guns in America in 2023

10. Colt Python

  • Prices: $1,419.99
  • Caliber: 357 Magnum/38 Special
  • Barrel length: 2.5-6 inch barrel
  • Weight: 2.3-3.2lb
  • Capacity: 6

The Colt Python double action revolver is the best revolver in the stable right now.

We like the Colt King Cobra and classic Colt Anaconda 44 Magnum revolvers, but the Colt Python is the one.

After going out of production, the Colt Python returned in 2021 with a new design, 30% more steel and other performance features. Now the ultimate snake gun gets a recessed target crown, an interchangeable front sight and walnut grips.

You can get the snub nose concealed carry version of the Colt Python, or go hunting with the full length 6 inch barrel.

The Colt Python is a heavy, sturdy double action revolver that is simply good and basic engineering. It’s a double action revolver at heart, but naturally you can pull back that spur hammer for a more precise single action.

You can order a wild variety of different specs and finishes, so check here to buy the best revolver.

Colt Single Action Army. A legendary pistol that helped shape America.

11. Colt Single Action Army

  • Price: $1,799
  • Caliber: 45 LC/357 Magnum
  • Barrel Lengths: 4.75-7.5 inch

The Colt Single Action Army is more than just a handgun. It is part of North American folklore.

Also known as the Colt Peacemaker, the Colt Single Action Army was the standard issue US military sidearm from 1873-1892. That really isn’t that much time, but it had a major impact and the Colt Single Action Army was the preferred weapon of some of the most famous cowboys and lawmen.

Colt has been making it, largely unchanged since those days. It has gone out of production twice, but has returned each time due to popular demand.

Older guns are out there on the market, of course, and you can get great gun deals. But you can pick up a brand new Colt Single Action Army for around $1,800.

Parts and Accessories

Colts are popular guns, so there are plenty of parts, upgrades, accessories, all that jazz. So if you want to sell your Colt and you need to spruce it up, or you just want to keep your baby fresh, this is the place.

Get an extended thumb safety, undercut trigger guard, a flat mainspring housing, the best red dot sights and other stuff…

We got range gear, accessories, lots of things.

Where to Buy Colt Handgun, Pistol Parts & Accessories

Colt pistols and revolvers are an institution and you can buy a ton of official and third party parts and accessories, whatever barrel you have.

Red Dots for 1911 Pistols

It’s easier than you think to install the best red dot sights on a 1911 with a dovetail mounting plate. With that, you can have red dot sights on your gun in a minute and you know it’s going to improve your shooting.


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  3. The review of Colts was helpful to me as I research my first 1911 pistol. I want a well built, dependable, and decent looking 1911. At this point I’ve narrowed my choices to a Colt and a Singh and Wesson. Being I can’t go pick one up, as my local gun shops are either closed or have depleted supplies, I have plenty of time to read and watch review videos. My question: out of Colt, SW, Remington, SA, Kimber, DW, how would you list them from top to bottom if you could spend up to $2000.

    1. Funny you should ask that question, I have just found a new answer myself. The Kimber Royal Combat II is on sale at $1,699 on Euro Optic. That, to me, gives it the win, but it’s tight. You can’t go wrong with a Colt Combat Rail Unit or a Colt Gold Trophy either for a dependable gun.

      Dan Wessons are fantastic, but the Kimber or Colts would be my top two for a dependable, first pistol. I think this makes sense, the DW will be the third or fourth gun you buy, and I love the Bruin, but start with the best of the staples! The SA TRP is a fantastic thing a well, but it would still be behind that Kimber that you can find winning this post.


      I might adapt this post, or this might just be a special offer that isn’t there long, but I also have this post on $2000 1911s you might like to read.


      There the Colt Gold Trophy came out on top. Again, it’s almost down to the price and how we feel at the time. The Rail Gun is a more logical starter 1911,though.

      As I mention in the post, the Gold Trophy is a great all round gun with some competition mods that I personally like. But the Rail Gun fits your brief of dependable and sturdy just that bit better. But right now, the Kimber wins.

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